The Fascination With Booties

Let’s talk BEHIND. Booty, peach, bumm, back, backside, tuckkkus (in my Yiddish accent lol no suggestion just how to mean it)

It’s stylish currently. Big 🍑
It wasn’t stylish in my 20s, 30s or earlier 40s. In reality individuals made use of to message me asking just how to make their behind SMALLER.

And me with all my bodyweight understanding never ever raised “heavy” for my glutes. Never.

Even EVEN WORSE… bc of my reduced back concerns, and also former Pelvic tilt and also years of high heel putting on, I concentrated SOOOOO MUCH ON abdominal muscles and also the major stomach core location that I OVERCORRECTED. Meaning I did so numerous slabs, L rests, and also exercising in “grandpa butt form” as I called it that my butt disappeared.

Add age (49) butts decrease.

And after that the injuries came
Disc tear and also even more…

The much more injuries I had the much more I I overcorrected the UPSIDE-DOWN.

And after that when my child made a 13 years of age remark to me regarding my level butt (it was) I cheered up… no word play here meant.

4 months right into training glutes TOUGH 3-4 days a week and also focussing on MUSCLE MASS DEVELOPMENT my 🍑 is expanding. Even my hubby acknowledged lol.

But this is not simply visual!

MY Pain In The Back IS ENTIRELY GONE. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. And allow me inform you- I have NO DISC in between L5 and also S1 and also although 2 laser endoscopic surgical procedures momentarily eliminated the discomfort it maintained returning.

I had actually attempted EVERYTHING
-2 surgical procedures
-psychological recovery (yup attempted it)
-chiropractic care
-power employees

Everything. I suggest every little thing. Medical, charm charm and also even more 😂

Ya recognize what repaired this and also QUIT my injury train and also discomfort?


Today is 4 months in. This photo was a couple of weeks earlier. It’s expanding. I cannot wait to see just how this remains in a year.

I still do all the body weight exercises I educate however I’ve INCLUDED RAISING FOR MY 🍑

I additionally consume specifically just how I educate in my 7 Day Jump Start however I INCLUDE healthy protein powder currently on training days pre and also post exercise (ya can’t construct muscular tissue without consuming much more healthy protein and also carbohydrates)

Ladies… don’t neglect that 🍑!!!


Natalie Jill

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