Grey's Anatomy

Bailey’s globe is shaken up when her mom winds up in the healthcare facility throughout the Dec. 10 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Plus, Amelia and also Teddy job to conserve Tom when he’s hospitalized.

Tom is hurried to the healthcare facility after his COVID-19 signs intensify. He starts speaking about his late kid, David, when he comes to the healthcare facility. Owen and also Teddy instantly hurry to care for him. Teddy is incredibly bothered with Tom, yet Owen worries that he’s obtained this. Despite his sensations regarding Tom, Owen does not desire him to pass away.

Meanwhile, Bailey asks Ben to go obtain her moms and dads at the assisted living facility. Later, Bailey is captured unsuspecting when Ben turns up at the healthcare facility with Bailey’s mother since she’s obtained COVID. Bailey takes care of to soothe her mom down by vocal singing “My Girl.”

Bailey’s mother winds up in the healthcare facility. (ABC)

When Amelia listens to the information regarding Tom, she hurries to the healthcare facility. She’s hopeless to conserve him, similar to he conserved her. Amelia checks Tom out, and also it appears his numbers are holding.

Teddy takes a seat to speak with him while he’s resting. As she’s jabbering, Tom presses her hand. He gets up and also informs her that he remained in reality overlooking her when she came by his area. Tom is peaceful Tom!

Grey's Anatomy
Teddy is bothered with Tom when he’s hospitalized. (ABC)

In the middle of taking care of her mother’s wellness scenario, Bailey visits Meredith’s area. “I’m gonna say it, I miss you,” Bailey informs a resting (yet recuperating) Meredith. She wreck, and also they’re back on the coastline. Bailey discloses that her mom has Alzheimer’s. She really did not inform Meredith since she “didn’t want to bring up any old pain for you or Richard.” Bailey desires Meredith was awake to speak with her regarding her mother.

Bailey’s mother informs her in a lucid minute that she intends to go house. Later, Bailey takes a minute to take a breath and also opens to Maggie. Bailey does not desire her mom to experience any longer, yet she does not desire her mom to be an additional fact of COVID. Part of Bailey really feels guilty that her moms and dads were subjected at the center she placed them in. Maggie informs her that she can not really feel this way.

Bailey wants it had not been in this manner for her mom. She must be bordered among her family members and also liked ones when she passes away. Richard informs Bailey that she needs to go be by her mom’s side, or she’ll regret it for life.

Bailey and also Richard enter into her mom’s area. Bailey sobs while vocal singing “My Girl” and also Richard takes part. Bailey’s mother dies in harmony with her little girl by her side. The episode finishes with a complete checklist of Americans that have actually passed away of COVID-19 up until now. An effective and also serious minute.