At any kind of offered time, Travis Barker maintains a lot of opportunities. While best-known as the drummer for the preferred rock band, Blink-182, Barker is regularly seeking originalities and also cooperations.

A year back, he released his very own document tag––DTA Records––and also authorized brand-new musician jxdn. Earlier this year, he teamed up with taping musician, Machine Gun Kelly, and also assisted generate MGK’s well-known brand-new cd, Tickets to My Downfall. And it’s not all songs, either.

Recently, Barker exposed one more effective cooperation––a customized Polaris Slingshot that resembles a real-life Batmobile. Barker directly made this tricked-out whip as component of a build-off competitors––Polaris Slingshot’s Best of the Builders West vs. East––that matched DUB Publishing and also Travis Barker (West) versus The Auto Firm and also Teyana Taylor (East).

We just recently overtook Barker to obtain the inside story on his brand-new flight, what makes the West shore the most effective shore for automobile society, and also what he’s depended on in the workshop.

MJ: Musically, what have you been working with in 2020? 

At completion of in 2014, like the day after Christmas, I entered the workshop with Kels [Machine Gun Kelly] and also didn’t truly have actually an established strategy. But we entered and also videotaped what was to end up being, Ticket to my Downfall. We covered that up best prior to quarantine and afterwards simply made video clips throughout quarantine.

I largely invested most of the year creating and also composing songs. So yes, collaborating with everybody from MGK, Iann Dior, POORSTACY and also finalizing my very own musician, Jxdn, to DTA documents. So I’ve simply been truly concentrated on composing and also creating.

MJ: 2020 has actually been such a tough year. But what has it resembled to mainly simply concentrate on composing and also remaining in the workshop?

I’m truly depressing for individuals that have actually gotten ill and also regrettably individuals we’ve shed. Thankfully, my household, my children and also my buddies have actually been healthy and balanced. But for me being house, I’ve had the ability to do points I’ve never ever had the ability to do, since I’ve explored for the last two decades of my life, every summertime.

Travis Barker at the office. Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

So I’ve reached do points I have actually never ever imagined or thought of, simply from being house. It’s been truly extraordinary. Writing and also creating is something I’m constantly enthusiastic regarding, yet time normally allows me to just do it with the band I’m playing in.

I miss out on playing programs and also similar to, the power. But I additionally like the innovative component of being an artist. Writing songs and also difficult on your own production-wise to make points appear various––that truly maintains me going. It relocates me.

MJ: Beyond songs, we understand you’re additionally a large automobile man and also have your very own collection. Where did this interest for gathering vehicles originated from?

I believe the interest originated from my stands out. My papa constantly suched as to discuss old vehicles that he had or reminisce regarding vehicles he desired. So when I began making a little cash, I would certainly acquire a great deal of old-schools for relatively low-cost and also simply repair them up. I think that’s where it began.

As time took place, I saw brand-new vehicles that I liked and also simply every little thing from off-road 4×4 automobiles to reduced cyclists to extravagant vehicles. I’ve type of had them all. And it’s most definitely something that I’m still truly enthusiastic regarding.

MJ: When you were asked to personalize a Polaris Slingshot for this West v. East Build-Off, exactly how’d you think of the principle for your flight?

Right currently, I’ve essentially concentrated on having all black vehicles, for whatever factor. I can’t truly clarify why, it’s simply something that concerned me eventually and also I resembled, ‘I don’t desire any kind of automobile unless it’s black.’ So that’s type of why I did the Polaris all black and also killed out.

The batmobile.
The batmobile. Courtesy of Polaris

I resembled, exactly how do I make the Slingshot as amazing as it might potentially be. And I simply believe killing one out, yet still having these information when you truly obtain up on it, like, ‘Oh, cool. I see gun shell print on that. Or I see there’s matte on there, yet there’s additionally shiny black.

When I initially concerned Myles [Kovacs], that I’ve recognized from DUB and also is a bosom friend of mine, he resembled, ‘Oh I’m reasoning we select this burgundy/maroon.’ And I resembled, ‘No man, that’s not me. But we can murder it out.’

It needed to resemble a bad guy’s automobile.

MJ: Tell us regarding a number of your favored attributes that you tailored on your Slingshot? 

There’s some aftermarket audio speakers on it and also we remodelled the inside. We cut components of the body off and also included locations for audio speakers on the body. We completed the inside to where every little thing twists around and also tailored it with my “F” badge (Barker’s clothes brand name, Famous Stars and also Straps). We made it type of extravagant within.

We additionally placed the most significant tires and also edges we might potentially fit on there––I believe they’re 22s. And additionally an air flight suspension, so you might discard it when you’re parked.

When it comes to rims––the bigger, the better.
When it involves edges––the larger, the much better. Courtesy of Polaris

We additionally intended to be innovative with the sort of pattern made use of. I believe I recommended like a cheetah pattern and also there was one more pattern I recommended. But this weapon covering print was difficult and also it simply stood out. We’ve never ever seen that on one more automobile.

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MJ: Is that Slingshot ultimately headed to your automobile collection?

Yeah, that’s most definitely entering my collection.

MJ: How huge is your collection nowadays?

Right currently I have 8 [cars] yet I made use of to have 16. I had 16 at the start of in 2014 and also I was simply in an area where several of the vehicles––I felt I currently had my time with them. I’ve experienced every little thing I might with this automobile and also I’ve had the best times, yet it’s time to go on and also, you recognize, allow somebody else appreciate it.

I don’t truly have what’s called, trailer queens––where you simply trailer it to programs. I drive every little thing.

MJ: Which is your favored automobile to drive currently?

One automobile that is a great deal of enjoyable is the Mercedes G-Wagon 4×4 Squared. They just made it for 2 years, yet individuals come near me regularly at filling station like, ‘Whoa, man, what lift kit is that?’ But it’s not in fact, it comes supply from Mercedes. I didn’t do any kind of aftermarket suspension on it myself.

That’s among my faves and also I’ll possibly never ever surrender. It’s an unique automobile.

MJ: What does West Coast design, in regards to automobile society, indicate to you?

I seem like West Coast, we reach have a bit a lot more enjoyable with vehicles. Like I’ve hung around in New York and also a great deal of individuals don’t have actually tailored vehicles or possess their vehicles in any way, for that issue. You’re normally driven around or you take taxis.

Whereas West Coast way of life is low-riders, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Jeep’s. You recognize, we like to drive in Southern California. It doesn’t obtain so cool that we might never ever take out our exchangeable and also drop Sunset with the top down.

So I simply truly seem like West Coast is automobile society.

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