Using high-performing creatives is among one of the most essential bars to enhance individual procurement.

There is not one imaginative fits all: various networks and also various positionings commonly need various sort of creatives or a minimum of minor variants of these creatives.

When creating picture advertisement creatives or video clip advertisement creatives you require to take into consideration where they are mosting likely to be shown so you can change points like element proportion, period, tone and even design.

You’re either not talking with the very same target market, talking with the very same target market however at various times and also in various locations or any type of mix of these.

This holds true with positionings within the very same “platform”, like Facebook feed advertisements vs. Facebook Story advertisements vs. in-app advertisements with the Facebook Audience Network. It’s specifically real with Google App projects where advertisement creatives can vary from a YouTube advertisement to an advertisement banner in a video game.

Most developed applications seeking to scale their individual procurement initiatives typically do not restrict themselves to running advertisements simply with Facebook and also Google’s system. The distinction in between advertisement creatives after that gets back at a lot more evident when you contrast claim a Facebook feed advertisement to a TELEVISION commercial.

In this article we have a look at just how numerous applications’ advertisement creatives differ throughout individual procurement networks. Let’s contrast the advertisement creatives (mainly video clip advertisements) of several of the leading cashback applications!

Note: we do not have “insider information” concerning these application’s UA technique. We utilized several of the readily available devices to carry out an affordable evaluation, which implies the checklist of creatives we obtained is not extensive and also for some networks simply a “snapshot”  taken at a details time.

Here are the major devices utilized:

Where do cashback applications promote?

Here are the 3 cashback or promo codes apps we had a look at and also where we’ve seen them run advertisement creatives:

These applications don’t have the precise very same positioning, so naturally their advertisement creatives likewise vary. But there are certainly some resemblances!

Let’s study the various sort of video clip advertisements utilized on these networks.

Facebook/Instagram feed advertisements

These are advertisements you can discover by looking the Facebook Ads Library.

These advertisements are the ones presented in individuals’s Facebook feed. We can presume that a great deal of them are likewise shown on Instagram.

We organized advertisements by comparable “themes” when we observed some.

Focus on 1 companion and/or item

This enables to target a details target market for which the item or companion is appealing.

This video clip advertisement plainly leverages the companion branding and also also the companion’s solution. It likewise shows a clear worth suggestion along with Ebates branding in any way times.

It’s even more refined below however their companion Lowe’s is included. This strategy is fascinating since if the imaginative does well you can produce variants for various other “needs” (they have one with “Need a fresh coat of paint?” as an example).

General worth suggestion

These Facebook feed video clip advertisements provide even more of a fast review of the applications’ major worth recommendations.

Very uncomplicated and also “direct”, it summarizes what Ebates is and also reveals companions. It is likewise made engaging by the reference of a welcome reward.

And below is a variant where the emphasis gets on companions’ items rather than their logo design. A good enhancement is the Ebates logo design on top.

Ibotta has a tendency to select a fast review of the item rather: just how it is various than promo codes and also just how it functions.

It’s an excellent way to attract individuals thinking about promo codes and also present Ibotta.

They likewise have “variations” (the framework of the video clip coincides) completely computer animation (rather than revealing the real application UI) and also live activity. Notice just how no matter the “style” (way of living or computer animation) branding projects and also duplicate on top and also extremely noticeable.

Of training course when considering advertisement creatives for this sort of applications you’ll likewise discover some “seasonal” advertisement creatives for points like Black Friday, winter season or summertime.

Flipp has a comparable strategy, albeit with their very own positioning. It begins by revealing items, after that demonstrates how they can be acquired (at lowered expense) in the application. Flipp likewise sees to it to display several of their greatest retail companions.

Another fascinating imaginative is the one listed below, that is a lot more “inspirational” yet likewise provides a review of just how the application functions.

Our fast evaluation:

  • Facebook feed advertisements for these applications are brief (< 15 secs, commonly < 10 secs);
  • The video clip creatives are uncomplicated in their messaging: they are not “smart” and also do not actually utilize narration. A straight message for a straight action;
  • They all usage captions/text;
  • They commonly reveal the product/app in operation;
  • They all reveal brand name components (logo design mainly), consisting of from their companions;
  • Most of the advertisement creatives remain in square and also in picture 2:3 proportion.

Pinterest Ads

It’s not unusual that several of the Facebook advertisement creatives are likewise utilized on Pinterest, considering that individuals’ habits is quite close (a feed that you scroll).

But for Flipp and also Ibotta we likewise discovered a couple of Pinterest advertisement creatives that are not utilized (or otherwise utilized any longer) on Facebook.

You can discover them in the Videos area of their Pinterest web page: Ibotta and also Flipp.

Note: we can’t recognize for certain that these were utilized as Promoted Videos on Pinterest, nevertheless the essential point below is that they are made with the Pinterest feed in mind.

Our fast evaluation:

  • Relatively brief video clips (< 30 secs with a lot of them being < 15 secs);
  • Portrait 2:3 element proportion;
  • Careful option of pictures (commonly intense and also vibrant pictures) – you’re completing versus great deals of excellent looking points on Pinterest;
  • Leveraging message superimposes;
  • Logo consisted of throughout the video clip.

Twitter Ads

Although we understand several of these applications are running twitter advertisements, we were unable to identify any type of Twitter advertisements.

But below is a post with instances and also ideal techniques for Twitter advertisement creatives!

In-application advertisement network advertisements

In-application video clip advertisements are shown within various other applications either through Facebook Audience Network, AdCrowd or various other in-app advertisement networks.

Facebook Audience Network

eBates is likewise going for the very least 2 of the creatives we saw previously on the Facebook Audience Network.

