No must contour for the gods, RuPaul’s Drag Race is getting a nip and tuck courtesy of the season 13 queens. So says the Dominican doll from New York City, Kandy Muse.

“When you ask someone, ‘What is your favorite season of Drag Race?’ They always go back to season 6. And, ‘What’s your favorite top three?’ Bianca, Courtney and Adore,” she tells ET. “Season 13 is right up there with season 6. Not just because I was there and I experienced it, but seeing the magic happening, seeing the gag-worthy sh*t that was happening? It’s the facelift that Drag Race needed.”

Those are some huge heels to fill, however the queens of season 13 are up for the problem: Not solely braving a worldwide pandemic, however RuPaul’s newest twist. “You definitely have to be on your toes at all times. More than ever before,” Gottmik warns. “They got us good many times.”

ET’s Brice Sander Zoomed with the 13 queens of season 13 to debate that lip sync in your life shock, filming throughout our ongoing pandemic, and one of the best recommendation they acquired from former Ru Girls.

Y’all needed a twist?! Usually Mama Ru waits till all of the queens have arrived to drop a bomb, however this season’s women obtain what they’re calling “the ultimate gag” instantly: Two-by-two, they have to instantly report back to the primary stage to lip sync for his or her lives — or obtain The Pork Chop.

Kandy Muse: The premiere might be like no different season has had earlier than. You stroll into the Werk Room and anticipate day one to only be, like, an everyday day at Drag Race. [Laughs] “Regular day at Drag Race.” But to stroll in and be like, “All right, girls. Hi, we’re here. Six lip syncs?” That’s gaggy.

Denali: Face crack. Body crack. All the crack cocaine, all the pieces. In my opinion, it is most likely probably the most thrilling first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race ever.

Gottmik: Every different season, RuPaul’s not even speaking to you in your fking entrance seems, so I used to be backstage like, “Is that RuPaul saying my name right now?!”

Elliott with 2 Ts: And it was loopy, too, seeing all of the judges. You simply do not anticipate that. You at all times suppose you understand what to anticipate whenever you come into this present, however yearly, they are saying you don’t have any concept what is going on on and you do not.

Tina Burner: No different season has had such a twist so quickly. Literally, we walked in on that rug and it was pulled out from beneath us. We did not should loss of life drop, we have been simply on our backs going, “WTF!” I’m excited to look at some good battles. It’s Game of Thrones-style, honey.

Kahmora Hall: It’s a massacre.

Olivia Lux: Lots of people tune in particularly for the lip syncs in your life, so to have six off the bat is totally wild. You get to see all people of their component performing earlier than you see anything from them within the season.

Tamisha Iman: I used to be not prepared. I used to be bodily not prepared.

This 12 months’s coronavirus ruveal might have affected the rollout of season 12, however its successor was really filmed amid the pandemic beneath COVID-19 well being and security precautions, together with quarantining the queens whereas taking pictures and common testing for contestants and judges alike.

Denali: This 12 months was actually intense, mentally, for all of us. Obviously, having to do Drag Race via a worldwide pandemic was actually mentally troublesome and taxing. What stunned me is, actually, what I may mentally deal with. I used to be simply going off adrenaline. After the entire thing occurred, I used to be like, “Wow, I really did all of that.” I’m very happy with all of us for dealing with it mentally, as a result of it was a very, actually troublesome season to movie.

Tamisha Iman: It was.

Rosé: For myself, RuPaul’s Drag Race is such a difficult expertise for anybody who competes and I did not even think about that it could really feel the best way that it felt to really partake within the filming course of. But one thing that I realized about myself and one thing I’m so proud to know now’s that I’m lots stronger than I beforehand gave myself credit score for.

Tamisha Iman: It was an out-of-body expertise. You’re so used to watching it on TV, the place you will be [like], ‘Oh, Miss Thing, it is best to have did that! Oh, Miss Thing, it is best to have did that!” So, when you get there, it’s like, “Miss Thing, what I do?” It’s like, now you’re the Miss Thing. What are you gonna do? So, it was an out-of-body experience, but it was totally worth it.

Tina Burner: And the love and support from everyone has been amazing. It’s such a hard time everyone’s having right now, so to have a positive message and love coming in, it’s great and it’s healing. And I think that’s what we’re here to do as drag queens. We’re here to heal the world and make them laugh a little bit.

Kahmora Hall: Yeah, I didn’t realize how hungry people were for season 13. Because there’s so many seasons, like, pumping out left and right, we thought people would get Drag Race fatigue. But no, we’re getting such great response to it. It’s validating too. Like, “Wow, we filmed this through the pandemic simply to entertain you all,” however, like, we’re additionally, like, joyful to be, like, the spotlight of your week.