Matt James’ historic season of The Bachelor is formally right here! Six months after Matt was introduced as the primary Black Bachelor, his season premiered on ABC — and ET was reside running a blog alongside the best way. 

Thirty-two ladies met Matt, a New York City-based industrial actual property agent and Bachelor franchise beginner, at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania. The franchise has switched issues up following The Bachelorette (which was filmed in Palm Springs), however remains to be sustaining a quarantined bubble amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Though Matt, who was initially introduced a contestant on Clare Crawley’s Bachelorette season, is a recent face to followers, host Chris Harrison advised ET it will not take lengthy to get to know him. 

“You all see a certain side of him on social media. There is so much more,” he stated. “You’re seeing the 5% of the iceberg. There is so much depth, there is so many layers to this man that you’re going to get to know, good and bad.”

That was positively true. During the premiere, Matt opened up in regards to the strain of being the primary Black Bachelor and confirmed simply how a lot his religion means to him. He additionally met some unimaginable ladies — and had an excellent humorousness about essentially the most distinctive limo exits. 

Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates of every little thing that went down — queens, first impression roses, vibrators and all. 

The Promo to End All Promos

6: 55 PM:

Matt’s journey has formally begun and it appears AMAZING. Chris promised a sneak peek, and he DELIVERED. 

There is extra shirtless Matt, horses, kisses, steamy makeout periods, ladies we’ve not seen earlier than, ladies calling Matt “Daddy,” Matt discovering qualities he desires in a spouse, conversations about race, extra steamy makeout periods, sizzling air balloons. 

We’re not completed. There’s a have a look at the brand new arrivals, who Queen Victoria calls “random-ahoes,” an alleged escort, a faux orgasm, and HEATHER MARTIN, who may “destroy this whole thing for Matt.” 

Heather cries, desires to present it a shot, Serena C. calls Katie an “arsonist,” ladies punch one another, an ambulance known as, ladies are crying, ladies are BREAKING DOWN, Matt is BREAKING DOWN. 

Not completed. Matt “needs some time,” Matt sobs. Now Matt is strolling via the picturesque panorama. He is crying while shirtless. He is WALKING TO PROPOSAL SITE. He is a “beautiful diamond” after which tucks it in his jacket. 



6: 49 PM:

The ladies say their goodbyes, and one among them would not even look Matt within the eye on her method out. We get it, it sucks. 

“The hardest thing is knowing Matt didn’t get to know me,” the ballerina says. OMG IT’S MORNING. 

Does anybody else neglect that Night One is actually THE ENTIRE NIGHT? Shocks us each time. 

But again inside, the night time’s nonetheless younger and Matt requires champagne. 

“We’ve got to figure out who Mrs. James is,” he tells the digicam.

Matt Loves Bracelets and Apparently Queen Victoria

6: 47 PM:

Is anybody else getting semi-Hannah Brown vibes from Anna? Is it simply the massive smile? 

Katie will get a rose, as a result of she TRULY deserves it after she and her vibrator made our yr. More A+ ladies get roses, after which so does Queen Victoria. 

We guess Matt actually likes bracelets? 

“Thank you, my King!” she gushes. “I was dying!” 

Quality Women

6: 45 PM:

Matt continues handy out the roses, and we proceed to agree along with his decisions. THESE ARE QUALITY WOMEN, PEOPLE! 

Serena C. worries she will not get a rose in spite of everything these COVID exams, however we want she would not doubt herself. We’ve seen her within the promos, so we all know she sticks round. 

Close Your Eyes!

6: 44 PM:

Matt sashays over the bigapile of roses and begins handing them out. 

Our lady Bri will get the primary rose, and she or he deserves it. Great costume, nice convo. Killing it, lady. 

Next is Rachael, one other inexperienced costume, one other stable selection. Five stars. 

Chelsea will get a rose and Matt is uncomfortable making eye contact with ladies he is not giving roses too. CLOSE YOUR EYES, MATT! 

Time for the Rose Ceremony

6: 42 PM:

It’s time for the rose ceremony, and there are SO. MANY. WOMEN. 

