Rachel Maddow: Trump’s Failed Coup Puts Him In The Same Category As ‘Confederate Traitors’

During her program on Tuesday evening, Rachel Maddow released right into a blistering takedown of Donald Trump‘s fallen short stroke of genius at the U.S. Capitol, stating that his fierce feat places him in the very same classification as “Confederate traitors.”

“Did you think it would work?” Maddow claimed straight to the cam, dealing with Trump. “Did you think you would hold power with the support of a private army with their hockey sticks and their AR-15s?”

The MSNBC host informed Trump that simply the contrary occurred as an outcome of the insurrection he provoked recently.

Instead of ending up being much more effective, Maddow explained that Trump is much more weak as well as separated than ever before, as well as he’s on the edge of a 2nd impeachment.


Maddow claimed:

Mr. President, what did you believe was mosting likely to take place? Did you believe it would certainly function? Did you believe that if you obtained sufficient fierce as well as possibly armed fans of your own right into the Capitol while the Congress existed, as well as they did what they existed to do, what sort of power did you believe you would certainly hold? What means did you believe you would certainly gain from that? What did you believe would certainly be taking place currently 5 days out? Mr. President, if you provoke an upset crowd to go assault the U.S. Capitol while Congress is resting, you obtain them to go assault the Capitol since you inform them that if they most likely to the Capitol, they will certainly have the ability to complete in some way maintaining you in power as well as quiting political election arise from being refined. Mr. President, if do you that, you will certainly deal with phone call to be gotten rid of from workplace as unsuited to offer under the 25th Amendment. You will certainly likewise welcome particular impeachment as well as possibly sentence as well as elimination from workplace as the initial U.S. head of state to ever before experience that. Mr. President, you will certainly welcome the conjuration of the 14th Amendment to prohibit you from ever before holding public workplace once more in the United States, like the Confederate traitors prior to you for whom that arrangement of the 14th Amendment was created. And yes, Mr. President, you may, actually, welcome criminal costs in Washington, D.C. And you might welcome criminal costs at the government degree for prompting a terrible assault versus the U.S. federal government, which would certainly place you behind bars for years. All of this can be your own for the reduced, low cost of what you did after you shed the political election to Joe Biden. What did you believe would certainly take place? Did you believe it would certainly function? Did you believe you would certainly hold power with the assistance of a personal military with their hockey sticks as well as their AR-15s? Maybe the armed force would certainly turn, become your Praetorian Guard? Is that what you assumed would certainly take place?

The U.S. Capitol assault will certainly permanently be Trump’s tradition

Even prior to the occasions of Jan. 6, Donald Trump’s presidency was readied to drop as one of the most awful in U.S. background for its unrivaled corruption as well as inexperience.

But the assault at the U.S. Capitol that was provoked by Trump as well as his henchmen will certainly permanently be his tradition. When the background publications are discussed his presidency, a fallen short stroke of genius effort will likely remain in the initial paragraph.

Donald Trump had actually secured his destiny as an unsuccessful head of state long prior to he provoked a strike on the U.S. federal government. But the MAGA stroke of genius of Jan. 6 will certainly seal his tradition as an American traitor.

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