The Quest Squad is a neighborhood of similar Quest extremely followers. It’s totally free to sign up with as well as participants remain linked using interesting activations where they upload on their social media sites networks for possibilities to make FREE Quest Squad boodle, items, as well as unique experiences.

One huge part of the Quest Squad is having instructors enlist. That’s where the Quest + NASM collaboration enters into play. When NASM participants subscribe, they all take pleasure in a 30% price cut on Quest items from in order to maintain themselves as well as their customers sustained with the foods they require to attain their objectives.

Furthermore, Quest as well as NASM have actually collaborate for the 90-Day Challenge. A program where fitness instructor as well as customer can win $20,000 when taking part in an extensive 90 days of physical fitness as well as nourishment – where one of the most remarkable makeover success.

So if you’re a NASM fitness instructor as well as you haven’t associated the Quest Squad, don’t take it from us. Take it from your other instructors as well as subscribe today!


“Being a Quest Squad member has made my life better as a trainer, and on a personal level. As a trainer, working with clients can require coaching back-to-back for hours with minimal breaks. Because of this, it can be challenging to get in meals and snacks. But when I’m stocked with my favorite Quest products, like my favorite protein chips, I’m able to stay fueled with balanced nutrition, effortlessly.”


“Being a Quest Squad member has made my life as a NASM trainer better and easier by providing continuing education, motivation, and a community that inspires a healthy way of life. I also really enjoyed the Eric the Trainer experience. It is extremely motivating to be connected to such successful trainers to look up to and learn from. His focus on nutrition, workouts, and sleep being the most vital pieces to overall health have really helped me to instill that in my clients. NASM and Quest are two of the strongest brands in the health and fitness community and I am so happy to be a part of both of them!”


“I truly appreciate Quest Nutrition as a company for making the best quality products that actually work — as well as NASM for providing the science-based information for people who want to become a trainer or simply improve their kinesiology knowledge.”

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