Zero Food Waste: No food is wasted on this vegetarian Christmas menu

Christmas is thought about a party of love as well as love, as is popular, undergoes the belly. It is virtually a custom that the tummies are stressful around the celebration. The beginning is normally made by the instead booked standard. Most Germans have sausages as well as salad on their plates on Christmas Eve. Culinary points just begin on the very first Christmas day, when you are welcomed to the luxurious banquet with fat roast goose and so forth.

Schmalhans cook gets on trip on the vacations. After all, your liked ones should not do not have anything – not also calories. However, this venture normally includes an irritating negative effects – there is a great deal left over as well as hills of waste accumulate. This need not be. In the image gallery, we provide a three-course food selection that does not squander any kind of food.

Too Good To Go’s food savers have actually coordinated with food blog writer Vee to assemble a Christmas supper that creates little food waste. “The courses of a Christmas menu can be superimposed on each other so that hardly anything is left afterwards,” claims Vee. Something fantastic can be summoned from the mix of vegetables and fruit. “Whether roasted pumpkin seeds as a decoration on the starter, delicious pesto made from carrot greens to complement the main course or a smoothie with banana peel for dessert – there are so many ways to cook sustainably even on the holidays,” claims the blog writer of “Hosting with Vee” .

Food waste idea 1: Oleo Saccarum – fragrant syrup

Organic citrus peels off do not need to be gotten rid of. They can be refined right into a fragrant syrup. Oleo Saccarum fasts to make as well as can be made use of for cooking or in mixed drinks.

1 kg of sugar
250 g lemons as well as / or orange peel (natural top quality)
500 ml of boiling water


Remove the peel from the white as high as feasible. Mix the sugar as well as citrus peel off well with each other in a dish as well as knead. Cover as well as entrust to represent two days, mixing periodically if required. Pour boiling water over as well as mix till every little thing is liquified. Pour with a filter right into a screw-top container.

Food waste idea 2: Homemade veggie brew

Vegetables that would certainly or else wind up in the natural waste are suitable for making a brew. To do this, the offcuts are just gathered as well as iced up. Once a three-liter fridge freezer bag is complete, you can begin.


Put the veggie scraps in a pan as well as include water till every little thing is well covered. Bring to the boil as well as, if required, include fresh natural herbs (e.g. parsley), peppercorns or bay leaves, period with salt. Approximately. Let simmer for 40 mins. Pass the blend with a filter as well as skim the mixture. Bring the supply to the boil once again quickly as well as put it warm right into tidy glasses. The glasses can be placed in the fridge freezer after cooling down. Caution: Do not overfill or they will certainly break.

Food waste idea 3: vanilla sugar

After scratching the vanilla pulp out of the stick, it is never pointless. If you allow this high in a glass with white sugar, you can conveniently make your very own vanilla sugar.