Home Entertainment "Golden Days Before They End": Cheers to the edge club!

"Golden Days Before They End": Cheers to the edge club!

"Golden Days Before They End": Cheers to the corner pub!

For the detailed publication “Golden Days Before They End”, the digital photographer Klaus Pichler and also the reporter Clemens Marschall dove right into Vienna’s night life for 4 years and also depicted 70 such bars and also bars.

You throw a mark right into the coin device
enjoy others play cards
and also stand at the counter with the beer in hand
and also you coincide with everybody

The resulting detailed publication has solid sentimental attributes. It’s a recall at a lost age. Because the prime time of this sort of club appears to be irrevocably over. “A third of the Viennese Tschocherl that we have visited regularly since April 2012 for our book project no longer exist,” states Klaus Pichler of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

One talks fiercely and also mentions the spirit
what spoils the state of mind.
Some individuals locate the service with grain and also beer
for all issues on the planet

There are several factors this sort of restaurant gets on the decrease. The globe of job has actually transformed, with the traditional functioning course, the typically proletarian public in these bars is passing away out. In enhancement, over the years alcohol usage has actually changed a lot more from public locations to personal life. Many more youthful individuals prevent this sort of restaurant and also favor hip bars rather.

If you are starving, order sausages with cabbage
due to the fact that there are nothing else meals
The costs gets on the beer floor covering on it
yet everybody has credit report with the proprietor below.

All of this adds to the sorrowful state of mind that floats with “Golden Days Before They End”: It is recalling with despair. The writers are possibly appropriate: the gold days – they will certainly not return.

The showed publication “Golden Days Before They End” by Clemens Marschall and also Klaus Pichler was released by Edition Patrick Frey, has 250 web pages and also prices 52 euros.

The priced estimate lines are extracted from Peter Alexander’s track “Die kleine Kneipe”, which was released in Austria under the title “Das kleine Beisl”. The German variation was composed by Michael Kunze, the initial track originates from Dutch: “In ‘t kleine café aan de haven” was sung and also made up by Vader Abraham.

Peter Alexander sings “Die kleine Kneipe” / “Das kleine Beisl”