Hans Reisebauer: How an Austrian of all people would like to give rum a new shine

Rum is related to the Caribbean or the forests of Central America. Now there is an interesting rep from Austria. Behind it is Hans Reisebauer, a specialist on the spirits scene.

When it pertains to removing their significance from vegetables and fruits, bulbs as well as blossoms as well as eliminating them in alcohol, barely anybody comprehends his craft along with Hans Reisebauer. The 54-year-old lives in Axberg near Linz in Upper Austria as well as has actually been making spirits considering that 1994, specifically fruit schnapps, which numerous think are the most effective worldwide. His front runner is a Williams pear brandy, yet he additionally refines carrots or elderflower right into great extracts.

In 2006, when vodka with a fruit taste still controlled bench, Reisebauer offered his very own gin – as well as hence turned into one of the leaders of a buzz that a couple of years later on would certainly strike the whole bar globe. His workmanship made him a symbol of bench globe, the New York bartender Jim Meehan also devoted his very own beverage called “Hans Solo” to him.

Reisebauer no more needs to verify anything to anybody in the scene. And yet he has actually currently ventured right into entirely brand-new area: he lately began generating his very own rum.

“Rum is a spirit of friendship”

Whiskey is primary gin is hip, tequila gets on the surge, specifically in the UNITED STATES. Rum, on the various other hand, still has a hard time, specifically in high end gastronomy. In a star-rated dining establishment, one drinks a top notch fruit schnapps or brandy – a rum normally never ever winds up in the glass there.

Reisebauer intends to alter that.

The three founders Hans Reisebauer, Markus Meindl and Tom Wallmann (from left to right)

The 3 owners Hans Reisebauer, Markus Meindl as well as Tom Wallmann (from delegated right)

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Together with 3 companions – the advertising specialist Tom Wallmann, the designer Markus Meindl as well as a common buddy from the UNITED STATES that brought every person with each other yet prefer to remain in the history – he established a rum that sticks out from the competitors in numerous methods. Reisebauer dealt with the rum for a total amount of eleven years.

The complete name of the item is 4X50 RNP Finely Distilled Superior Rum. The 4 in the name means those 4 good friends that lag the rum. “More than any other spirit, rum has a level of friendship that is about simply having a good time together,” claims Tom Wallmann in a meeting with celebrity. “Rum is therefore perfectly suited to a project that four friends are starting up together,” includes Reisebauer.

The 50 subsequently means the variety of participants in the Rum Council established specifically for this task, which reviews like a Who’s Who of the food preparation as well as gastronomy scene with names such as Tim Raue, Cornelia Poletto, Juan Amador as well as the honorary chairman Eckart Witzigmann. Many of them are veteran friends of Reisebauer as well as are currently expected to assist make the item understood worldwide. No various other spirit is most likely to have many Michelin celebrities behind it.

The uncommon container style, which was made by the New York developer Alex Wiederin as well as whose clients Valentino, Versace as well as Helmut Lang come from, additionally stands out. The container is made by hand by the Stölzle Glass Group.

The leather label on the bottle is attached by hand

The natural leather tag on the container is connected by hand

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Without beginning, without age

But not just the principle of the rum is uncommon, yet additionally the style. “We want to break conventions with this rum,” claims Wallmann with confidence. Because while numerous sorts of rum can be designated to a nation as well as hence a design, the 4X50 incorporates elements from all edges of the globe. It is “global, and yet placeless”, clarify the manufacturers.

82 percent of the basis is a rum that Reisebauer distills himself on his household ranch in Austria as well as shops in Ysper oak barrels. He obtains the raw product – molasses – from Fairtrade farmers in Mauritius. “The best in the world,” he excites. To comprehend just how rum is made, Reisebauer went to the Worthy Park Distillery in Jamaica. His searching for: The trick of an excellent rum does not depend on the best purification, yet in the yeast as well as the fermentation time. In this situation, the moment as well as uniqueness of the yeast are the trick to even more tastes. “With fruit brandies you only work with one yeast, after all you want to work out the fruit aroma and not the taste of the yeast. With rum, however, you influence the taste extremely with the choice of yeast and fermentation, which I didn’t know before. That is Madness.”

