3 doctor share precisely just how to recover totally dry, split feet for softer heels, soles, and also toes. And additionally: the vital resources of completely dry feet.

I have an admission: My feet are truly, truly completely dry. I’ve attempted great deals of treatments– from peels as well as additionally lotions to foot documents along with additionally a fish pedicure in Bali– in the hopes of repairing my tough, totally dry foot skin … and also yet I’m still on the look for miraculous option.

Prepared to get to the reduced of the problem and also discover simply exactly how to recoup totally dry feet permanently, I asked a couple of experts for some seriously needed guidelines.

why are my feet so completely dry?

Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, a board-certified skin specialist based in Beverly Hills, asserts that there are 3 key source of totally dry feet:

  1. weather/environmental problems
  2. rubbing + bad footwear
  3. insufficient skin care


First, you may see that your feet obtain specifically totally dry in the winter season and/or summer.

” Cool, dry winters months with moisture-sucking electrical heaters, woollen socks, boots, as well as synthetic tights wick wetness from the skin, resulting in dry skin,” Dr. Shainhouse talks about.

After that, come summer, the cozy as well as additionally totally dry climate can cause skin completely dry skin.

Close-up of woman in flip flops, which can cause dry feet to get worse


Next, thinking about that excessive rubbing as well as additionally stress can aggravate totally dry, half-cracked feet, your alternative of shoes becomes part of play.

In certain, “Backless footwear and flip flops supply minimal foot support, which enhances stress on the heels as well as bordering skin,” Dr. Shainhouse profits. “They additionally trigger your heels to scrub on the back sides of the shoe.”

Consequently, she finishes up, using open footwear and also footwear without socks “can require your skin to enlarge as well as toughen up as a way of defense.”

Additionally, Hillary Brenner, DPM, a board-certified podiatric physician based in New York City, consists of that a way of life that produces you to be on your feet for prolonged amount of times can in addition add to deterioration.

Inadequate Skin Care

After That, both the wrong products as well as additionally an absence of right therapy might in addition be a source of completely dry feet.

” Not hydrating completely dry feet to moisturize and also soften the skin– along with assisting to enhance and shield the skin obstacle– can bring about skin over-dryness, enlarging, as well as splits,” Dr. Shainhouse describes.

Plus, when it involves recuperation completely dry feet, faster is constantly far better. “Not liquifying callouses and thick patches before they become as well thick and also inelastic can bring about thickening and splits [that are more difficult to repair],” she advises.

Extra Reasons For Dry Feet

Dr. Brenner consists of that factors for totally dry feet consist of:

  • insufficient blood circulation
  • an absence of hydration
  • blood sugar level degree discrepancies
  • vitamin shortages
  • certain drugs

Plus, “Dry, cracked heels can additionally be extra widespread after menopause, when skin normally becomes drier as a result of estrogen loss,” Dr. Shainhouse talks about.

Finally, if you’re doubting if you can condemn completely dry heels on genes, Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, CES, a foot physician based in Scottsdale, Arizona, asserts that will certainly not relatively feature. She discusses that “there are some problems that can impact the sweat glands as well as oil manufacturing in the feet,” which might improve the chance of them being dried.

Close-up of cracked heels

Exactly How to Heal Dry, Cracked Feet

Now, for the excellent component: Right below are the greatest implies to recoup completely dry feet.

1. Scrub

First, Dr. Brenner recommends scrubing your feet 2 to 3 times a week.

As she positions it, “The idea is to eliminate as much dry skin and layers of skin as possible so you can obtain the most effective bang for your buck with your cream.” (And additionally by that, she recommends your foot lotion will certainly not need to penetrate through extra layers to reach work.)

She suggests utilizing an exfoliating foot scrub as opposed to a pumice rock, thinking about that fungis can possibly expand in a dark, moist ambience. Dr. Splichal specifically suggests searching for scrubs that pack exfoliating acids– containing lactic acid, salicylic acid, and also glycolic acid– or papaya enzymes.

Nevertheless, if you do select to utilize a callus remover or foot information, Dr. Shainhouse bears in mind that doing so can definitely make calluses and also tough spots a lot less tender in the short-term. Nevertheless, she asserts that “the skin will likely enlarge back up if the trigger (e.g., rubbing, friction, putting on flip turns) proceeds.”

2. Use a Foot Peel

If you have actually ever seen or used a foot remove in the past, you acknowledge simply exactly how strangely pleasing it is to witness layers (upon layers) of dead, totally dry skin eliminated. Otherwise, if you’re new to foot peels, think about attempting one set on jumpstart your regimen.

What to anticipate: You simply slide on a plastic bootie splashed in scrubing active ingredients, wait worrying a human resources or two, afterwards persuade off to the tub to wash the solution.

Just understand that it can consume to a week or even more for softer skin to subject itself. Also, Dr. Shainhouse warns that this product can aggravate delicate skin kinds– so if it hurts, ensure to wash it off early.

I’ve attempted a handful (footful?) of treatments from different other brand, yet have in fact uncovered among one of the most success with Dermora foot removes.

3. Soak

For an additional targeted foot treatment, Dr. Brenner suggests saturating your feet 2 to 3 times weekly.

While an epsom salt fill must get the job done, you can in addition search for a devoted foot saturate item. She particularly suggests one which consists of Dead Sea salt, which works yet still light enough for really delicate skin kinds. (If you ever make it to Israel or Jordan, do not avoid the opportunity to wander in the recovery water for full-body advantages!)

Man applying foot lotion to his dry feet

4. Moisturize

Since you have a fresh canvas to take care of, it’s time to hydrate. Considering that the skin on your feet is much thicker than that on your body or face, a targeted foot cream is your best option.

Dr. Shainhouse and also Dr. Splichal both suggest items which contain urea, which has water-binding homes to moisturize along with soften skin. Also maintain your eye out for emollient active ingredients, such as shea butter as well as additionally colloidal oat dish.

For finest outcomes, moisturize your feet 1 or 2 times daily.

Pointer: Because we comprehend that water binds to water, objective to rub strolling lotion while your skin is still damp after showering. Then, to exceed and also past, both physicians in addition suggest covering your feet in cling wrap as well as additionally using socks over evening to in fact secure moisture in.

5. Update Your Footwear

Considering that we uncovered that negative assistance along with the incorrect choice of footwear can develop completely dry feet, it might be time reevaluate your footwear.

” Put on protective obstacles and encouraging, well-fitting shoes in order to protect against reappearances,” Dr. Shainhouse recommends. “These include wearing sweat-absorbent socks and also avoiding putting on flip flops, sandals, and also sling-back shoes,” when feasible.

Furthermore, Dr. Brenner recommends cushioning your shoes with soft, supported inserts. She asserts they can assist with shock absorption along with alleviating stress from the foot.

Last Ideas

Altogether, if you’re dedicated to repairing your totally dry feet completely, Dr. Brenner recommends that the greatest implies to approach it is to comply with a devoted program like you would absolutely for your face.

While recognizing precisely just how to recoup completely dry, damaged feet is a treatment, these expert concepts have to lead you in the best directions. However, if you’re not experiencing favored end results, you might plan to see a podiatric physician or skin specialist for a medical-grade therapy.

When It Comes To my really own totally dry heel issues? I’ll be diving right into these treatments– you thought it– feet.