Patrick Mahomes' Fiancée Brittany Matthews Has a Lavish Baby Shower

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘future wife Brittany Murphy obtained her ladies with each other to commemorate the pair’s very first infant.

In a collection of Instagram Stories shared on Dec. 5, the individual instructor and also physical fitness influencer flaunted what she and also her buddies were performing in lieu of an extra typical infant shower. That consisted of getting on a personal aircraft — and also standing out sparkling (for the visitors, naturally) while airborne!

“Thanks to my gals for going to TX to shower baby girl and I,” Brittany captioned her picture, which revealed her buddies positioning while supporting her expectant tummy. “Everyone has quarantined and been COVID tested for my baby shower. Thankful to have amazing close friends and family that will stay safe for the sake of me & my baby girl.”

While it was uncertain where the last location was, the Instagram Story disclosed that there was relatively a vacation style to the occasion, with red and also white timberline a table.