In completion, Reisebauer established a rum that was remarkably tidy as well as without missing out on notes, yet nearly uninteresting. “That was a little lacking in the dirt,” he confesses. That’s why the continuing to be 18 percent of the 4X50 is composed of 6 various other rum kinds, consisting of a fresh Agricole as well as items from Hampden, which reisbauer handpicked from a total amount of 76 various rums at a dealer in Amsterdam. At completion, the specific rums are wrapped up as well as saved in gewurztraminer barrels. “That was quite a tinkering,” clarifies Reisebauer.

The rum is not just a geographical boundary going across, it additionally has no age declaration. This prevailed in the past, yet today, for advertising factors, a lot of tags have huge age info on them. “However, they are almost always lies when it comes to rum,” slams Reisebauer. While the age of scotch suggests the youngest part, it is precisely vice versa with rum. “If 30 years are written on the rum, often only a few percent are that old and the rest are significantly younger. We don’t want to tell our customers any rubbish – and therefore do without age information. When you talk about friendship, honesty should be part of it.”

With this, Reisebauer as well as Wallmann select a comparable method such as the whiskey brand Stauning in Denmark. Alex Munch, among the owners, claims in a meeting with the celebrity: “Whiskey doesn’t have to be 25 years old to be taken seriously. It’s about the taste, not the age on the label. In the end, you can break it down to a question: Do you like it or not?”

Fruit as well as sweet taste, yet without sugar

In the glass, the rum gives off fresh sugar walking cane juice, over ripe bananas as well as honey, the preference is come with by fragrances of liquorice as well as flavors such as cinnamon as well as allspice. It is completely dry as well as yet robust. Sweet as well as classy at the very same time. It is an enjoyment for rum novices, whoever is even more knowledgeable about the issue enjoys analyzing the specific elements. A mix that is presently not readily available in any kind of various other rum.

The sweet taste is amazing due to the fact that Reisebauer does not make use of any kind of extra sugar. In completion, the 4X50 RNP rum makes use of much less than 3 grams of sugar per litre. “I don’t use glycerine, vanilla or sugar, the taste is created solely by high-quality molasses, clean distillation and special barrels.” Some rum makers after that amount to 48 grams of sugar per litre to their items. Reisebauer does not rely on these sorts of rum. “That’s perverse. You can’t destroy yourself with anything like sugar in alcohol. This combination is deadly, the body can’t take it in the long run. Alcohol has a completely different effect when combined with sugar.” He is persuaded that a flawlessly made spirit does not require any kind of extra sugar.

The rum consists of 82 percent self-made rum and is cuveted with six other types.

The rum includes 82 percent self-made rum as well as is cuveted with 6 various other kinds.

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On May 25, 2021, the EU’s brand-new spirits guideline will certainly enter into pressure, which enables approximately 20 grams of extra sugar for rum. However, Brussels might not bring itself to a binding statement. Reisebauer assumes this is a blunder: “The ingredients of every mineral water must be specified to the nearest tenth of a gram, not with spirits. Apparently there is a lobby that is very influential and prevents transparency. Because sugar is only added for one reason: with it people drink faster. It’s dangerous. ”

High rates are no more a deterrent

The 4X50 RNP Superior Rum is among one of the most costly agents of its kind at 160 euros per 0.7 litre container. “However, the ingredients are the best you can get. The process is complex. The bottle is manufactured by Stölzle, the Labeling, filling and packaging is done entirely by hand – all of this costs a lot of money, which is why the rum also costs a lot of money, “clarifies Tom Wallmann. “We haven’t made any compromises.”

Customers would certainly no more resent high rates, as long as the high quality was right, claims Reisebauer. His fruit schnapps price approximately 280 euros for a 0.35 litre container. “Without the corona crisis, we would have sold 40 percent more than in the previous year. Demand is increasing. Consumers buy brands that they trust. We now benefit from the fact that we focused on quality with the Blue Gin in 2006. Of course “There will certainly constantly be cheap-cheap – yet that’s not our means.”

Reisebauer approximates that rum will certainly maintain him hectic for the following 10 years. But his goal does not finish with the bottling. “To this day there is still no smart rum glass,” clarifies the 54-year-old. His following task is consequently the advancement of his very own glass, which he intends to offer market along with the professionals from Riedel.

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