Due to the pandemic, numerous lower-ranked gamers have actually endured economically. Thus, the WTA took the choice to raise cash prize made at the very early rounds of events to assist them. After seeing WTA’s initiative in assisting the lower-ranked gamers, previous Australian gamer Paul McNamee took a dig at the ATP Player Council.

Responding to a tweet regarding the WTA chairman, Steve Simon’s talk about the boosted cash prize at the earlier rounds of the events, Paul McNamee slammed the ATP Council for not highlighting that issue for the 2021 ATP Tour. He tweeted“I like that emphasis on early rounds and qualifying … shame (ATP) Council moved the dial back the other way recently.”

Paul McNamee pounds ATP for not taking a choice for 2021 events

WTA Chairman, Steve Simon in a meeting with Tennis Majors discussed the cash prize adjustments in the WTA events in 2021. To assist the lower-ranked gamers, the cash prize had actually been boosted in the earlier rounds of the WTA events, whereas the cash prize has actually been reduced for the last phases of the events.

“There certainly will be money skewed towards the early rounds and qualifiers who have probably been hurt the most. I think it’s a credit to the players that traditionally play deeper in tournaments – the higher-ranked ones – that they’ve been willing to allow this to happen too because they’re giving on that in the end as well. It’s been as positive a process as you can have in topics no one likes to talk about.”

Paul McNamee took a dig at the council as he was miserable with the much less focus they were providing to raise the cash prize of the very early rounds of the events.

Novak Djokovic at work throughout his semi-final suit versus Austria’s Dominic Thiem. REUTERS/Toby Melville

The ATP Player Council has actually been getting impacts from World No.1 Novak Djokovic too. The Serbian produced his very own gamers’ organization as he whined that the ATP council doesn’t have a precise framework to assist the gamers. The cash prize can take place and also come to be a definitive discussion in the ATP.

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