Are Your Friends Supportive?

LET THEM KNOW TO PUSH IT “But my friends don’t support my goals”…. “but my friends talk me out of…” “but my friends tear me down and make me feel bad”



Life’s also brief to not border on your own and also hang around with individuals that RAISE YOU UP , rely on you, motivate you and also COMMEMORATE you. And PS they are NOT REAL PALS IF THEY DO NOT COMMEMORATE YOU!

Save this device that I’m about to show you listed below and also make use of just how you want. Someone shared it with me years back and also I’ve waited in my notes. I’ve sent this to a variety of individuals for many years and also never ever as soon as regretted it! It’s kinda like cleaning an old wardrobe haha. You do away with the OLD things occupying area and also include the NEW:

“You are a great person and you’ve been important in my life but I want you to know that in my life there’s no room for anything negative. When you are ready to be positive and you’re ready to have a different attitude, welcome back. But until then, I don’t want you in my life.”

Send it.

Then save it to bear in mind!


Natalie Jill