Trump Is Using Election Fraud Conspiracy Theories To Raise Money For A Personal Slush Fund

Donald Trump is elevating cash quicker as a political election loser than he did as a prospect throughout the governmental project.

On Tuesday evening, Rachel Maddow explained that considering that the political election, Trump has actually increased $170 million – the majority of which is entering into a slush fund that the outward bound head of state can make use of to money any type of individual expenditures he has.

“He can use it to pay for everything up to and including his personal expenses like food and travel and rent and haircuts and make-up and very wide pants and very long ties,” the MSNBC host stated. “He can even just take the money for himself as income.”


Maddow stated:

If you wish to place that $170 million in context, it implies that Trump and also these people have actually discovered a means to make use of these conspiracy theory concepts regarding the political election to increase cash at a means quicker clip today than they were elevating cash prior to the political election. Think regarding that. Turns out they have actually found out exactly how to drink even more cash out of their fans by shedding the political election and also developing scare tales regarding it than they had the ability to eject of them by really simply attempting to win the political election outright ahead of time. Over $170 million. That’s past Trump’s wildest desires in regards to just how much he can still leave individuals. And where is that cash going? It’s not that tough to determine. It’s there in the small print. It ends up that a huge portion of that cash is mosting likely to the Republican Party. So this will certainly currently be the monetary DNA of the Republican Party moving on. It’s additionally real that a little section of this cash might be mosting likely to these area unusual conspiracy concept claims that they’re submitting around the nation still. But the huge mass of it is mosting likely to what’s called a management Political Action Committee for Trump himself. And a management Political Action Committee in this circumstances is essentially a slush fund for the head of state himself that he can make use of to pay not simply for political task. He can utilize it to spend for his way of living. He can utilize it to spend for every little thing approximately and also including his individual expenditures like food and also traveling and also lease and also hairstyles and also makeup and also really broad trousers and also long connections. He can also simply take the cash for himself as earnings. He can simply pay himself from this $170 million slush fund that he is developing off of these conspiracy theory concepts and also insane whack work claims. Nice job if you can obtain it, right?

There is no cash in an elegant giving in

Just regarding every loser of every governmental political election in American background has actually yielded once it was clear that she or he shed, yet Donald Trump is utilizing this post-election duration to increase cash for his individual piggy financial institution.

He isn’t pressing unjustified conspiracy theory concepts due to the fact that he genuinely thinks that prevalent political election fraudulence cost him a 2nd term. He’s doing it due to the fact that he recognizes his followers will certainly think him and also open their savings account to him.

Trump is drinking down his most ardent fans on his escape the door.

Ultimately, Donald Trump recognizes he shed the political election to Joe Biden, yet he additionally appears to identify that there is cash to be made by rejecting that loss.

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