By Tara McKelvey
BBC White House press reporter

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The presumes in the Capitol trouble are a different team: they consist of a West Virginia legislator, a Florida firemen and also a QAnon medicine man from Arizona.

It’s mored than a week because the Capitol Hill trouble – just how much progression has police made bringing the criminals to justice?

How lots of apprehensions until now?

More than 170 instance data have actually been opened up and also 70 individuals billed until now, claimed Michael Sherwin, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.

Some of the misdemeanour costs submitted until now are “just the beginning”, he claimed, with authorities checking out “significant felony cases” linked to insurrection and also conspiracy theory.

  • The Capitol policeman hailed as a ‘hero’

After a week of FBI charms for aid recognizing the guy seen lugging a Confederate flag in the Capitol throughout the troubles, a guy was jailed on Thursday in Delaware, according to United States media records.

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In the photos, which backfired around the globe, he is worn pants and also a black sweatshirt, and also shows up to have a tattoo under among his eyes. He has actually been called as Kevin Seefried and also schedules in court on Thursday mid-day.

On Sunday, the Department of Justice introduced the apprehensions of 2 guys that were presumably envisioned bringing plastic restrictions right into the Capitol.

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Authorities state Eric Gavelek Munchel is the specific seen lugging a variety of plastic zip connections inside the Senate chamber. He was restrained in Tennessee. Larry Rendell Brock, that is charged of getting in the Capitol with a white flex cuff – a limiting tool utilized by police – was jailed in Texas.

His ex-wife transformed him in. “When I saw this was happening, I was afraid he would be there,” she informed detectives, explaining just how she really felt when she found out about the troubles. Then she saw the photos, and also she identified her previous other half: “It is such a good picture of him.”

So much, neither has actually been charged of outlining to utilize the restrictions, yet encounter disorderly conduct and also fierce access costs.

The FBI is still looking for lots much more people and also has actually asked the general public to aid determine and also situate them.

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photo inscriptionOfficials have called the dangling rioter over as Josiah Colt of Idaho

What are police claiming concerning progression?

Steven D’Antuono, the head of the FBI’s Washington area workplace, informed press reporters on Tuesday that they have actually been swamped with info and also pointers from the general public: until now, they have actually gotten concerning 100,000 video clips and also images.

Justice Department authorities claimed they are taking into consideration submitting significant costs of revolutionary task versus some people that were associated with the siege on the Capitol.

According to government criminal code, revolutionary conspiracy theory suggests an initiative to conspire to topple the United States federal government. The penalty is serious: approximately twenty years behind bars.

United States Attorneys in Ohio, Minnesota, Kentucky and also various other states have actually likewise promised to prosecute any person that took a trip from their areas to participate in the trouble.

Who are the crucial individuals billed until now?

Analysis by BBC Monitoring and also BBC Reality Check

Jacob Anthony Chansley, called Jake Angeli or as he explains himself the “Q Shaman”, is a widely known fan of the unproven QAnon conspiracy concept that resides in Glendale, Arizona.

QAnon advocates think President Trump and also a secret armed forces knowledge group are fighting a deep state cabal of Satan-venerating paedophiles in the Democratic Party, media, company and also Hollywood.

Known for showing up with a repainted face, hair hat and also horns while lugging a “Q sent me” banner in public, Mr Chansley, 33, has actually been billed with fierce access and also disorderly conduct after showing up in numerous photos inside the halls of Congress and also the Senate chamber.

His mom informed a regional ABC News terminal on Monday that Mr Chansley had actually not consumed because his apprehension due to the fact that the apprehension center would not offer him all health food.

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photo inscriptionJacob Anthony Chansley is affirmed to be the guy seen using horns and also a hair hat in pictures, including this from inside the Senate chamber

In video clips uploaded to his social media sites accounts, he yells concerning child-trafficking before federal government structures or inside shopping center, and also participates in pro-Trump or QAnon-linked “save our children” rallies.

Like much of his fellow QAnon fans, Mr Chansley states he thinks Covid-19 is a scam.

President Trump – deemed a hero by the motion – has actually cut short of recommending the conspiracy concept yet has actually defined QAnon protestors as “people who love our country.”

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photo inscriptionOfficer Eugene Goodman faces Doug Jensen

Doug Jensen, 41, from Des Moines, Iowa, showed up in among one of the most commonly common video clips of the troubles revealing an only African American policeman keeping back the crowd.

Mr Jensen has actually been jailed and also deals with 5 government costs, consisting of fierce access and also disorderly conduct and also blocking a police policeman throughout a civil problem.

