Nourish your dry pores and skin—each in winter and 12 months spherical—with these esthetician-approved DIY hydrating face masks.

Our pores and skin reacts to cooler temps as if flipping a change. One day, a cool, dry wind passes via, and immediately we’re dry, flaking, infected, and impervious to our summer time moisturizers. That’s as a result of decrease temperatures sometimes imply low humidity, which adversely impacts pores and skin barrier operate.

One hack is to get a high quality humidifier for at the least your bed room to spice up humidity whilst you rack up restorative magnificence relaxation. We additionally requested just a few professionals to share their favourite home made hydrating face masks recipes to save lots of your dry pores and skin.

4 DIY Hydrating Face Mask Recipes

Here are the recipes to 4 DIY tremendous hydrating face masks really helpful by estheticians.

Luckily, they’re simple sufficient to whip up with items you probably have already got within the kitchen. Be certain to maintain them in your weekly rotation to remain hydrated and glowing.

Blended cucumber for a DIY hydrating face mask with egg whites, honey, and yogurt

1. Cucumber + egg white masks

Caroline Godsick, a medical esthetician at Facile Dermatology + Boutique in Los Angeles, has nailed the final word medley for dry pores and skin. It has naturally hydrating components, exfoliating lactic acid, nourishing fat, and antimicrobial honey to kick some multitasking butt.

“Cucumber contains high water content. It refreshes and rehydrates your skin, making it plump and youthful,” Caroline shares. “Egg whites have astringent properties that will tighten the skin and make enlarged pores less obvious. The addition of honey is important, as it’ll boost your skin’s moisture levels, provide suppleness, and take away that uncomfortable, taut feeling from the egg whites. Yogurt’s creamy texture helps to lock in moisture.”


  • 1/4 cucumber
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tsp honey
  • Spoonful of plain, unflavored yogurt

How to:

Cleanse face completely and pat dry. Fully mix the cucumber, then combine within the honey and yogurt. (It could also be useful to whip up the egg white a bit earlier than including to the combination, but it surely’s not crucial.) Spread it thinly and evenly throughout face, and add a second skinny layer. It could drip, so it’s good to work in phases to get a thicker software.

Leave on for at the least 20 minutes. Fortunately, longer durations gained’t damage with these healthful components! Rinse with heat water. If crucial, use a washcloth to buff off any remnants.

2. Herbal Tea + Seaweed Mask

Stacy Sitko is an esthetician and founding father of Yarrow Skin Care Collective in Portland, Oregon, the place she’s dubbed the extraction queen and goddess of glow. Her favourite DIY hydrating face masks is deeply mineralizing for a contented pores and skin barrier with improved operate within the face of dry winds.

“Seaweed is a complete food source, making it the mother of all superfoods,” Stacy begins. Not solely is it filled with minerals, but additionally “trace elements and vitamins our cells need to thrive. It’s bio-available, meaning our skin cells are able to absorb it and utilize all its beneficial nutrition to both detox and replenish the skin.”

Next, in terms of which tea to make use of, Stacy suggests the next information primarily based in your pores and skin concern:

  • chamomile for delicate pores and skin
  • spearmint for breakouts
  • licorice for hyperpigmentation
  • inexperienced tea for getting older


  • 2 tbsp seaweed powder
  • 1 chamomile, spearmint, licorice, or inexperienced tea bag
  • Hot water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Application brush
  • 3 drops of lavender important oil (elective)

How to:

Steep the tea for the really helpful period of time. Meanwhile, measure out the seaweed in a small mixing bowl. If the odor is off-putting to you (it’s briny and earthy), add lavender important oil.

Once the tea is steeped and nonetheless heat (however not scorching), add one teaspoon of tea to the seaweed and blend along with your software brush in a small bowl. Continue so as to add tea till the seaweed is identical consistency as pancake batter.

Apply the masks barely heat. Brush over clear face, neck, and chest, and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse off with tepid water.

Couple applying homemade hydrating face masks to nourish winter dry skin

3. Goat Milk + Chlorella Mask

January Armstrong is the lead esthetician at holistic facial spa Shop-Good, in addition to a savant in terms of sustaining optimum pores and skin. She loves this creamy chlorella masks for a mineral-rich, softening facial anybody can do at house to brighten their day—and their face, in fact.

January lets us in on the deets of this highly effective but tremendous easy face masks. “It’s loaded with B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc—all which help calm skin inflammation and support a healthy moisture barrier, which is essential for cold and dry months,” she shares. “The goat’s milk yogurt is a great source of natural lactic acid, which promotes gentle exfoliation. Plus, it contains fats that can hydrate the skin and support those experiencing any dryness and sensitivity.”


  • 1 spoonful of natural goat milk yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp chlorella powder
  • 1/2 tsp Manuka honey

How to:

Cleanse completely and pat dry. Mix components nicely with a picket spoon or software brush, and evenly apply a thick layer. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off to get pleasure from its plumping and smoothing results.

4. Manuka Honey Mask

Brittney Valverde Valiere is an esthetician, holistic mama, and pores and skin marketing consultant at On and On, an area for rituals, skincare, and wellness from the inside and outside in Hawaii. Her go-to is totally simple and tremendous potent. You solely want one factor readily available: Manuka honey.

The purpose Manuka honey is so potent by itself is that it’s antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti inflammatory. It’s additionally a humectant, that means it might probably each retain and supply moisture. It’s a powerfully therapeutic pure compound, and is proven to be efficient in treating eczema and different pores and skin circumstances.


  • Manuka honey (Brittney recommends Activist Manuka)

How to:

Cleanse face completely and pat dry. (This could possibly be a good time to double cleanse, giving your pores and skin a loving therapeutic massage with an oil cleanser earlier than ending with a pH-balancing, mild cleaning gel.)

Apply a skinny layer of Manuka honey evenly to face. Don’t fear about getting it near the pores and skin round your eyes; in actual fact, it’s inspired! Leave on for 15 to twenty minutes. Rinse with heat to tepid water, or gently exfoliate it off with a microfiber washcloth and pat dry.