“I got to talk to Matt twice, so definitely I’ll stand out as someone he’ll remember. The queen is for sure getting a rose tonight,” Victoria tells the digicam. 

We know she is going to as a result of DRAMA, but in addition… why? 

First Impression Rose

6: 34 PM:

Matt goes on the hunt for the First Impression Rose, and it is so awkward watching the ladies notice it is not them. 

He returns to Abigail and praises her for her vulnerability. “You were everything I’m asking of these women tonight. Knowing you’re a fighter, I thought it was only appropriate that I ask you something. Abigail, would you accept this rose?” Matt asks. 

“Oh my god, I will!” she replies. They kiss some extra. 

“The fact that he sees potential in me, I’m super excited,” she gushes to the digicam. 

A Kiss!!!!!!!

6: 32 PM:

Matt sits down with Abigail. “You’re gorgeous and honest you were about–“

“Oh my gosh, you remembered!” Abigail interrupts him. 

We’re confused, however Matt really did keep in mind. He asks Abigail about her sister being deaf, and she or he talks about following her sister’s footsteps. 

“To be honest with you, once I heard your name, I went blank,” Matt admits, telling Abigail he was misplaced in her eyes. “I’m glad you’re here.” 

“Well, I’m glad you’re the Bachelor,” she replies. AND THEY KISS. THIS IS FIRST KISS! Well, second, after Matt’s Lady and the Tramp second. 

We Love Them

6: 31 PM:

Matt sits down with Bri, and so they discuss numerous loves tales, and the way they did not see that rising up. 

Bri’s mother is Persian and her dad is Black. “They were separated before I was born. My mom was single her whole life and devoted her whole life to raising me. I never saw an example of what that love was like,” she explains. 

Things simply circulation with Bri and Matt and we LOVE THEM TOGETHER. 


6: 30 PM:

Victoria tells a lady who does advertising to “market yourself to Matt” and we’re having Corinne flashbacks. 

She calls the women idiots, and whereas we agree that they need to make a transfer, that is NOT A GOOD LOOK. 

EEK the drama is beginning. 

The Game Begin

6: 23 PM:

Chris brings within the first impression rose, and the temper shifts. The ladies are on the sting of their seats and Victoria approaches Matt for the second time. 

“I made you this bracelet,” she says, giving Matt a beaded bracelet. Why? What? Where did that come from? Is this random? 

“The games begin,” Katie tells the digicam. They actually have. 

Kit vs. Victoria

6: 19 PM:

Matt will get some candy tea, checks out Chelsea’s mannequin stroll and gushes over the robust, assured ladies he is met tonight. 

He sits down with Kit, who offers him a snow globe of NYC, the place she is from and he now lives. Then, seemingly two minutes into the dialog, Queen Victoria arrives. 

“Excuse me, Princess, but the queen is here,” Victoria says. 

Kit is PISSED and storms off. Victoria and Matt don’t appear to be connecting, as she’s spent 4 minutes explaining the time period “drinking through a fire hose.” 

But now we’re again to Kit, who tells the opposite ladies the identical joke about her being “King, President, CEO.” 

Victoria joins Kit’s group inside, and tries to encourage a lady who hasn’t spoken to Matt to get a while with him. 

“If I want to get up, I’ll get up,” she replies. 1. Who is that this lady? 2. We get Victoria is annoying, but in addition why would you come on this present and never attempt to discuss to Matt? 3. Victoria is debating stealing extra time with Matt. We CANNOT. 


6: 18 PM:

“We started to get into a deep conversation and then I was tapped on the shoulder by a vibrator,” Mari stories to the opposite ladies. 

“Talk about a buzzkill,” one other contestant says, AND WE NEED TO BE FRIENDS. 

Katie is whipping round this vibrator whereas speaking and it’s SO FUNNY. She will get interrupted by MJ “No. 1” (the human one), and Katie hears Mari complaining about being “tapped by a dildo.” 

“It was never on my bucket list to tap a pageant queen on the shoulder with a dildo,” Katie tells the digicam. But she’s not mad about it. 

