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Cox has actually been making it incredibly tough or difficult for some clients to stick to their existing Internet rates regardless of guaranteeing that it will not require individuals onto strategies with slower uploads.

As we composed 2 weeks back, Cox educated clients with 300Mbps download and also 30Mbps upload rates that they will certainly be switched over to a strategy with 500Mbps downloads and also 10Mbps submits on March 3. A Cox representative informed Ars as clients can remain on the strategy with 30Mbps submits as lengthy as they update to a DOCSIS 3.1 modem. But Cox’s e-mail to its clients did not discuss this choice, and also clients that called Cox client service have actually because been informed in no unclear terms that they cannot remain on their existing strategies.

Several Cox individuals from California emailed Ars regarding the issue after reviewing our post, all with comparable experiences.

“I just got off the phone with a Cox tech rep and she said that my current Ultimate Classic plan (300/30) is going away regardless of whether I upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.1 modem or not,” a client whose given name is Dam and also resides in Aliso Viejo, California, informed Ars on Thursday recently. “When the time comes in March, my new plan will be the new Ultimate 500/10. I told her about your article and she said that is not what she’s seeing in her system or hearing from her higher-ups.”

We gotten in touch with Cox regarding the issue on Friday recently, and also a Cox representative confessed that the business fell short to guarantee that sales representatives recognize clients are permitted to remain on the 300/30Mbps prepare.

“There clearly are some gaps that we need to address to avoid this confusion,” Cox informed Ars on Monday. “We’re in the process of retraining our frontline-facing teams to make sure they are consistently communicating the options available to impacted customers, including staying on their existing plan of 300/30 so long as they upgrade their modem.”

As in the past, clients will certainly be immediately switched over from the 300/30Mbps prepare to the 500/10Mbps tier unless they speak to client service and also demand maintaining their strategy. The modification to download and install and also submit rates will certainly take place no matter whether clients have actually an updated modem, yet clients that stick to an older modem might not obtain the complete 500Mbps download and install rates. Cox, which has around 5.3 million Internet clients in 19 states, states the adjustments relate to a network upgrade.

Cox’s customer-service screwup

The proof (consisting of Cox’s e-mail to clients and also declarations from Cox sales representatives to clients) makes it appear as if Cox really did not plan to allow clients maintain their 30Mbps submit rates up until the business ran the gauntlet and also media direct exposure 2 weeks back. That would certainly discuss why customer-service representatives have actually informed clients they need to quit the 300/30Mbps strategy and also why Cox is currently rushing to inform staff members regarding the choice.

However, a Cox representative informed Ars that the business “always” meant to allow clients maintain the 30Mbps upload rates. If that holds true, after that the business completely messed up its messaging to clients and also the modification to its customer-service systems.

Cox explained the solution currently being carried out as a “retraining” in a declaration to Ars the other day:

Our frontline treatment representatives were initially educated late January in advance of the initial set of consumer interactions in very early February. Based on the comments from a couple of clients, consisting of the ones you shared, we are taking another look at training to guarantee ALL clients are obtaining regular and also right details. To that finish, we remain in the procedure of performing refresher course training that will certainly go through completion of this week for all our frontline staff members.

As we re-train our staff members, we are seeing to it they are connecting the alternatives readily available to affected clients, consisting of remaining on their existing Ultimate Classic strategy (300/30) as long as they update their modem. Staying on this strategy was constantly an offered choice, albeit not one that was connected as plainly as it can have been. We intend to make certain clients plainly recognize their alternatives if they require even more upload rate.

The 500/10Mbps strategy is a straight substitute for the 300/30Mbps prepare in regards to rate and also its location within Cox’s rate rates. It sets you back $80 a month for the initial year and also $100 after the coupon duration ends. With the 300/30Mbps prepare being stopped, the only choice with upload rates more than 10Mbps is the “Gigablast” strategy with 940Mbps download and install rates and also 35Mbps upload rates. That strategy normally sets you back $100 throughout the coupon duration and also $120 later, yet some clients have actually been supplied a $92.50 marketing price. Cox bills $12 a month for a mixed modem and also router, yet clients can utilize their very own suitable devices to prevent the rental charge.

Cox’s e-mail alerting individuals of the upcoming download and also upload rate adjustments stated that clients that desire upload rates over 10Mbps can “call to learn more about equipment and our speed plans,” yet it did not point out the choice of remaining on the exact same 300/30Mbps prepare. Customers that obtained this e-mail and also those that speak to Cox prior to every one of the customer-service issues are resolved might still erroneously think that maintaining their strategy isn’t an alternative. They would certainly therefore have their upload rates reduced to 10Mbps immediately when the modification works following week.

We asked Cox if it is getting in touch with every one of these clients once more to explain they can prevent the upload-speed cut, and also we will certainly upgrade this post if we obtain a solution. Update at 5pm ET: Cox informed us that “we will be communicating to those customers to further clarify their options, including the option to stay on their 300/30 tier.”

Cox has actually evidently battled to supply promoted upload rates throughout the pandemic. In June 2020, we covered just how Cox cautioned some clients regarding “excessive” upload use and also just how the business decreased upload rates on the Gigablast strategy from 35Mbps to 10Mbps in some whole communities where its network was having problem.

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