Around Christmas and also New Year’s Eve, the table grill is collected once again in numerous locations: 2 to 8 visitors can be provided for with no terrific initiative. But which active ingredients do you in fact require for an effective raclette night?

By much one of the most vital side meal for raclette is cheese – yet not every kind is similarly ideal for the table grill: In enhancement to the appropriate flavoring, it requires a specifically high fat material (a minimum of 45 percent) to make sure that it remains wonderful and also luscious when it thaws ends up being. Hearty cheeses from Switzerland, France or the Allgäu are best matched for pure raclette pleasure. Otherwise, you are totally complimentary to pick your side meals, yet listed below you will certainly discover a listing of one of the most vital active ingredients that you can either get prepared to offer or reduce right into bite-sized items. In any type of situation, numerous kinds of meat, fish, cheese and also veggies can be preferably integrated with cheese. And if you need to obtain a brand-new raclette grill ahead of time, you will certainly additionally discover a couple of practical (purchasing) pointers right here.

The raclette grill: you ought to take notice of this

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Whether the grill is rounded, square or oblong at the end of the day does not matter in all in regards to preference. The just vital point is the number of frying pans are required – you ought to assume thoroughly prior to purchasing whether you wish to consume raclette regularly with 2, 4 or 6 individuals, for instance. And additionally whether you choose a pure steel plate, one made from all-natural rock or potentially a mix of both parts? Natural rock plates have the benefit that the warm is dispersed even more uniformly and also you can additionally cook tiny mini pizzas on them with no fat. On the various other hand, because of the absence of a non-stick covering, particularly items of meat adhere to it, so the table grill ought to best be adjusted to the active ingredients you choose for raclette. A mix of steel and also all-natural rock panels is additionally feasible, yet after that you just have fifty percent as much area per surface area. If you still require a decision-making help, you will certainly discover a tiny choice of various designs right here:

1. WMF raclette grill with relatively easy to fix actors iron plate

  • 1500 watts
  • variable temperature level setup
  • 8 plastic sliders
  • 8 frying pans
  • Price: approx. 100 €

The smaller sized variation for 2 to 4 individuals you’ll discover right here.

2. Severin celebration grill with all-natural grill rock plate

  • 1500 watts
  • stepless thermostat
  • 8 frying pans
  • Price: approx. € 60

Here there is additionally a smaller sized variation for as much as 4 individuals.

3. Clatronic grill with warm rock and also cast plate

  • 1400 watts
  • Temperature controller
  • 8 frying pans
  • 8 wood spatulas
  • Price: approx. 45 €

There is a solitary variation for 1 or 2 individuals right here.

4. Solis raclette grill and also fondue in one

  • Raclette: 1200 watts
  • Fondue: 800 watts
  • 8 frying pans
  • 8 scrapes
  • 8 fondue forks
  • Price: approx. 175 €

For those that are uncertain and also cannot make a decision in between raclette and also fondue on New Year’s Eve, there is additionally something these sensible mix.

The active ingredients: what appropriates for raclette?

In and also of itself, you can place anything that you such as on the table grill. However, you have to realize that raw veggies such as potatoes particularly will certainly not be prepared and also ought to consequently be pre-cooked. So that your visitors are totally provided for, vegetarians and also meat eaters alike, you ought to provide a vivid choice of elegant active ingredients when possible – there is something for each preference. Starting with cheese: Here you can either utilize timeless raclette cheese, which you can obtain ready-to-cut in the grocery store, or various other kinds such as those currently discussed over. But Emmentaler, Gouda, mozzarella or Gorgonzola can additionally be made use of. Tip: It is ideal to compute with 200 grams of cheese each. The complying with active ingredients are additionally ideal for barbecuing:


Fillet items are best matched for cooking, no matter whether they are poultry or beef, pork or turkey. It is ideal to reduce the meat right into bite-sized items prior to positioning it on the actors iron plate. Alternatively, you can additionally fry bacon, tiny meatballs and even wiener sausages. Plan on 150 grams per head right here.


You can additionally count on fillets for fish – salmon or trout are suitable right here, yet additionally tuna or shrimp. It is necessary with fish (similar to meat) that you do not prepare the raw active ingredients in the frying pans, yet straight on the grill plate. Otherwise the food will certainly not prepare effectively. Unless you pre-cook the fish initially.

An important detail: the cheese

An crucial component that ought to not be missing on any type of raclette night: cheese

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In enhancement to steamed potatoes (you ought to additionally trust 200 grams per head), tomatoes and also onions, peppers and also zucchini, corn and also mushrooms go specifically well with raclette cheese. You can naturally additionally utilize extremely difficult veggies such as aubergines or carrots, yet these ranges stay solid to the bite also after barbecuing.


Fruits can sweeten the raclette night in the truest feeling of words. In enhancement to pineapples and also mandarins chinese, grapes or apples, mango or melon can additionally be offered. Most of the fruit canister be integrated with passionate meals in a frying pan to match your individual preference. Only sour fruits like lemons or grapefruit are much less ideal.


Baguette, which you can reduce right into hand-sized items, is specifically preferred with raclette. But additionally a traditional salute or wholemeal bread – reduced right into slim pieces – goes quite possibly with fish, meat and also veggies. In mix with the raclette cheese, you can naturally additionally offer nachos.


Last yet not the very least, an overall effective raclette night additionally consists of a charming choice of dips and also sauces: from (homemade) natural herb butter and also hollandaise sauce to timeless bbq sauces (alcoholic drink, bbq, chilli, curry) there are no restrictions to the preference notes. Here you can dipping whatever you desire.

Timing: How to prepare the raclette night

Since all food is unpacked and also reduced on the table, it can spoil, dry or stain quicker. For this factor, time monitoring is essential for an effective night. It is ideal to continue as adheres to: Set up the table grill 1 or 2 hrs ahead of time, established the table and also disperse all the active ingredients that remained in containers or glasses in tiny bowls. Then the vegetables and fruits are reduced right into tiny items and also offered well with celebrity. You can place the potatoes on and also prepare them half an hour prior to the beginning signal to make sure that they are still cozy when offering. It is ideal to prepare the meat and also fish quickly prior to your visitors get here – after that absolutely nothing stands in the means of a scrumptious night.

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