You can freeze these foods - and you never expected them to

Frozen merchandise had been offered for the primary time 85 years in the past. That was in a small grocery retailer within the US – and was thought-about a innovation. As a result of with {that a} new methodology of preservation was born: shock freezing. So far, there’s truly no gentler kind of preservation – and that with none preservatives.

The primary merchandise to be supplied frozen had been greens, fruits and fish – afterwards freezing was on the advance and led to a worldwide success story of frozen merchandise. Frozen meals had been first offered in Germany in 1955 – there at the moment are over 17,000 frozen objects in shops. However issues can go unsuitable with dwelling freezing, so we have now eight Suggestionsyou need to take into account when flash freezing.

1. The freshness has precedence

The meals you need to freeze needs to be as recent as doable. As a result of the longer the product is frozen, the upper the lack of high quality. Though this expresses itself in another way for every meals, the next applies: all of the extra more energizing, the higher. Earlier than you buy groceries, you’ll be able to already take into account which dishes needs to be preserved and which mustn’t.

2. Put together for the freezer

The Mealsthat you simply need to freeze needs to be ready for frost in addition to doable. No matter whether or not the product is cleaned, dried, minimize into items, blanched or cooked to chill down, it needs to be transferred to a freezer-safe container or a particular freezer bag. Greens ought to at all times be blanched beforehand, it will cut back the enzyme exercise. This will trigger the colour and style to vary and nutritional vitamins to be misplaced.

3. Shut hermetic

If the meals has been packaged in a means that’s appropriate for freezing, then care needs to be taken to make sure that neither air nor moisture penetrate. In any other case the meals might lose nutritional vitamins or be uncovered to freezer burn. This happens when an excessive amount of oxygen reaches the product and the temperature within the freezer then fluctuates. This causes the meals to dry out and tackle a whitish-gray coloration. The affected Put are usually not unhealthy, however the style of the product suffers. That’s the reason you need to at all times seal the merchandise hermetic – ideally vacuum-packed.

4. Vacuum the meat and fish

To be able to keep away from unsavory freezer burn on meat or fish, uncooked meat or uncooked fish ought to at all times be vacuum-sealed earlier than freezing. Many butchers and fish retailers provide this service. If at dwelling The next at all times applies: freeze the smallest doable parts and flatten the minced meat to cut back the formation of micro organism.

5. The vessel is just not too full

A vessel or a freezer bag mustn’t ever be overfilled. Particularly, it might occur that water-containing Meals broaden when freezing. This might burst the jar or bag. Within the case of storage jars, the lids might come off if the fill amount is simply too excessive.

6. Identification

An essential level when freezing meals is labeling. In any case, it’s simple to lose observe of issues within the depths of a freezer. It’s due to this fact essential to label the merchandise: date of freezing, approximate greatest earlier than date and content material.

7. Sturdiness

Usually, the next occasions apply to shelf life within the freezer:

8. Thawing

If freezing is regulated, so is thawing, in fact. Through the freezing course of, the product needs to be cooled down as rapidly as doable in order that no nutritional vitamins are misplaced or the style has to undergo. When defrosting, the alternative is the case: you need to ensure that the frozen meals is defrosted notably slowly and gently. Greens, for instance, might lose their crispness if put immediately into scorching water. Meat and fish are notably delicate and ideally needs to be within the night faraway from the freezer beforehand and thawed within the fridge in a single day. Micro organism turn out to be energetic once more rapidly after thawing, which is why uncooked frozen merchandise shouldn’t be frozen a second time.