photo inscriptionThe college in north-west Nigeria was targeted in December

In our collection of letters from African authors, Nigerian author Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani criticises global media insurance coverage of the kidnapping of schoolchildren in Nigeria – from that of the “Chibok girls” in 2014 to that of the “Kankara boys” last month.

The crazy journalism that complied with the 2014 kidnapping by militant Islamist team Boko Haram of greater than 200 women from their college in Chibok, north-east Nigeria, might have been well-meaning yet it brought about some unfavorable end results.

Prior to the Chibok event, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau was simply an edge number that Nigerians saw on TELEVISION every so often.

When he stabbed at the video camera with his fingers as well as guffawed hugely while intimidating every person from Nigeria’s after that-President Goodluck Jonathan to the United States head of state at the time, Barack Obama, with fatality as well as damage, a number of us questioned: Who did this neglected guy truly believe he was?

But, in the results of Chibok media organisations all over the world program as well as rebroadcast Shekau’s smallest comment.

And he maintained them provided with product, such as video clips of the abducted schoolgirls whom he assured to offer.

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photo inscriptionSome of the Chibok sufferers satisfied President Muhammadu Buhari after they were released in 2017

Those that were abducted have actually consequently defined exactly how the militants that held them restricted savored any kind of information regarding the event. The Chibok insurance coverage pumped up Shekau’s worth as a media asset, making it significantly awarding to maintain him on the airwaves.

It additionally misshaped the tale itself.

Despite the means it was covered by the global media, the Chibok kidnappings had absolutely nothing to do with “an attack on girls’ education”, instead it was banditry failed.

When they were launched after greater than 2 years in Boko Haram bondage, a few of those held defined exactly how the militants that assaulted their college were merely on a goal to loot as well as swipe.

‘Militants construct a worldwide brand name’

After clearing out the college’s stockroom of food, they were after that entrusted to the issue of what to do with the pupils as well as started suggesting.

One recommended that that they secure the women in a dorm room as well as established them ablaze. Another recommended that they utilize the women to get to their moms and dads’ residences neighboring and afterwards swipe some even more food.

Eventually, one guy created the concept that would certainly bring about notoriety: “Let us take them to Shekau. He will know what to do.”

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photo inscriptionThe Chibok kidnapping triggered a worldwide social networks project that consisted of then-US First Lady Michelle Obama

This exact same account was taped in a record by New York-based team Human Rights Watch based upon meetings with a few of the 57 pupils that took care of to get away on the evening of the kidnapping by embarking on the vehicles utilized to transport them away.

Although released a couple of months after the event, little focus was paid to that information.

Determined to make the Boko Haram assaults regarding the alluring style of terrorists targeting women education and learning, some media electrical outlets disregarded any kind of string that did not fit this story.

Just a couple of weeks prior to the Chibok event, Boko Haram had actually assaulted an institution in the north-east community of Burni Yadi as well as permitted women pupils to leave prior to butchering 40 young boys in their dorm room.

The Burni Yadi event brought in little limelights till after the Chibok kidnappings, yet this added expertise not did anything to guide the instructions of coverage.


In numerous instances the media demanded checking out the Chibok event with the lens of sex physical violence, unintentionally offering Boko Haram with the advice they required to construct their worldwide brand name.

Boko Haram’s use ladies as self-destruction bombing planes escalated after the Chibok kidnappings, according to a 2017 record by Combating Terrorism Center at West Point as well as Yale University, recommending that the team embraced the technique to get hold of headings as well as generate shock as well as wonder.

It quickly came to be the very first fear team in background to utilize even more women self-destruction bombing planes than man, sending out a minimum of 80 ladies to their fatalities in 2017 alone.

“Through the global response to the Chibok abductions, the insurgents learned the potent symbolic value of young female bodies… that using them as bombers would attract attention,” claimed Hilary Matfess, co-author of the record.

‘Celebrity beast’

In February 2018, one more 110 women were abducted by Boko Haram from their college in the north-east community of Dapchi.

In the previous couple of years, the federal government of President Muhammadu Buhari has actually seriously stopped Boko Haram’s influence in north-east Nigeria.

Its assaults are much less, their hang on global headings lasting for hrs as opposed to what utilized to be days or months. But one more protection situation has actually increased in other places.

Gunmen, widely described by federal government authorities as well as neighborhood media as “bandits”, have actually been terrorising north-west Nigeria with burglaries as well as kidnappings.

Politicians, business owners, travelers as well as also schoolchildren have actually been abducted at different times as well as launched after a ransom money was paid, although out the range seen in December when greater than 300 young boys were abducted from their boarding college on the borders of Kankara community last month.

media inscriptionAbdulhadi Abubaka defined to the BBC last month exactly how he took care of to get away the mass kidnapping at his college near Kankara

Nigerian protection representatives as well as authorities of the Kankara area specified that the young boys were taken by outlaws.

But when the global media jumped in as well as magnified the noticeable web link to the Chibok event of greater than 6 years in the past, Shekau need to have seen a chance.

An entire 3 days after the Kankara kidnapping, Boko Haram claimed it lagged the assault. And, once more, numerous global electrical outlets provided their systems for this star beast to dance as well as show. And, at the same time, cut loose with a malfunctioning story, disregarding all proof on the contrary.

‘Shekau’s megalomaniac discourse’

The various headings that unquestioningly connected the Kankara kidnappings to Boko Haram fell short to think about by what wonder the team had actually increased from its annihilated procedures in the north-east to the north-west, 2 areas that are substantial as well as different.

Not also in its prime did Boko Haram brazenly run in the north-west.

The most the militants accomplished was a couple of, albeit lethal, self-destruction bomb assaults.

In a comparable fashion whereby he fanned his appeal in 2014, Shekau fed the media with megalomaniac discourse as well as a video clip supposedly of the Kankara young boys.

Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

The voices of the moms and dads were sunk in the sea of worldwide media insurance coverage, which showed up unbending in the decision to link this event with Chibok”

Local media, while worried about the increasing insecurity in Nigeria, was more sceptical about the Boko Haram angle.

When Nigeria’s Cable newspaper took the time to show the video to some of the parents, many of whom do not have internet facilities and so had to rely on secondary sources to view it, they described the recording as fake.

“Why are they deluding us?” the parents asked. “This video clip is not authentic. It does disappoint our kids.”

Nevertheless, the voices of the parents were drowned in the sea of global media coverage, which appeared unbending in the determination to connect this incident with Chibok.

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image captionStudents left their footwear behind in the scramble that followed the attack in Kankara

Some international security experts suggested that while direct Boko Haram involvement seems to have been discounted, Boko Haram training, help and encouragement were involved.

Many Nigerians believe that Boko Haram took interest only after the international media covered the story. The government insisted no ransom was paid to the kidnappers, who it continued to describe as “outlaws”.

Media coverage of such heinous acts is important: governments need to be encouraged to act, victims need to be remembered and memorialised and the public needs to be warned.

But all this can be done without inspiring more criminals and without providing them tutorials.

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