In it, he can be seen going after a law enforcement agent up a trip of stairways inside the Capitol using a tee shirt with the QAnon motto “trust the plan”.

Mr Jensen later on determined himself on his Twitter account, tweeting: “You like my shirt?” and also “Me…” under photos of him inside the Capitol shared by fellow QAnon advocates.

On his Twitter, Mr Jensen consistently reveals assistance for President Trump, involves with widely known QAnon accounts, and also tweets QAnon expressions such as WWG1WGA – brief for “where we go one we go all” – a rallying cry for the conspiracy theory’s followers.

Nick Ochs was jailed at an airport terminal in Honolulu, Hawaii, by the FBI, as he returned house from Washington DC.

He’s charged of illegal access of limited structures or premises, after he uploaded a photo cigarette smoking a cigarette inside the Capitol structure, tweeting: “Hello from the Capital lol”.

Mr Ochs explains himself as a “Proud Boy Elder from Hawaii”. The Proud Boys is an anti-immigrant and also all male reactionary team established in 2016.

President Trump resolved this team particularly in the initial governmental discussion. In action to an inquiry concerning white supremacists and also militias he claimed: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”

Richard Barnett is the guy envisioned with his feet on a workdesk in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s workplace. He was likewise envisioned outside the Capitol with a customised envelope he drew from her workplace.

He’s been jailed for illegal access, disorderly conduct on Capitol premises, and also burglary of public cash, home, or documents.

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Mr Barnett is 60 years of ages and also from Arkansas.

Local media records state Mr Barnett is associated with a team that sustains weapon legal rights, which he was talked to at a “Stop the Steal” rally complying with the governmental political election – the motion that sustains President Trump’s dubious insurance claims of political election scams.

One of one of the most striking photos from that day revealed a guy using a hoodie with words: “Camp Auschwitz”. Auschwitz was a Nazi death camp where greater than a million individuals, mainly Jews, were killed throughout World War Two by Germany.

For lots of, the motto revealed several of the dark pressures behind the demonstrations.

Mr Packer was jailed in Virginia and also has actually been billed with trespassing in a government structure and also “violent entry and disorderly conduct” on Capitol premises.

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photo inscriptionMr Packer used an attire that showed up to admire the Holocaust

Less than a month after he was promised in as a Republican delegate in the West Virginia state legislature, Mr Evans shot himself pressing with the group as he stormed the Capitol using what seems a bike safety helmet.

“We’re going in,” he claimed in the now-deleted Facebook live stream. “We did it! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!” he shouted, including, “patriots inside, baby!”

His involvement in the trouble led legislators in his house state to think about removing his accessibility to the West Virginia statehouse.

But within a week of the trouble, he had actually surrendered. He is encountering government costs of trespassing and also disorderly conduct.

Northeastern University’s Max Abrahms, a political-science teacher that researches counterterrorism, clarifies that it can require time to locate a suspect – for a range of factors.

“This could be an individual who doesn’t have a lot of friends or colleagues,” Abrahms states of the guy seen swing the Confederate flag, that was not determined for greater than a week.

“It could also be that the people who know him are sympathetic to him. The people who know him – it could be that they have his back.”

Other apprehensions consist of:

  • Nicholas Rodean – The Maryland guy was terminated from his work after he was seen using his job ID badge to the trouble
  • Aaron Mostofsky – The 34-year-old kid of a Brooklyn court was released after publishing a $100,000 bond. Pictures from the trouble revealed him using hairs and also a cops tactical vest that he is charged of taking
  • William Pepe – The New York City transportation employee was put on hold without pay after authorities claimed he called out ill from job to take a trip to Washington and also join the trouble
  • Andrew Williams – The Florida firemen was jailed after a photo online revealed him using a Trump hat and also indicating a placard birthing the name of Democrat Nancy Pelosi
  • Josiah Colt – The Idaho guy was envisioned hanging from a Senate porch after rioters stormed the chamber and also is encountering costs of disorderly conduct and also trespassing
  • Adam Johnson, 36 of Florida, was photographed standing up the House audio speaker’s lectern and also grinning throughout the Capitol siege. He has actually been billed with burglary of federal government home and also the lectern has actually because been returned
  • Jenny Cudd, the proprietor of a blossom store when competed mayor in Midland, Texas. According to authorities, she uploaded a video clip where she claimed: “We did break down Nancy Pelosi’s office door”
  • Klete Keller, a two-time Olympic gold medallist swimmer, has actually been billed after on the internet sleuths identified that he used his Olympic coat to the Capitol

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