Mälzer vs. Mason: Soft tones at Kitchen Impossible: Tim Mälzer is pulled off - and is even happy

In the initial battle of the brand-new period of “Kitchen Impossible”, Tim Mälzer needed to take a great deal. One reduced impact complied with the following. But the communication in between the challengers was extra caring than ever before.

Tim Mälzer most likely really did not such as the initial episode of the 6th period of the food preparation program “Kitchen Impossible”. In a battle versus buddy Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer, the chef obtained the initial bells and also went off the oven with a loss. It was a fight like never ever previously on “Kitchen Impossible”. Because a great deal is various this year. On the one hand, this results from the pandemic that brought about this moment being recorded specifically in Germany and also Austria, however likewise to Lucki Maurer’s cheek. The missed out on Maltster right at the starting a good reduced impact. “Whoever fucks me, fucks the devil,” claimed Mälzer after that. The defend the factors developed into a battle in between Engelchen (Lucki Maurer) and also Teufelchen (Tim Mälzer).

The idea of “Kitchen Impossible”: Tim Mälzer battles with a chef, 4 jobs in 4 various areas with 4 initial chefs each (whose recipes the challengers need to prepare). A court examines the outcome and also honors factors. The champion of the battle is the one with one of the most factors.

These were the highlights of the brand-new episode “Kitchen Impossible”

These cooks needed to confirm themselves:

At the begin of the brand-new period, Tim Mälzer contends versus Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer. The leading Bavarian cook comes not just from a club family members and also is a buddy of Mälzer, however likewise the initial guy that risked to increase Wagyu livestock in Europe. He is a natural farmer and also runs the “STOI” dining establishment in Rattenberg, which Mälzer calls a “culinary spa”.

Here was prepared:

This time it’s not all over the world. Due to the traveling constraints, period 6 was fired specifically in areas in Germany and also Austria. in episode one the German cities of Rattenberg, Glücksstadt, Ködnitz and also Frankfurt am Main were seen.

That was prepared:

Lucki Maurer in Glücksstadt: Eel soup and also Labskaus

Tim Mälzer in Rattenberg: Wagyu to the power of 3 – a meat meal in the design of the challenger

Bricklayer in Frankfurt am Main: Korean specializeds

Mälzer in Ködnitz: plum meal

The uniqueness

For the very first time in the background of “Kitchen Impossible” a challenger made himself an initial cook. Tim Mälzer needed to prepare a meal from Lucki Maurer. Mälzer was made speechless and also rather stunned. Maurer’s dining establishment, the “STOI”, has actually until now been a haven for the chef, a location where he utilized to take place holiday. “I don’t cook your food. Hey, that would be unfair,” he evaluated when Maurer handed him the famous black box. But it really did not aid. Mälzer needed to function and also is originally, as Maurer can quickly see, “really pissed off”. What Maurer did not recognize at the time, the rabble became part of Mälzer’s method: “I used psychological terror and pressure. I make him feel so guilty that he really thinks that our friendship is endangered.”

Soft audio

Tim Mälzer is recognized to enjoy to give out. There is cursing and also abuse, occasionally dishonored. In the battle with Lucki Maurer, nonetheless, Mälzer was incredibly careful. Sure, the “kitchen machine” cannot do without a couple of tirades in this episode either, however contrasted to what numerous various other cooks – introductions to Steffen Henssler – needed to pay attention to, the audio this moment was nearly caring. That was generally because of one point: Lucki Maurer.

Friendliest visitor ever before

“Lucki is the loveliest, nicest, finest guy who has ever worked on ‘Kitchen Impossible’,” states Mälzer of his buddy. He never ever tired of emphasizing this over and also over once again. Even if the battle is, naturally, regarding beating the various other – you can not take that right into factor to consider. It nearly seemed like he intended to excuse making life challenging for Mason. Maurer himself stayed good and also considerate throughout the difficulty, and also did not allow himself be interrupted. Not an awful word appeared of his lips throughout the program. Instead, both of them constantly talked well to every various other, commended each various other.

“Big Mälzer Cinema”

Maurer is a good individual, however naturally he likewise intended to win. For Mälzer, the initial reduced impact was complied with straight by the 2nd. Because after he needed to prepare among the challenger’s recipes, Maurer sent him to the lab. Mälzer needed to prepare among Heiko Antoniewicz’s recipes. He is likewise called a teacher and also is considered an idea leader and also dreamer in the providing market. He no more has his very own dining establishment, however has a lab. His speculative working approach negates that of Mälzer in every little thing. “Heiko is the Godfather of Taste”, Mälzer confessed honestly and also after that needed to do one point most of all: “Fake at its best”. He claimed he had no suggestion what Antoniewicz was doing.

But he had not been frightened by it. He made “snotty” a bechamel sauce, where the various other accomplishments with one of the most modern-day magic, he fooled and also tuddled, combined and also messed his method as much as the meal – occasionally he needed to laugh himself. But he confirmed over and over what a fool he is. Even Maurer needed to confess in retrospection: “That was a really big Mälzer cinema”. The profits was that absolutely nothing got on home plate as the creator had actually believed it would certainly be, however in some way it still functioned. Mälzer was pleased. It resembled having the ability to review and also create and also attempting to obtain a doctorate – “I think I got a doctorate today.”

Chiller versus nit-picker

While Mälzer sweated blood and also water with every job, and also his mind acquired, Maurer stayed totally tranquil. He maintained asking himself whether Mälzer was ignoring him, so he discovered the initial job – labskaus and also eel soup – extremely simple. In in between he questioned: “I thought ‘Kitchen Impossible’ was also a bit of a battle, but this is just really nice.” Out of large calmness, he made a couple of primary mistakes, however he drank them off like absolutely nothing. He just began sweating when he needed to attempt to attempt Korean food. “I look like a tough guy, but I’m a wimp when it comes to heat,” he claimed throughout the sampling – “my face burns”. He really did not have an actual strategy, however he got by. Mälzer’s discouragement, the court was kindhearted. “You didn’t use 25 of 40 ingredients,” he whined, the nit-picker. And at the end checked out television.

Talk is silver, silence is gold

It was a limited number. But in the long run the peaceful Bavarian drew the loudmouth maltster off. “Shit, did I win now?” Asked Maurer after the matter, nearly in shock. No joys, no put-downs. And Mälzer praised. “It’s been a long time since I loved to lose,” he claimed – “but it’s also because I haven’t lost for a long time. Friends for life!”