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Lunar New Year dos as well as don’ts


Hong Kong (CNN) — It’s time to bid farewell to the Rat as well as hi to the Year of the Ox.

This year’s Lunar New Year, which notes the start of the 15-day Spring Festival in China, starts on February 12.

It’s usually the largest vacation of the year in China — as well as for some the only time they obtain sufficient leave from their tasks to take a trip house as well as see their enjoyed ones.

Nonetheless, there are still lots of practices as well as superstitious notions to comply with, all targeted at making certain the year in advance is fortunate as well as flourishing.

For instance, lots of people currently understand that red is related to good luck as well as success, therefore all the intense tones you see on Lunar New Year decors as well as garments.

Here are a couple of various other crucial dos as well as don’ts that several comply with prior to as well as after the Lunar New Year.


Set off fireworks

The much more fireworks or firecrackers you triggered the much better.

Not just do you brighten the evening skies with a harmony of shade, however the loud knocking audios are believed to frighten ghouls.

In several components of China, you’ll listen to a continuous, every night battery of loud bangs throughout the very first 15 days of the Lunar New Year party, which is called the Spring Festival — despite the fact that it occurs in the center of winter months.

Some individuals are so amazed they’ll also establish them off throughout the day.

Eat dumplings

Eating dumplings around the vacations is a prominent custom in north China as well as there are 3 factors for it.

A) They’re tasty.

B) The Chinese word for them, “jiao zi,” resembles the old word for brand-new changing the old.

C) The form of a Chinese-design dumpling appears like the items of gold that were utilized as cash in old times. A plate loaded with dumplings resembles a large heap of gold, signifying wide range in the coming year.

Clean your house

Sweep, wipe, scrub, dirt, vacuum cleaner, heavy steam — do anything as well as whatever to make certain your house is spick as well as period PRIOR TO the stroke of twelve o’clock at night on Lunar New Year eve, February 11. (See listed below for even more on this.)

The objective right here is to clear your house of any type of rotten luck that’s collected over the previous year.

It’s additionally suggested to work out financial debts in advance of the New Year, bank card expenses consisted of.

The superstitious notion is that if you begin the year at a loss, you’ll likely finish it in this way also.


Wash or reduce your hair

Leave your hair as it gets on the very first day of the New Year.

The Chinese personality for hair coincides very first personality in words for flourish.

This indicates cleaning or sufficing off is viewed as cleaning your lot of money away as well as substantially lowers opportunities of success in the year in advance.

Actually, LNY diehards will certainly inform you showering is additionally out-of-bounds on the very first day for the very same factor.

Dry hair shampoo as well as cleaning powder will certainly can be found in helpful.

Clean message-New Year

Make certain you tidy up as well as toss out your garbage PRIOR TO twelve o’clock at night.

Otherwise you’re mosting likely to need to wait till the 2nd day of the brand-new lunar year.

Cleaning of any type of kind on the very first day is purely restricted.

Don’t also clean the recipes.

You cleansed your house to clear it of any type of rotten luck prior to the New Year — currently you wish to make sure not to clean, move or remove any one of the best of luck that got to the stroke of twelve o’clock at night.

Buy publications

Avid viewers will certainly wish to stockpile on their publications as well as publications prior to the Lunar New Year, since it misbehaves good luck to acquire them throughout the 15-day Spring Festival.

The Chinese word for “book” (shū) seems precisely the like words for “lose” — so purchasing a publication right after supplanting the New Year is thought about an invite for rotten luck.

Also, stay clear of offering publications as presents to any person, since it would certainly resemble wanting rotten luck upon them.

First released in 2017, this write-up has actually been upgraded for 2021.