Fcebook Audience Network ad creative eBates 1
Mobile Action informs us that of the application this video clip was shown in is Bubble Pop Spinner

Fcebook Audience Network ad creative eBates2 1

Same point for ibotta. They appear to run a lot of their Facebook feed creatives on FOLLOWER too.

Fcebook Audience Network ad creative iBotta vertical 1

Judging by the variety of applications the advertisement shows up in, ibotta should be investing a great quantity on the Facebook Audience Network.

Flipp is likewise running several of the very same creatives as the ones they utilize for Facebook feed advertisements.


Ibotta has actually likewise been running some advertisements with Google App projects, considering that Mobile Action found some AdCrowd advertisements in numerous video gaming applications.

The creatives put on AdCrowd coincide kind as the Facebook ones over.

According to Mobile Action’s information, it’s through AdCrowd that Flipp has actually shown one of the most in-app video clip advertisements for its iphone application. The video clips presented on AdCrowd brief and also uncomplicated like you can see in the instance listed below (an advocate Spanish-talking nations in this instance).

Other in-app advertisement networks

eBates likewise attempted promoting with Unity, with various creatives. These video clip advertisements are much longer (15 secs and also 25 secs) and also provide even more of an “overview” of the application.

Here are 2 of them (Mobile Action found concerning 5 various ones utilized on Unity – not counting seasonal advertisement creatives for Black Friday, etc.):

Ebates is utilizing a really comparable video clip to the very first one for their apple iphone App Preview, which they likewise run as Apple Search Ads.

These video clip advertisements are landscape. This functions well when they are shown in a landscape app/game (it’s the case when shown within [PROJECT:OFFROAD]) however not so well when they are shown in Dotcraft, a laid-back video game played in picture. If you’re significant concerning advertising and marketing with in-app advertisement networks, you ought to likewise have an upright variation of your creatives.

This is something ibotta is doing, both on Vungle and also AdSwarm where they run numerous various creatives.

Fcebook Audience Network ad creative Ibotta horizontal 1
Ibotta has both upright and also straight variations of their creatives to make the most of CTR and also CVR

It’s likewise alright to have longer-form video clips on these advertisement networks, since these video clip advertisements are normally not skippable (a minimum of for numerous secs). You don’t require to be as uncomplicated as when you’re targeting somebody in a social networks feed.

An instance from ibotta with a longer introduction

You’re not exactly sure just how a details in-app advertisement network shows video clip advertisements? Ask them or download and install among the applications that utilized their sdk and also look on your own. Whenever an advertisement shows you’ll see a little “i” (details) that enables you to validate you’re considering the right advertising and marketing companion.

Our fast evaluation:

  • For Facebook Audience Network or AdCrowd, these marketers commonly utilize the very same advertisement creatives they compete feed advertisements;
  • To enhance, see to it you have video clip creatives in both landscape and also picture positionings;
  • Because a great deal of these advertisements are not skippable, you still intend to get hold of the focus promptly however it is alright to have even more of a “build up” contrasted to social media sites feed advertisements.

YouTube Video Ads

What concerning these applications’ YouTube advertisements?

If an item can be utilized on desktop computer (like eBates), after that it is feasible that they are promoting with YouTube TrueView for Action. If that’s the case they send out individuals to the internet site, not the application.

Otherwise, if the video clip creatives are utilized for application set up projects on YouTube after that they are gone through Google App projects. This implies that you don’t have control on which video clip possession is utilized on YouTube or elsewhere (e.g. Admob): it’s the AI that will certainly choose this based upon the approximated possession efficiency or real possession efficiency (and also your proposal).

We can’t recognize for certain just how the video clip creatives listed below were utilized, however when we see large quantity of sights like listed below we can be quite sure they have actually been utilized for advertising and marketing. If various other video clips they utilize for advertising and marketing are Unlisted, after that we can’t access them.

Ebates is the application that appears to be running one of the most YouTube advertisements, with numerous various creatives over the in 2014 or two.

The video clip with one of the most sights is a 15 2nd testimonial video clips:

This video clip was secured of a 30 2nd video clip, that was probably utilized for advertising and marketing too.

Ebates likewise had a high-budget 3D computer animation TELEVISION commercial made prior to the vacations in 2014, leveraging a collaboration with the motion picture Grinch.

Ibotta is utilizing several of the very same video clips on YouTube and also for TELEVISION commercial, like the ones listed below.

Our 2cts on this very first video clip is that it appears excellent for TELEVISION, however, for YouTube it is an instead slow-moving beginning: Ibotta is not discussed prior to 0:12. And there is not branding/logo in any way previously. A banner with logo design and also tagline someplace could have been a wise enhancement (like in the Ebates endorsements video clip).

They did this in this various other advertisement listed below:

We couldn’t discover a current YouTube advertisement for Flipp, however they were running the one listed below concerning 2 years earlier (likewise among their TELEVISION commercials):

Note: you can inspect TELEVISION commercial for these applications below.

Our fast evaluation:

  • Most of the applications running TELEVISION commercials reuse them for YouTube (or the other way around);
  • Videos have a tendency to be longer and also even more refined;
  • Ideally the brand name is still mentioned/shown extremely early in the video clip. If required, overlay the trademark name or logo design (however preferably it is consisted of naturally – the video clips below and also below do a wonderful task at it);
  • Sound plays a large component on YouTube and also TELEVISION, so all video clip creatives have a voice over or stars chatting.

This is why we suggest to include a much longer, a lot more refined video clip to your Google App project possession mix. That means Google can offer it if it does much better than the much shorter a lot more “direct response” square or upright video clips you could currently have.

That’s it for this take a look at advertisement creatives throughout networks for the cashback and also promo codes applications. Hope this offered you some understandings you can put on your very own UA imaginative technique!

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