Joe Judge stays smitten with Daniel Jones, his Quarterback of The Present and his Quarterback of The Future.

“Daniel Jones is our quarterback,” Judge reiterated Wednesday.

Jones has endured a sophomore hunch of kinds, and Giants followers straddling the fence on him desperately need to consider he’s The Mann to hold the torch from Eli Manning, and barring a setback from his bettering hamstring and calf accidents, he’ll get an opportunity to begin to sway them again to his facet if he performs his greatest sport of the season Sunday in Baltimore in opposition to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

Because his greatest sport of the season will probably be required right here and now in what’s a Week 16 playoff sport to maintain the season alive.

“My job is to earn it every day,” Jones stated.

His job as The Quarterback of The Present is to save lots of the season.

From Giants followers who haven’t celebrated a playoff berth since 2016 comes an S.O.S.

Save Our Season.

“At times, particularly earlier in the year, I felt like I was pressing to make a play when it wasn’t there and learning when it’s not there, when the best decision is to protect the ball,” Jones stated.

A Giants loss and Washington or Eagles win and The Future Is No Longer Now for Jones and the Giants.

“He hasn’t been the reason that they’ve won football games,” ESPN faculty soccer and NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky informed The Post. “He has been the rationale at occasions that they’ve misplaced soccer video games. He’s been the rationale they’ve been in soccer video games. And so, how do they get him, and may they get him, to a spot the place he persistently turns into one of many the reason why they win video games, and minimizes these moments when he turns into the rationale they lose them?

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

“That’s the biggest question that that organization has to ask itself over the next year.”

From possession on right down to Judge and to the gamers, the Giants consider in Daniel Jones.

“I think he’s demonstrated a level of toughness and leadership and knowledge on the field that gives us confidence to put him out there and build with Daniel,” Judge stated. “This man’s undoubtedly earned my respect. I kinda made it very onerous on him from the start in numerous methods.

“And he hasn’t blinked.”

But on the finish of a pandemic season throughout which he has been plagued recently with hamstring and ankle woes, stymied by an evolving offensive line, the absence of a No. 1 receiver and Saquon Barkley, and a second head coach and offensive coordinator, that is the proper time for Jones to offer the franchise and the fan base an unshakable purpose to consider.

“My concern with Daniel Jones is he doesn’t look that much different from the player that came out of school … for a guy that’s very smart, there are a lot of moments when he doesn’t play smart,” Orlovsky stated.

Moments when his ball safety stays a difficulty. Moments when he panics together with his decision-making.

“So the question becomes: Is that ever gonna go away, is there proof that that’ll ever go away? Right now that answer is no,” Orlovsky stated. “Is he talented enough, or does he make enough of those wow or splash plays to kind of — I don’t want to say overcome that — but makes you feel like that stuff is so good I can’t pass up on it? And then, has he shown the ability to play as smart as we know he is? ’Cause there’s moments where you go, ‘Dude, get off No. 1. Get to a different person.’ Daniel Jones can throw it really well at times, but then there are things that are really difficult to get past. And he hasn’t given me any indication that that’s gonna happen anytime soon.”

Jones passes some essential exams that give the Giants hope: He is arguably the hardest participant on the sphere, they usually love his management and athleticism. But he threw 24 landing passes in 12 begins as a rookie; he has eight in 12 begins this season. He has run extra (403-279 yards) this season and fumbled much less (10, 5 misplaced vs. 18, 11 misplaced). He will want his legs once more to be the very best Daniel Jones he might be.

What causes consternation among the many fan base is Justin Herbert throwing 27 TD passes in his first 13 NFL begins, and Joe Burrow throwing 13 TD passes in his first 10 NFL begins. And have you ever checked out Jalen Hurts’ first two NFL begins — 5 TD passes and 251 yards speeding?

Asked concerning the Jason Garrett offense, Orlovsky stated: “I thought they were understanding how much of an athletic threat he is and utilizing some of that stuff with the RPO game, or the zone-read game or the designed quarterback run game. I think Jason Garrett’s offense has been good. Jason Garrett’s not going to reinvent his offense. Jason Garrett came up in a style and a belief in a philosophy of football that’s grounded upon matchups and getting guys to win and playing really good fundamental football and making good decisions, so you’re not gonna see a ton of creativity out of him.”

Asked how the Giants win this sport, Orlovsky stated: “Daniel would have to play and Daniel would have to play well. But they’re beatable.”

“They’ve gotta be fantastic at setting the edge of the defense. They’ve gotta make Lamar play for four quarters from the pocket. Especially in situations, you can’t let him get out on third down, you can’t let him get out in the red zone, that’s where he’s really starting to get hot.”

And then it returns to Daniel Jones.

“You’ve gotta be willing to be aggressive with the football, try to take some shots at their secondary and then get that secondary to play a little bit timid and that’s when you get those completions underneath,” Orlovsky stated. “And then hit these pictures after they current themselves. There’s a manner, they’re beatable.

If Daniel performs his greatest sport of the season. He was listed as restricted in observe. He can’t afford to be restricted on Sunday. Quarterback of the Future can wait till tomorrow.