Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy

LOS ANGELES – The Irwindale Speedway 2nd yearly Sunrise Ford All-Star Showdown, offered by the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame, showcased Spears Manufacturing Southwest Tour Super Late Models, Spears Pro Late Models, as well as Spears Modifieds on Feb. 6.

Two days of technique from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. came before technique, certifying as well as competing Saturday. A set of 25-lap B-mains for professional late versions as well as modifieds started at 5:30 p.m.

Los Angeles County health and wellness laws permitted just rivals to go to. Everyone needed to put on face masks as a safety measure throughout the continuous COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans in the house had the ability to see all competing for $24.99 using the SpearsRacingTV.com live newscast with track commentators Tommy Mason as well as Jeffrey Best calling activity. MAVTV Network taped the auto racing for a postponed newscast.

The inaugural Sunrise Ford All-Star Showdown on Feb. 1 drew in concerning 5,500 viewers generally grandstand with 67 vehicles existing in the exact same 3 departments. Without the pandemic limitations, participation likely would have covered 6,500.

The vehicle matter enhanced from 67 in 2020 to 105 this year — with 23 modifieds (up from 13), 38 professional late versions (up from 22), as well as 44 extremely late versions (up from 33 last February). All 3 Spears auto racing departments granted 2021 champion factors in the very first of 10 scheduled occasions.

Feature champions made prizes consisting of packed heaps of brand-new $20 costs framed in a secured glass base. Winners of each prize got tricks to access their first-place benefit after their winning vehicles passed post-race technology examinations.

This year, co-promoters Tim Huddleston as well as Sunrise Ford proprietor Bob Bruncati enhanced cash prize by granting the SLM victor $30,000 as opposed to $25,000; while the pro late design victor got $15,000 as opposed to $10,000. The first-place changed chauffeur once again got $5,000.

The Southern California led track opening race, on a bright, mid-70s day, verified the enhanced money drew in rivals. Some lugged 20 to 24 hr to complete. The preferred brand-new face-off repeated the yearly 2003-11 Toyota All-Star Showdown for NASCAR local touring departments.

Last year motorists originated from 10 states. Super late design motorists resided in 8 states, pro late design motorists lived in 4 states as well as one originated from Japan, while changed motorists originated from 4 states.

This year motorists originated from 13 states — 10 states for extremely late versions, 4 for professional late versions as well as 6 for modifieds. States stood for in the 105 entrances existing were: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Utah, as well as Washington.

This year 23 motorists completed at Irwindale for the very first time. Seven novices at Irwindale remained in the changed department, 9 competed in the pro late design course, as well as 7 were extremely late design motorists.

Ambitious Jeremy Doss competed in all 3 departments as well as had 450 possible laps of competing in advance of him. He won the very first 2 of the 3 functions as well as stopped working to complete race 3.

Winners in all 3 departments of the inaugural Sunrise Ford All-Star Showdown returned this year to repeat. Multi-time Spears champ Derek Thorn, from Bakersfield, once again drove his No. 43 extremely late design as well as was among 3 leaders prior to quiting.

Indianan Cole Willians, in a professional late design from Bakersfield, returned in the exact same vehicle this year. Owner/chauffeur Travis Thirkettle once again drove his RCF-built changed.

Modifieds as well as professional late design auto racing made use of the third-mile oval, while SLM competed on the gradually banked half-mile. Drivers in all 3 departments established brand-new one lap performance history throughout mid-afternoon solitary vehicle certifying.

In the modifieds, Doss ran 15.040 to damage Eddie Secord’s 15.493 (77.377 miles per hour) mark established on Sept. 19, 2020. Doss’ 15.025 run in his professional late design overshadowed the 15.221 (78.760 miles per hour) document by Robby Hornsby on Feb. 1.

First time Irwindale racer Casey Roderick, from Georgia, ran 17.035 to damage the 17.055 (105.541 miles per hour) common established by Dylan Lupton on March 23, 2019.

All 40 extremely late design qualifiers ran 17-second laps from the 17.035 rapid time to 17.601 by the 40th-fastest qualifier. The area was so affordable that motorists competed 3 vast as well as lapping did not take place till lap 35.

There was regular masquerading placement throughout the area as well as just one quick care flag flew for a two-car tangle on lap 71. There was a 10-minute intermission after 100 laps as well as staffs were permitted to make changes besides vehicles quit on the front straight. No tire modifications were permitted.

The extremely late design area had 9 newbies as well as 8 began the 200-lap function. Four newbies completed in the leading 11. Thirteen motorists completed on the lead lap, with 7 non-Californians in the leading 10.

There were 25 of 35 beginners still competing when the checkered flag flew at 10:26 p.m. after 177 laps due to the rigorous track time limit. Winners of all 3 departments passed post-race examinations as well as gathered their prizes as well as packed money.

Prominent supply vehicle as well as changed vehicle contractors once again this year consisted of: VanDoorn, Fury, Rowdy, Hamke, Senneker, Farre P1, Racecar Factory, STR, Port City, Five Star Bodies, Jackson, as well as Pathfinder.

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