Charles Blow and Don Lemon

During the second hour of Thursday’s CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon and his race-baiting buddy, The New York Times columnist, Charles Blow fervently ripped on the United States for being a nation imbued with “white supremacy.” According to Lemon and Blow, the ideology of white superiority isn’t truly a fleeting concept that fewer and fewer folks consider because the United States ages—as study after study has advised. Instead, these two leftist purport that America was based on racism and, subsequently, it has pervaded society.

When requested about San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education’s current (and near-unanimous) vote in favor of renaming over three dozen faculties at present named after former presidents and different distinguished figures together with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Blow unreservedly expressed his acquiescence and flat out decried any one who as soon as owned a slave—no matter the truth that slavery was commonplace throughout the globe throughout America’s founding.

“I am sorry if I do not commiserate with people who owned slaves,” sneered Blow, “and I do not excuse it as being an artifact of the time.”

Slavery, unequivocally, was an artifact of the time. Many of our founders conceded that slavery was morally fallacious and at odds with American ideas and beliefs.

Slavery was horrible however, thankfully, was delivered to an finish through Lincoln’s issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation and the—later—ratification of the thirteenth Amendment. However, that doesn’t matter to Blow—Lincoln doesn’t deserve a faculty named after him.

Of course, neither Blow nor Lemon talked about the truth that the board of training’s vote was extraordinarily unpopular and even drew criticism from San Francisco’s very personal Democratic mayor, London Breed.

Blow then went on to fantasize about how a lot energy blacks would wield and the way various a future authorities could be, had blacks not “migrated.” What Blow didn’t acknowledge was the truth that a part of the explanations blacks migrated had been for higher paying industrial jobs within the North.

“Well, it’s very simple. At the end of the Civil War, three southern states were majority black: Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Another three were within four percentage points of being majority black. If people had not migrated, and I understand why they did, but if they had not migrated and you still had the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act, black people would control up to 14 Senate seats. They would control more Electoral College votes than California and New York state combined. If they voted over that same period the way they vote now, you would not have had a Republican president in the last 50 years. That would mean that the entire Supreme Court would look different than it does today. That would mean that if Hillary Clinton had lost every single mid-western state in 2006, she still would have won the presidency.”

Lemon didn’t query Blows deduction; as a substitute, he fawned over how he “can’t wait to read” Blow’s new ebook which contained the phrases “Black Power” in its subtitle.

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CNN Tonight with Don Lemon


11:49 PM


DON LEMON: So a month in the past, white supremacists, folks carrying American flags, invaded the seat of our democracy and tried to overturn our election. And my subsequent visitor has some concepts about the way to combat this. I wish to usher in, now, Charles Blow, the op-ed columnist for The New York Times. He’s the creator of the ebook “The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto.” Charles, good to see you. We’re going to speak all about that. But I’ve to speak present information with you as properly, as we at all times do. When you look— good night, by the way in which. When you have a look at the revolt on the Capitol, white supremacist symbols, accomplice battle flag, nooses erected exterior the Capitol, what function did white supremacy play within the Big Lie and in what occurred that day?

CHARLES BLOW: I believe white supremacy woven all through that episode, and is, in truth, related to the way in which white supremacy at all times behaves when it feels threatened. How is that completely different from the nooses that had been erected exterior of courthouses all throughout the South after they would let mobs go into feder—into official buildings, drag out black folks accused of issues and lynch them? How is that not a parallel? White supremacy at all times behaves violently. It at all times responds violently when it feels threatened. Donald Trump was a white nationalist president. He was the embodiment of white supremacy. And he was threatened. He advised his supporters that he was being unfairly faraway from workplace and that risk to their energy, symbolized by him, activated them.

LEMON: Uh-huh. Look, we have been speaking about, you realize, you discuss nooses and these accomplice symbols and so forth and the naming. People are our historical past and the way we rejoice it. This week in San Francisco, the unified college district voted to rename 44 faculties named after varied public figures together with the previous presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Is there a distinction between naming buildings after these presidents and having accomplice generals as namesakes of buildings and bases?

BLOW: I believe – I’ve an actual drawback – I’m sort of an absolutist across the concept of proudly owning slaves. I don’t purchase into the idea that it was a part of the mores of the time. I at all times inform the individuals who inform me that, that, these individuals who had been slaves are simply as human as I’m at the moment. Stop it via the white gaze and have a look at it via the black one. Those folks had been enslaved by different human beings. They had no freedoms of their very own. They — these individuals who enslaved them knew the place they got here from, lots of them went to the slave markets, which reeked – reeked of human excrement. The ships that got here in, you may odor them earlier than they arrived. The folks got here out of these hulls fairly often unable to both lie down or sit up, relying on the ship. Their meals was thrown all the way down to them. They had been handled like animals. And they engaged in that market. They made a marketplace for an urge for food to feed – for a market to be fed. I’m sorry if I don’t commiserate with individuals who owned slaves, and I don’t excuse it as being an artifact of the time.

LEMON: Let’s discuss your ebook. “The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto.” And in it, you write, you mentioned, “The proposition is simple: as many black descendants of the great migration as possible should return to the south from which their ancestors fled.” Talk to me extra about, I discover, this an interesting concept. I do know you had been engaged on this ebook. Talk to me extra about that concept, Charles.

BLOW: Well, it is quite simple. At the top of the civil battle, three southern states had been majority black: Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Another three had been inside 4 proportion factors of being majority black. If folks had not migrated, and I perceive why they did, but when that they had not migrated and you continue to had the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act, black folks would management as much as 14 Senate seats. They would management extra Electoral College votes than California and New York state mixed. If they voted over that very same interval the way in which they vote now, you wouldn’t have had a Republican president within the final 50 years. That would imply that the complete Supreme Court would look completely different than it does at the moment. That would imply that if Hillary Clinton had misplaced each single mid-western state in 2006, she nonetheless would have gained the presidency.

LEMON: 2016.

BLOW: Black folks – black folks had the entry to that energy and it scared the white supremacists within the South to loss of life, and so they did all the things to strip them of it. Terror, intimidation after which rewriting southern constitutions to, as they are saying of their minutes, which I’ve learn, to put in writing white supremacy into the DNA of these states. That victory can’t be allowed to face.

LEMON: Considering what simply occurred with the election for president and for senators, is Georgia already consultant of what you are saying in your ebook?

BLOW: I referred to as it a proof-in-concept, and I might have had no concept it was going to occur once I moved right here or began writing the ebook. You understand how books are to put in writing, you begin years earlier than you truly publish, so you haven’t any concept what is going on to be occurring on the time you publish. But it’s completely a confirmed idea. There are two issues that occurred that modified Georgia. One was undeniably superb organizing by an entire bunch of teams, together with the superb Stacey Abrams. The different, nevertheless, was the results of the reverse migration. The black inhabitants of Georgia doubled from 1990 to 2020. Black folks, the final time Georgia went Democratic, it was 1992. Black folks had been solely 25% of the inhabitants in 2002, now – 1992. Now, they’re 33% of the inhabitants of Georgia, and so they grew to become for the very first time nearly all of the inhabitants—the coalition that elected a senator and never only one, however two.

LEMON: Well, Charles, I am unable to wait to learn the ebook. “The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto” by Charles Blow. Charles, good to see you. Thank you a lot for showing. Good luck with the ebook.

BLOW: Thank you a lot; I admire it.

LEMON: Thank you.