“Mari would definitely benefit from using my vibrator. And if she’s my roommate, I will absolutely let her borrow it,” Katie provides. 


Sneak In Here

6: 14 PM:

Matt performs chess with Serena, and whereas he says he was on the chess staff, we aren’t positive if he really is aware of how you can play chess. 

The different ladies agree that Matt isn’t just a snack — he’s an entire rattling meal. Pressure is rising as the women attempt to get of their time with Matt. 

Mari offers Matt a boarding cross to his coronary heart, which additionally consists of information about Puerto Rico, the place she’s from. She opens up about her household’s hardships, after which… oh no oh no oh no. 

Katie is right here to interrupt the dialog, and she or he TOUCHES MARI ON THE SHOULDER WITH HER VIBRATOR. 

Going Far

6: 06 PM:

The ladies are SWOONING over Matt’s prayer. They assume he is real and a few of them are literally fairly emotional about it. 

He heads off to speak to the primary few ladies, who reward his sincerity. “I feel a load of responsibility. But in that, I feel that my experience isn’t everyone’s experience,” he tells a contestant who asks him about being the primary Black Bachelor. 

Matt tells the digicam race will probably be a typical subject of dialog, because it’s a part of his life. He continues to impress the women, together with Rachael, No. 2 out of the limo. 

“I just loved the fact that you haven’t been through this before,” she tells him. “I thought there was something really special in that. The fact that you opened up with a prayer… we’re on the same page.” 

Rachael says it is onerous for her to be susceptible, however she’s going to attempt to let her guard down for Matt. We really feel like this relationship goes far. 

“Rachael, she’s beautiful, she’s articulate, she’s sexy. And she’s being open and vulnerable… she’s blowing me away,” Matt tells the digicam.

A Prayer and a Vibrator

6: 02 PM:

“I’ve had so long to think about what I’m going to say to you all, and I’m going to take a different approach,” Matt tells the ladies, earlier than asking them to bow their heads and delivering a prayer that has a number of ladies tearing up. 

We have been NOT anticipating this, however energy to ya, Matt. He offers a sigh of reduction. “What you’ll get to know about me is anytime I’m feeling nervous, I pray to put myself at ease,” he explains. 

Matt tells the ladies he desires them to be susceptible — after which he will get distracted by the vibrator. 

“Sorry, I saw the vibrator and I lost my train of thought,” he admits. “Right after the prayer!” 

Beyond Nervous

6: 00 PM:

Chris tells Matt a little about what’s arising — simply sufficient to get him inside. 

“This feels unreal, and now I’m starting to feel the pressure. The pressure to impress them all, and I am beyond nervous,” he confesses. 

President, King, CEO

5: 55 PM:

Victoria is a queen. In her thoughts? Maybe, but in addition on this present. After being carried in by a number of poor PAs, she journeys down the steps. Did we giggle? Yes. Do we remorse it? No. 

“The Queen has arrived, bches!” she yells as she walks in. 

“I thought that there was going to be competition for sure, but you can be the queen of your little thing, but no. I’m President, King, CEO,” Kit tells the digicam. 

We odor a battle — and we see Katie giving a toast together with her vibrator.

Oh… But… Then…

5: 52 PM:

A couple of extra wacky entrances observe, earlier than a lady asks to place her balls in Matt’s mouth… her meatballs. 

Then there’s Kit, a “fashion entrepreneur” whose job title was once “socialite.” Look it up! She arrives in fashion — explaining that she likes to order her personal automobile. 

“I love being the center of attention, and I think I set the gold standard with the Bentley,” she tells the digicam. 

But then there’s Victoria. 

MJ and MJ

5: 49 PM:

Next up is MJ who has wonderful hair. She arrives in a pizza supply automobile, and it is cute — even when the door would not open. Also, we love her costume. Werk, lady! 

Then is Katie…. OUR GIRL KATIE! 

“This pandemic was really hard for me, and this got me through a lot. I was hoping to pass the torch to you,” Katie says, whipping out her vibrator. Matt instantly begins laughing. 

Katie takes the vibrator again, as a result of fantasy suites are nonetheless a bit away, and heads inside. 

