Tuesday Night Owls: Senators Warren, Wyden and Merkley push Biden to 'padlock the revolving door'

According to the legislators, “the best way” to enhance end results for individuals in the United States “is to stop special interests from profiting off of the public service of government officials and to padlock the revolving door between corporate, special interest and our government.”

To this end, the triad demanded “enacting a total ban on lobbyists employed by corporations from serving in the administration, especially at executive agencies they lobbied.” […]


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“The virus that we’re talking about having to do, a lot of people think that goes away in April, with the heat, as the heat comes in, typically that will go away in April.” ~~Donald J. Trump, Feb. 10, 2020. 




At Daily Kos on this day in 2002In protection of Sen. Murray:

Boy, hurt from a genuine rumor, the GOP is currently attempting to make one on the Democratic side.

So right here’s the bargain:

Sen. Patty Murray planned to be intriguing when she informed a team of senior high school trainees terrorist leader Osama container Laden is preferred in inadequate nations due to the fact that he aided spend for colleges, roadways and also also preschool.

“We haven’t done that,” Murray claimed. “How would certainly they consider us today if we had existed aiding them with a few of that as opposed to simply being individuals that are mosting likely to bomb in Iraq and also most likely to Afghanistan?”

Got it? She claimed: the United States would certainly be much more preferred abroad if we developed colleges, as opposed to bomb. Osama constructs colleges (which he does). Therefore, Osama is much more preferred.

This is horrendous? So Drudge and also all the jokers of the Mighty Wullitzer are making Murray bent on be some type of opponent sympathizer. Even much better, they are asking her to surrender. This also as recognized segregationists Lott and also Ashcroft continue to be in civil service