20 loaves checked
“Öko-Test” checks salute bread: These 8 kinds are polluted with mineral oil

Toast is prominent on the morning meal table or for treats. “Öko-Test” took a more detailed take a look at 20 ranges

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How excellent is salute from the grocery store? “Öko-Test” placed the prominent toasted bread on the tooth as well as took a more detailed take a look at 20 kinds.

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20 wholemeal, grain as well as led to salute breads were placed on the morning meal table at “Öko-Test”. The result? Quite appropriate. Overall, the testers can advise over half of the items with a total ranking of “very good” or “good”.

However, 8 items are polluted with mineral oil. Ironically, 2 natural salute bread fall short due to significant air pollution with mineral oil parts. The “Backhaus Bioland Whole Grain Toast” (“deficient”) with around 45 milligrams of mineral oil parts (MOSH) per kilo. MOSH build up in human body organs. That is why their web content in food ought to be as reduced as feasible.

Bees as well as people threatened?

The “Ammerländer organic wholemeal sandwich” (“insufficient”) additionally lands at a loss in this examination with its mineral oil contamination. In enhancement to MOSH, the appointed research laboratory additionally spotted fragrant mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAH) in this salute. Carcinogenic compounds can additionally come from this bothersome team important.

In the “Goldblume Vollkorn Toast” (“good”) by Norma as well as in the top quality item “Golden Toast Körner Harmonie Toast” (“satisfactory”) by Lieken, the research laboratory located traces of the doubtful chemical deltamethrin. These reduced worths ​​posture no illness. But making use of deltamethrin in grain farming threatens , to name a few points.

The “Herzberger Bio 100% Whole Grain Toast Bread” as well as the “Ammerländer Bio Whole Grain Sandwich” include excessive salt at greater than 1.2 grams per 100 grams of salute. In Finland, fresh bread with a salt web content of greater than 1.2 percent has actually had a caution tag considering that 1993.

These salutes do quite possibly

But that’s it with the listing of problems. You can delight in the remainder of the salutes readily. The adhering to items were located to be “very good”: “Golden Toast Whole Grain Toast” from Aldi Süd (0.69 euros per 500 grams), “Golden Toast Whole Grain Toast” from Lieken (1.27 euros), “Grafschafter Whole Grain Toast” from Lidl (0.67 euros), “Harry Whole Grain Toast” from Harry Bread (1.18 euros), “Every Day Whole Grain Toast” from the Central Trading Company (0.59 euros), “K-Classic Whole Grain Toast” from Kaufland (0.57 euros) as well as the “Kornmühle wholemeal toast” from Netto (0.58 euros).

The whole examination is currently offered at no cost at Öko-Test.

In the video clip: Many homes knead as well as bake. One component that should not be missing out on a lot of the moment: flour. Unfortunately, according to the Öko-Test, practically fifty percent of all flours checked were polluted with mold and mildew.