The women LOSE IT! “It’s very nice, and it’s sparkly. It dressed for the occasion tonight,” Katie tells the digicam. 

She names the vibrator MJ. (Which is unlucky for MJ, the lady who simply walked in.) 

Group Chat?

5: 48 PM:

Next is Abigail, who tells Matt that she’ll be studying his lips since she’s deaf, however that is OK as a result of Matt has good lips. 

It is SO CUTE and it is even cuter that Matt says he’ll enunciate for her. 

More heartfelt, honest arrivals observe, and Matt says he is the luckiest man alive. Yeah, you critically are. WE LOVE THESE GALS! Can we be part of their group chat? Can we seize mimosas post-quarantine? 

One Word For It

5: 47 PM:

If Kaili is nervous, we CANNOT TELL. Girl is strutting round asking Matt which costume she ought to put on. 

“That is ballsy,” one lady says, watching from the window. 

“That’s one word for it,” one other contestant says. 

Matt appreciates the gesture. 

Goat Feet + Lady and the Tramp

5: 41 PM:

Getting weirder… Saneh tells Matt he is the “greatest of all time,” after which exhibits him her GOAT FEET (sure, she’s sporting goat ft) and says she hopes he thinks she’s the “goat.” 

Another lady Lady and the Tramps Matt with a spaghetti kiss on the carpet, after which there’s Kaili… who arrives in her underwear. 

Commercial break!

Cute, Cute, Cute

5: 40 PM:

OK, not bizarre however completely different… we get Khaylah, who drives up in a pickup truck. She’s additionally from North Carolina, similar to Matt, and he’s LOVING THIS. 

“Anytime you find common ground with someone, it puts you at ease,” Matt says. He’s beginning calm down. 

Then Serena, a flight attendant arrives and she or he journeys. She performs it off, it is cute, and Matt is laughing. Oh, there’s one other Serena and she or he has a step stool as a result of Matt is so tall. Cute once more. 

Lost Track

5: 38 PM:

Weirdness hasn’t come but. We get Magi, who tells Matt she got here all the best way from Ethiopia simply to fulfill him, and he is impressed (did not she come right here 10 years in the past?). 

More beautiful, spectacular, good ladies meet Matt and now we have misplaced observe. 

Something Weird, Pls!

5: 37 PM:

Another lady, Mari, emerges and she or he is sparkly and Matt would not know what to say. 

We have had too many regular exits — we’d like one thing bizarre quickly. 

Wearing That Dress

5: 36 PM:

Then Sarah comes out. She tells Matt she’ll be feeling homesick, however says “one day hopefully I’ll feel like home to you.” Smooth. 

Next is Jessenia, one other beautiful lady. Is this the perfect wanting tv solid ever? 

Chelsea is subsequent, and she or he is ALSO STUNNING. She is sporting a slinky costume but in addition appears extremely stylish and sure, we agree with Matt: “She is wearing that dress!” 

Limo Exits!

5: 33 PM:

First out of the limo is a lady named Bri who’s sporting a STUNNING inexperienced costume. Great colour, adore it. 

“I’ve heard so much about you and everyone speaks so highly of you,” she says, telling Matt she’s right here to get to know him. Sweet and easy, nailed it! 

Next is Rachael, who can be sporting inexperienced. “I’m in trouble!” she says whereas exiting the limo. “You are the reason I’m here, and I love that we get to do this whole thing together,” she tells Matt. “I’ll see you inside.” 

Matt thinks she’s “beautiful.” 

Keep it to Yourself

5: 32 PM:

OK, NOW Matt is lastly prepared to fulfill the ladies. “I’m just going to try to be myself, and hopefully that works out for me,” he says. 

Chris tells Matt he may meet his spouse within the subsequent 20 minutes (however please do not say it, as a result of we do not have a backup Bachelor this season).

His Journey

6: 27 PM:

Next, Matt brings up the strain of being the primary Black Bachelor. “I don’t want to piss off Black people, I don’t want to piss off white people, but I’m both of them!” he says. 

He alludes to the strain to finish up with a lady of a selected race, and Chris encourages him to be himself. This is his journey. 

