The Beyoncé Effect: Artists Who've Dropped New Albums Out of Nowhere

Bad BunnyIt’s been an active rabbit.

The Puerto Rican super star birthed Benito Martínez stunned followers on Nov. 27 when he launched a brand-new cd, El Último Tour del Mundo, completely unexpectedly. Written as well as videotaped throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, the 16-track LP significant Bad Bunny’s 3rd collection of brand-new songs to decrease in the exact same fiscal year. And every one of them got here with an aspect of shock.

While launching 3 cds in one year is an accomplishment of superhuman creative stamina, the method of dropping them with no promo is absolutely nothing brand-new. The technique was made preferred by Beyoncé when she launched her self-titled 5th workshop cd in December 2013 out of slim air, surprising followers as well as market experts alike. It was a relocation that’s influenced numerous impersonators — each to their very own differing level of success — overthrowing standard marketing procedures forever.

However, though Queen Bey made the shock go down a point, you could be shocked to recognize that she had not been the initial one to do it.