For anybody that enjoys sugary foods and also platformers.

Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire ($2.99) by Play Pretend LLC is a tough platformer that acts as a superb homage to the standards. If you delight in tough-as-nails video games and also like an examination of your platforming abilities, after that Le Parker is one that you should have a look at. If you suched as video games like VVVVVV ( and also RunGunJumpGun (, after that you will certainly like what Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire gives the category.
As a ‘90s kid, I pretty much grew up with the classic platformers that everyone knows nowadays. This includes the Super Mario Bros. games and even Sonic the Hedgehog, which was a personal favorite. Even though I wasn’t the fastest at finishing phases, I still extensively taken pleasure in platformer video games due to the difficulties that they normally bring when it pertains to complicated degrees and also impressive manager battles. It took me numerous attempts to finish a phase, yet I constantly enjoyed doing it when it ultimately takes place. I’ve constantly had a soft place for platformers because a youngster, so normally I’m inclined to experiment with any kind of brand-new platformer video game on iphone when it turns up, despite the fact that the controls can be instead challenging to solve with touch displays (the Mikey Shorts ( video games are the just one that have actually accomplished). When I saw Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire on the App Store, I was interested, primarily due to my fondness for all wonderful points (essentially) and also the outstanding art design. Needless to state, I was not let down with this one.
Visually, Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire is magnificent and also lovely. The video game includes a retro visual that makes you really feel right in your home if you matured with the traditional gaming consoles back then. While it’s a pixelated art design, Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire still crams in an unbelievable quantity of information, from the calm backgrounds to distinctive atmospheres in the foreground to the savory macarons that you’ll wish to accumulate, and also all of the personality sprites, consisting of Le Parker himself and also the different pests that you’ll find, are made well and also gurgling with beauty. The video game contains a wonderfully abundant shade combination that varies from soft pastels to bolder and also lively tones, and also there are some wonderful illumination impacts, consisting of night and day times, that make the video game seem like a dreamscape. Animations are buttery smooth and also liquid without lag on my apple iphone 7, and also the entirely initial soundtrack is instead climatic and also calming, completely drawing you right into Le Parker’s globe. Sound impacts are likewise fascinating to pay attention to as you accumulate wonderful deals with and also stomp opponents.
However, the only point that troubles me is the reality that the video game bypasses any kind of various other sound you have in the history. Hopefully the designer can transform that in the future. Otherwise, Play Pretend has actually knocked it out of the park in regards to visuals and also sound.
Like several platformer video games, Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire is broken up right into different globes that have a unique setup, and also each phase includes 8 degrees, with the last being an impressive manager fight. The video game stands up to 3 save documents at the same time, so several individuals can play the video game on a solitary gadget if required.
The tale of the video game goes like this: Le Parker is a chef that can craft the lightest meringue of them all, which is so light that it essentially drifts. However, the dish is with the Princess, yet the King and also his males have actually plundered the chambers of the Princess and also swiped the dish, making use of the power of the meringue for bad and also gets rid of Parker from the kingdom. The goal in the video game is to assist overview Parker on a mission to save the Princess, gather every one of his essential cooking tools, and after that beat the King at last. Each phase has a storage space system at the end to represent the objective, yet arriving is the difficult component — there will certainly be various opponents that will certainly attempt to quit you, and also there are likewise lots of ecological challenges that you’ll wish to stay clear of if you wish to finish the goal.
On top of the primary objective, there are second purposes for every single degree also: Time Attack (coating as quick as feasible), Macaron Collection (obtain them all), and also Secret Kitchen Utensils that are spread regarding and also it’s up to you to locate them. These include a good layer of replay worth to the video game if you are a completionist. Each video game begins you off with 3 lives, and also you shed a life if you obtain struck or loss. You can gain additional lives for every single 100 macarons you accumulate, so make certain to get hold of those wonderful French cookies when you see them!
Controls in Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire are easy and also user-friendly, though the placing can be a little bit much better. In the lower left will certainly be directional switches for relocating left and also right, and after that there is an “A” switch in the lower right for making Parker dive. You can do a light faucet for a jump, hold back the switch for a longer dive, and also touch it two times for a dual dive. While the controls do function alright essentially, I did locate that occasionally my thumb would certainly be somewhat off on the directional switches so I wouldn’t relocate as I planned to. There is a choice to shut off the presence of the switches though, which might function much better if you’re a little bit picky regarding the placing like I am. Fortunately, however, the video game has complete assistance for MFi controllers (, so if you have among those around, you can utilize it with Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire for the optimum platformer experience.
I’ve played a lots of platformers on iphone throughout my time right here at AppGuidance, yet Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire is among the much better ones I’ve discovered. The video game is definitely stunning with wonderful landscapes and also capitivating personality versions, plus the songs and also audios are enjoyable to pay attention to. The manages job all right, and also the video game is relatively tough, also for skilled platformer experts. Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire is certainly among the much better video games I’ve noticed iphone this year.
I very advise providing Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire a shot if you remain in the state of mind for a wonderful and also tough platformer reward. Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire is offered on the App Store as a universal download for your apple iphone, iPad, and also Apple TELEVISION for simply $2.99 ( There are no in-app acquisitions.

Why we like it

The graphics are gorgous, the songs is impressive, controls function well sufficient yet there is complete MFi controller assistance, and also the degrees are testing. Plus, the completionists will certainly wish to finish every one of the optional purposes so the replay worth is relatively high.