My exploration of the Dragon Pursuit franchise company was just one of my number of happy incidents of2020 I decreased in love with Dragon Quest XI.
I’m simply playing whatever Dragon Quest that I’m most curious about following in addition to can relatively obtain my hands on. Dragon Mission V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride-to-be was the extremely initially on my listing.

Dragon Pursuit V appeared in Japan for the Super Famicom (what we call the Super Nintendo) back in1992 We would not get it listed below till a 2009 remake for the Nintendo DS. This is the variant I played, although a port of the DS variant is additionally presently easily offered for mobile.

When checking out listings of the suitable Dragon Pursuit video games, I saw that Hand of the Heavenly Bride-to-be was usually near the top (otherwise No. 1). Years prior to the very first Pokémon appeared, Dragon Mission V allows you include beat monsters to your event.

I had the capability to obtain a secured variation of the DS cart fairly very easy online. I plunked the video game right into my 3DS (that alone was an uncommon experience, considered that I had actually not touched it in a number of years lots of thanks to concentrating on my Switch), in addition to my experience began.

The old methods

First off, I was happy to be playing such a conventional JRPG. I think we still obtain some excellent computer game.

I was in addition stunned by Dragon Pursuit V’s tale. My understanding was that the majority of Dragon Pursuit computer game are light on story. Well, it changes out Dragon Quest V is another one.

As well as, yes, you reach select a partner. Aside from monster recruiting, that’s the numerous other large hook of Hand of the Heavenly Bride. You have 3 options. Who you pick does not have a substantial impact on the video game, however it’s still enjoyable reaching pick. Your partner does wind up being an occasion individual, in addition to each has numerous endurances (one is best at physical assaults, another is even more of a mage, as well as additionally the 3rd is someplace in-between). Your partner will definitely in addition determine your young people’s hair color. Yes, your kids ultimately join the event, which is one more satisfying spin.

Monster mash

Aside from family member, beasts compose the rest of you event. The last monster you defeat in a fight has a possibility of asking to join your campers. For some, those chances can be lowered, needing you to grind a bargain before you can work with the beast that you desire. And I such as that. I understand that it’s other than everyone, yet I value some grinding. I find it relaxing, in addition to it normally creates some huge advantages. Right below, it suggests having the capability to create your perfect event.

Even beforehand, you can uncover some solid beasts to join your campers.

I’m still type of insane at myself for quiting on trying to work with a Steel Sludge in my occasion.

Above: Some day.

Photo Credit Scores: Square Enix


Dragon Mission V is an extremely simple recommendation for any kind of JRPG fan. I comprehend a large amount of individuals delight in 16- little experiences like Final Dream VI as well as additionally Chrono Trigger. I’m unsure if I’m prepared to claim that Hand of the Heavenly Bride-to-be is instead similar to either of them, yet it’s not off by a lot.

It’s furthermore an exceptional start factor for the collection. It’s not as extensive as, claim, Dragon Pursuit XI or Dragon Pursuit VII. And although I did utilize a review to assist my monster-hunting, you do not need one to make it via the computer game likewise you would definitely if you were playing Dragon Mission III.

Mentioning Dragon Pursuit III, that’s what I played after beating Hand of the Heavenly Bride-to-be. So I’ll quickly be committing a RetroBeat to that essential JRPG.

My Dragon Pursuit pursuit proceeds!

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