Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Is Poised to Be the Modeling World's Next It Girl

The fashion duo told E! News after the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, “We had a feeling she would get some attention because she has a very specific look and aura, and would stand out whether wearing jeans and a tee, or a neon ball gown.”

They showed to be instead clairvoyant by anticipating Ella’s success in the style globe, stating, “Her talent and creativity knows no limits. In the short time that we have been acquainted, our takeaway is that it would be a disservice to the world for her to not show everyone what she is capable of inclusive of and beyond fashion. “

As Ella placed it, “I knew the coat would be a hit because I loved it so much, and I think that’s all that really mattered to me … But I don’t think anyone expected the kerfuffle it caused on the internet. “

Hers isn’t the only finalizing to find out of Inauguration Day. As formerly revealed, poet Amanda Gorman Also tattooed an agreement with IMG Models. Gigi also provided the entertainer a really passionate shoutout on her Instagram Story, writing, “WERK,” “FAAAAAM” as well as “MAJOR.”

It appears the modeling sector awaits the overhaul.