"Kitchen Impossible": Second duel, second defeat: Has Tim Mälzer forgotten how to win?

The stress expands. In the brand-new period of “Kitchen Impossible” Tim Mälzer supplies well, yet the others constantly win.

It’s not working out for Tim Mälzer. In the brand-new period of the food preparation program Kitchen Impossible, he needs to take one loss after the following. Even versus two-star cook Daniel Gottschlich, the magic really did not aid – ultimately, Mälzer needed to praise the various other one once more.

The principle of “Kitchen Impossible”: Tim Mälzer battles with a chef, 4 jobs in 4 various areas with 4 initial chefs each (whose recipes the challengers need to prepare) need to be objected to. A court examines the outcome and also honors factors. The victor of the Duels is the one with one of the most factors.

These were the highlights of the brand-new episode “Kitchen Impossible”

These cooks needed to verify themselves:

In the 2nd episode of the 6th period of Kitchen Impossible, Tim Mälzer reached make with Daniel Gottschlich. The 38-year-old runs the “Ox & Klee” dining establishment in Cologne, which was granted 2 Michelin celebrities in 2019. Gottschlich and also food preparation, that was love at sixth sense. Gottschlich is an experienced power system electricians, and also it was just at the 2nd effort that he chose to educate as a chef. He never ever did an instruction with a supposed old master. A great discover for maltsters that noticed a weak point in it.

Here was prepared:

This time it’s not around the globe. Due to the corona pandemic, period 6 was fired specifically in areas in Germany and also Austria. In episode 2, the chefs checked out the cities Cologne, Aschau, Berlin and also Blankenburg.

That was prepared:

Tim Mälzer in Cologne: Turkish grill plate with bulgur
Daniel Gottschlich in Aschau: Saddle of venison in pasta dough with plums
Tim Mälzer in Berlin: Carrot and also Kimchi
Daniel Gottschlich in Blankenburg: carrot soup and also dead granny

“No pantyhose”

In episode one, challenger Lucki Maurer had actually made himself the initial cook. No various other cook had actually attempted to do this in any one of the periods prior to. A difficult nut to split for maltsters that they needed to split right at the beginning. Daniel Gottschlich selected a various strategy and also piled deep in the beginning. He sent out maltsters to a Turkish restaurant. He really did not discover that amusing whatsoever and also was over all something – angered. “Oh, shit,” he stated when he initially glanced right into the fabulous black box. “I’ll tell you, that’s no pantyhose, the court”.

Mälzer really felt underrated, was noticeably pissed off. He demonstratively shopped without a wish list, needed to confess himself “I think I’ve become megalomaniac” and also was – you can not place it one more method – mucked. Sometimes one’s very own conceit hinders, he later on needed to confess. It was just when he was preparing that he comprehended the appeal of the job.

Old institution versus modern-day cooking area

Letting the maltster chef a grill plate was not Gottschlich’s most intelligent relocation. Because the “kitchen machine” provided and also offered with a “murder result” (Mälzer) of 8.4 factors. It is popular that Mälzer does not offer the competitors any kind of factors. He sent out Gottschlich to Heinz Winkler. A standard great eating cook, recognized for integrating cooking refinement with a realistic strategy. Winkler is one of the most granted cook in Germany and also has actually been granted the Federal Cross of Merit. But something most of all: a master old-fashioned, or as Gottschlich placed it, “German classic”. The cook has little to do keeping that. Worlds clashed.

Knowing that Mälzer had actually prepared to frighten him by picking Winkler, Gottschlich attempted really tough to stay sovereign. He really did not wait, examined promptly and also paid remarkably little interest to the nuances. Winkler was astonished at one or the various other relocation by the young associate, was entirely not impressed by what Gottschlich was performing in his cooking area and after that commented dryly. “He should have known how to make a deer sauce,” he stated. It was a swipe that had actually depleted. But the recipe itself functioned. It looked exceptionally like the initial. Only – it tasted various. “I didn’t hit that one hundred percent,” stated Gottschlich as well.

“Torn Your Ass”

In the 2nd round Gottschlich transformed the tables and also placed a plate before Mälzer, which he categorized as a “real daddle plate”. A modern-day carrot structure by celebrity cook Yannic Stockhausen. “He’s going to fuck himself up about the material battle,” giggled Gottschlich right into his hand. “This is a top quality chocolate plate,” stated Mälzer, confessing that the job was very fragrant. But – this is likewise recognized – Mälzer can taste and also is a charlatan.

Once once more he did refrain from doing a lot the method the initial cook meant, yet his nose was right. Gottschlich was dumbfounded. “Have you looked at the recipe before?” He asked, practically incredulous. Mälzer really did not have. So it had not been the recipe itself that concerned him most. It was the quantity of operate in the lack of time. It was most likely the anxiety that cheated him. The chef screwed up the order when it was used, he needed to fix even more severely than right – a gap that was meant to retaliate. He tore what he had actually busily accumulated with his hands with his butt, he stated. And was without delay penalized. The court took him hard.

It had to do with the sausage

The secret celebrity of the episode: Christa Pietsch, the granny of celebrity cook Robin Pietsch. For the grand ending, Gottschlich needed to prepare 2 of her unique recipes and also not in a dining establishment cooking area, yet in the woman’s personal apartment or condo. But that was not all. Because it had to do with the sausage in the truest feeling of words. Gottschlich was not permitted to acquire the Grützwurst for the “Dead Grandma”; he needed to make it himself. “That’s anti-social,” he whined. “I’m not a butcher.”

Gottschlich was rather annoyed, yet held to his food preparation line, making life harder than needed. And that, although Grandma Pietsch benevolently offered him 1 or 2 suggestions. Mälzer offered a twisted make fun of Gottschlich’s complex strategy, yet it brought about the wanted outcome. “Sometimes as a cook you are a little bit in love with yourself,” he stated, happy with his very own recipe, “has already become awesome”. But the bliss just lasted momentarily, the following shock was not long in coming. Should be offered in a yard setup. For the chef, that is made use of to food preparation to the factor, that implies very first packaging every little thing up once more, reheating it on website, and also all this with very little devices. “What a horror,” he reprimanded.

No grace

After Mälzer had actually scooped up factors en masse after the very first job and also currently thought he got on the winning track, a court complied with in Berlin that recognized no grace. After his excellent 8.4 factors in Cologne, he just gained a weak 5.3 factors for the 2nd recipe. “That is a cheek,” he evaluated. 5.3 factors for an analysis of which Stockhausen himself stated: “Hats off, my friend!”. Thus Mälzer had actually provided the most effective and also the most awful plate of the collection at the very same time. In completion, Gottschlich won the success with 14.8 to 13.7 factors. Tim Mälzer needs to enter into the following round with a great lots of stress. The opposition is after that star cook Alexander Wulf.