AROMEO Sense improves sleep and reduces stress using aroma, light, and sound therapy » Gadget Flow

Enhance your general wellbeing with the AROMEO Sense sensible sleep support. This gadget creates a perfect atmosphere for sleep and rest utilizing a synergy of aroma, gentle, and sound remedy. So you possibly can rid your self of stress with out leaving your room. AROMEO Sense has three easy-to-use preset modules—Sleep, Loosen up, and Focus. All you need to do is push the button and luxuriate in it. Every module combines aromas, colours, and sounds to realize the specified goal. For instance, the Sleep module diffuses important oils in coordination with a dimming sundown glow and soothing music that will help you sleep peacefully. As an alternative of waking to an alarm, you’ll hear chirping birds, scent an uplifting scent, and luxuriate in a glowing dawn gentle. Personalize this sensible sleep support by way of the AROMEO App to create your personal aroma profile and design your distinctive coloration themes.