Lindsey Graham is Furious That Amazon Offered to Help Biden Deliver Vaccines, But Not Trump

Following the November election, Donald Trump primarily stopped doing his job. And it was a foul time to cease because the coronavirus had raged uncontrolled for the final two months. The ex-President ignored the disaster, preferring to complain about imaginary election fraud.

Joe Biden, nevertheless, has made getting COVID-19 vaccines into American arms his primary precedence. Today, Team Biden launched a plan to fight the coronavirus and Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke to reporters.

Amazon, seeing how severe Biden is treating the pandemic, has provided to assist with logistics. On Thursday, Lindsey Graham blasted the corporate for not making the identical supply to Donald Trump.

Graham made the feedback to Fox News Sandra Smith. She requested him, “if it turns out that Jeff Bezos and Amazon put politics ahead of public health, should there be some sort of accountability there?”

The South Carolina senator answered:

“Here’s what I think: the drug companies had the vaccine, they knew it was going to work days before the election, they waited until after the election to announce it. I think if it was a Democratic president, they would have announced it before the election. I think what Amazon is doing is pretty disgusting, if, in fact, they could have helped the Trump administration and they chose not to because they don’t like him. That’s not a good moment for the Amazon company.”