Then Matt admits he is by no means been in love. His mother’s relationship along with his father affected his relationship with ladies. He backs off when he begins to get susceptible to keep away from heartbreak. “Part of this process is going to be letting my guard down,” he says. 

Pls Don’t Choke Chris Harrison

5: 25 PM:

Chris can sense Matt is nervous. “When you get out here and you see that red carpet, everything changes,” he says. He desires Chris’ recommendation on what to anticipate. 

He says Matt will meet the lady of his goals, get engaged, and many others. — EASY! “There are going to be times you’re going to want to choke me out,” Chris says. WHAT? OK. 

They giggle, and Chris encourages him to be emotional. 

A Few Questions

5: 22 PM:

Chris guarantees sparks will fly as quickly as the ladies get out of the limo, and is it as a result of the vibrator malfunctions? 

Anyway, Matt has arrived, and he reminds Chris that he is by no means been on The Bachelorette or one other Bachelor franchise present. This is all new to him. 

Chris factors to the limo approaching, however Matt is not prepared. “I’d love to ask you a few things,” he says, earlier than Chris agrees and walks him inside. 

Appreciate You

5: 21 PM:

“Tonight’s the night!” Matt exclaims as we get one other shirtless shot. He is preparing, there’s a cause for it, OK?!?! 

He would not know how you can put into phrases what’s about to occur, however he delivers a suave “appreciate you” to his driver on the best way to the chateau. 

Appreciate you, Matt. 

And More Ladiessss

5: 15 PM:

We are usually not completed! There are extra ladies!!! 

There’s a lady named Sarah, who was a broadcast journalist however now takes care of her dad, who has ALS. 

Now we’re completed studying about backstories and are seeing the ladies prepare for Night One. Yes, carry it on!!!

The Ladiesssss

5: 11 PM:

Chris is again to remind us that they bought an “overwhelming response” to Matt as Bachelor. Time to fulfill the women! 

Thank the lordt this quarantine section is shorter than it was on Clare’s season. We don’t have to see masks or coronavirus exams. Let’s skip straight to the love!!

There is a ballerina who loves children, a lady named Abigail who was born deaf however is studying how you can focus on it on dates, a lawyer on her A-game, an Ethiopian pharmacist and a lady who loves caffeine. 

Seeing It Work

5: 07 PM:

Matt’s mother encourages him to go for it, and tells him she’s prepared for him to fulfill his “one and only.” Yaaas sis, ship him on this journey! 

Now it is time for Matt to prepare for the massive night time — so he does it shirtless. “I’ve got so much hope in this process because I’ve seen it work,” Matt tells the digicam, regardless of not watching this present. We guess Tyler Cameron falling for Hannah Brown counts as “seeing it work”? 


5: 06 PM:

Matt digs into his backstory a bit, speaking about he is the son of a Black father and white mom. His dad and mom cut up when he was younger, so he did not have a mannequin of marriage to look as much as. 

“My mom did a great job, but growing up in a single parent home, I feel like I missed out on what it takes to be in a good relationship,” he tells the digicam. 

Enter Matt James’ mother, who’s rocking animal print and will get straight to the onerous questions. She asks when Matt was final susceptible, and will get him to confess he is afraid of getting his coronary heart damaged. 

“What made you decide that maybe you don’t have to have everything in place?” she requested. 

“Look at 2020!” Matt replies. DON’T EVEN MENTION 2020. WE’RE PAST IT. 

Who Is Matt James

5: 03 PM:

Chris Harrison seems exterior the STUNNING Bachelor mansion for the season — Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania. He tosses to just a little bundle to introduce our Bachelor as a result of we don’t know who he’s. 

We are nonetheless attempting to neglect the vibrator, however this surroundings is beginning to do the trick. 

Cold Open

5: 01 PM:

The premiere is right here! And this can be a … chilly open? Did we begin half method via? What is happening? 

Matt is assembly a lady named Katie who tells him about what bought her via quarantine… and pulls out a VIBRATOR. Matt busts out laughing… and NOW the episode has began. 

Happy New Year!

The Bachelor premieres Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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