Weighted blankets are surging in recognition lately. In truth, in accordance with 2020 information, their gross sales now pull in an estimated $220 million per 12 months. But do weighted blankets actually work to cut back stress and enhance sleep—and are they value it?

Here’s a have a look at their advantages, plus our evaluation.

How do weighted blankets work?

True to their title, weighted blankets are heavier than regular blankets. They get their heft from beads, pellets, or just the majority of their cloth.

Weighted blankets are sometimes marketed as a sort of deep stress stimulation (aka deep contact stress), akin to that from therapeutic massage. You can consider their sensations just like these of being cuddled or swaddled like a child.

Couple sitting in living room under weighted blanket to ease stress

What are weighted blankets good for?

Purported advantages of weighted blankets embrace:

  • diminished stress
  • higher sleep
  • improved temper

These advantages apparently kick in as soon as deep contact stress stimulates serotonin (the “happy hormone”) and melatonin (the “sleep hormone”). As a consequence, it ought to then assist cut back cortisol (the “stress hormone”).

Weighted blankets are additionally used instead remedy for extra critical well being issues, akin to developmental and behavioral points and for ache administration.

That mentioned, it’s value noting that the science behind weighted blankets is fairly sparse. Further, analysis behind weighted blanket advantages is basically based mostly on self-reportage.

However, one examine of 32 adults discovered that weighted blankets helped cut back their:

  • ranges of stress by 63 p.c
  • electrodermal exercise (EDA)—an indicator of autonomic nervous system exercise and stress response—by 33 p.c

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket

To select the perfect weighted blanket for you, take a number of components into thoughts.


For one particular person, your blanket ought to quantity to 10 p.c of your physique weight. If you’re in between weighted blanket sizes, most corporations will suggest sizing up.

For instance, should you weigh 125 kilos, a 15-pound weighted blanket ought to work greatest for you.

Form + Fabric

Next, take into consideration what kind and cloth you like. Again, some weighted blankets use beads, whereas others are heavy from their cloth alone. Then, think about should you desire cotton, velvet, polyester, or different supplies.

Personally, I opted for a Bearaby Cotton Napper since I’d learn that beads can get uneven and noisy, and thus doubtlessly change into a trouble. I additionally preferred its chunky knit weave with natural cotton.

Plus, I even learn one Bearaby evaluation during which it introduced the author to tears of catharsis. Suffice to say, I used to be desirous to get my waterworks on.

Grey knit Bearaby Cotton Napper weighted blanket to reduce stress and improve sleep

My Weighted Blanket Review

I wished to check out a weighted blanket since I’ve struggled with stress and sleep for my complete life. (Should I ever get a midnight “u up?” textual content, relaxation assured that I’m assuredly not resting. FTR, I’m additionally not texting you again.)

My weighted blanket arrived on a Friday afternoon, and I strategically waited for the workday to finish to bust it out. Night fell as I nestled into my L-shaped sofa nook and unfold the blanket evenly over my physique as I learn and watched TV.

The preliminary sensation wasn’t life-changing, however nonetheless soothing. And fortunately, I didn’t really feel claustrophobic or in any other case wrestle with the burden as I’d imagined.

Before I knew it, I used to be getting sleepy. When I checked the clock, it was a great hour or two earlier than my ordinary bedtime, which stunned my inside night time owl. So I lugged my 15-pounder to mattress—a mini exercise that jogged my memory I severely have to up my strength-training recreation.

Sleeping below its full weight felt like at lot at first, so I snuck out an arm and a leg in my half-fetal, half-stomach sleeping place of selection. I used to be glad to get up rested the subsequent morning at my ordinary time, as a substitute of intermittently earlier than dawn.

So, are weighted blankets value it?

At the time of this writing, I’ve utilizing my Bearaby each day for a couple of weeks. Overall, I’d say that the perfect weighted blanket advantages I expertise are much less restlessness and a higher sense of calm.

While I’m lounging below its weight, I’m much less inclined to mill about my condo. I additionally really feel much less hectic and scatterbrained. In a way, I genuinely assume that my weighted blanket tames my erratic vitality and lulls me nearer to a state of ease—mini miracles in themselves.

Also, after I’m in mattress, I really feel extra relaxed with than with out it. While I do assume it helps me sleep extra soundly, I additionally take Mighty Night, which has been the stuff of *dreamsas far as my lengthy historical past of sleep points goes.

Unfortunately, I haven’t but skilled an emotional launch just like that in one of many opinions I’d learn. But perhaps paired with some meditation and breathwork, I’ll get there in due time.

All issues thought-about, whereas my the weighted blanket I selected is on the pricier finish, I’m pleased with my buy.

Person's foot under weighted blanket in bed to reap benefits for stress and sleep

The Bottom Line

Personally, my weighted blanket isn’t as game-changing as Mighty Night’s been for my nightly routine (shameless but trustworthy plug!). However, it’s actually cozy and supplies a comfortable cuddle that goes past what you’d get from a lighter blanket.

In all, should you’re hoping to cut back stress and get higher sleep, I’d suggest giving a weighted blanket a strive. You don’t have a lot to lose, and doubtlessly have extra ease and zzZz’s to realize.