Two various other protestors, Agnes Chow and also Ivan Lam, were punished to 10 months and also 7 months behind bars specifically over the demonstration on June 21, 2019. Chow dealt with costs connecting to provoking and also participating in the demonstration, while Lam was billed with provoking the demonstration.

The triad — all previous participants of the dissolved political celebration Demosisto — had actually been remanded captive given that November 23, and also were moved from jail to court to hear their sentences. Hundreds of fans ended up at the West Kowloon Magistrates Court Wednesday, along with a handful of pro-China demonstrators.


In a letter he created in jail, released on his social networks accounts before sentencing, Wong — that confronted 3 years behind bars — defined just how he had actually been put in singular arrest after an X-ray purportedly exposed “foreign objects” in his tummy. A jail solution agent did not promptly react to an ask for remark regarding Wong’s insurance claims.

Wong’s attorney, Jonathan Man, stated his customer “was suffering during the period of solitary confinement,” which he stated finished last Thursday. Man included that while Lam was “okay,” 23-year-old Chow was having a hard time behind bars, as “it is the first time she was remanded and (she) was not used to the environment.”

In a letter uploaded to Chow’s social network accounts before Wednesday’s sentencing, she created that she was having difficulty resting and also was sensation “under the weather.” Chow included that she was “very worried” regarding the “high possibility” of her getting a prison term. “I hope that everyone outside the prison walls is doing well,” she stated.

Wednesday’s sentence notes the 4th time Wong has actually been imprisoned, and also the lengthiest sentence he has actually gotten, with previous jobs behind bars all lasting much less than 6 months.

In the sentencing record, the court stated that “deterrent sentences are warranted to safeguard public interests.”

“Once again, the government has used the politically-motivated charge of ‘inciting others to protest’ to prosecute people who have merely spoken out and protested peacefully,” Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific local supervisor Yamini Mishra stated in a declaration.

“By targeting well-known activists from Hong Kong’s largely leaderless protest movement, authorities are sending a warning to anyone who dares openly criticize the government that they could be next.”

Mishra included that “even in protests where isolated acts of violence took place and public property was damaged, these should not be attributed to others or the organizers, or to the assembly in general.”

Political prosecutions

Wednesday’s sentencing was the current pertaining to the 2019 demonstrations. About 2,000 individuals have actually dealt with costs such as rioting, unlawful setting up, and also a property of tools.

Wong himself encounters various other costs over a rally in October in 2015, and also authorities have actually stated examinations right into the discontent are proceeding.

Last month, a variety of previous pro-democracy legislators were jailed over demonstrations presented in the city’s legislature, while a press reporter for public broadcaster RTHK was likewise apprehended.

The demonstrations have actually mainly quit this year, because of Covid-19 social distancing constraints and also the nationwide safety and security regulation troubled the city by Beijing in the summertime. The regulation outlaws secession, subversion, and also collusion with international pressures, and also lugs with it stringent jail terms.

It was made use of to bar Wong and also a variety of various other prospects from meaning political elections that resulted from be kept in September, however, were delayed as a result of the coronavirus. Several of those invalidated were resting legislators, that were consequently expelled from the parliament by Beijing — voiding constitutional criterion and also bypassing Hong Kong’s courts — on November 11, triggering the mass resignation of the whole pro-democratic camp.

The step came the exact same week as the United States State Department approved a variety of leading Chinese authorities in Hong Kong for “threatening the peace, security, and autonomy” of the city, a step the city government referred to as “barbaric interference.”

Other nations have actually likewise slammed China over the recurring suppression, with the European Council stating the relocation to invalidate resistance legislators made up a “further severe blow” to the flexibility of viewpoint in the city and also “significantly undermines Hong Kong’s autonomy.”

Some in Hong Kong have actually responded to the aggravating political system by emigrating — or when it comes to those dealing with prosecution, leaving abroad.

This summertime, a lot Hong Kongers were jailed by the Chinese shore guard en course to Taiwan. All are currently apprehended on the landmass and also dealing with a boating of costs. A previous self-reliance protestor, Tony Chung, was likewise jailed after purportedly trying to assert asylum at the United States consular office to Hong Kong, together with numerous others.

In his letter from jail, Wong prompted the general public to “continue to pay attention” to the 12 apprehended in China. Separately Tuesday, legislators from 18 nations contacted Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to prompt her to step in on their part.

“In your role as Chief Executive, it is incumbent on you to intercede on behalf of these young people to ensure that they are guaranteed justice,” the legislators created, revealing issue regarding a justice system “where imprisonment is essentially guaranteed, torture is common and forced confessions are frequently demanded of suspects.”

“To continue to fail to do so would be a gross abdication of your responsibility to serve the people of Hong Kong and ensure their wellbeing and safety,” the letter included.