The pandemic hits residence for one participant of NCIS.

Jimmy Palmer, the group’s clinical supervisor with a heart of gold and also constantly loaded with timeless positive outlook, endured a destructive loss when his other half, Breena, passed away from COVID-19. On Tuesday’s episode, which fast-forwards the timeline to the pandemic, exposes his heart-wrenching loss to the target market when he gets here in the bullpen as his common jolly self equipped with additional anti-bacterial wipes for his associates.

Naturally, the discussion shifts right into home-schooling his little girl to his mom relocating to assist around your house. But when Bishop asks a sharp inquiry regarding whether his mommy relocating is irreversible, it’s after that Jimmy states his other half’s terrible fatality from the coronavirus. “You guys were so great, when, you know… I lost Breena,” Jimmy claims stoically in ET’s unique clip. “But between work, single parenting, school, it just got to be too much. So, I called in a lifeline.”

For star Brian Dietzen, the NCIS authors educated him of Jimmy’s loss well prior to he got the manuscript for the episode. The choice for him to be the one to have an unfortunate loss because of COVID originated from natural discussions over the innovative gas it would certainly offer his tale moving on, along with the remainder of the group. “We can see within this week’s episode that Jimmy is trying to keep whatever happiness he can, trying to say, ‘Hey, my glass is half overflowing here. I’m doing really great,’ while we as the audience can see that that may not be the case,” Dietzen informs ET. “He’s doing whatever he can just keep his head above water. But there’s only so long that that can happen before there’s going to be a certain breaking point.”

Ahead of the episode, Dietzen goes over the influence the fatality of his other half will certainly carry Jimmy, exactly how the group rallies around him and also whether he believed there was extra tale delegated inform with Jimmy and also Breena.

ET: Did you talk with the authors and also manufacturers ahead of time? What was your preliminary response?

Brian Dietzen: I had actually been informed that this was mosting likely to take place, that Jimmy was mosting likely to shed his other half prior to I got this manuscript. I obtained an opportunity to talk with the author, a brand-new author for our personnel Margaret Lester. I obtained a possibility to speak with her a fair bit ahead of time. The manufacturers allow me recognize that we desire the introduction of COVID to strike our group. And yet, we do not wish to shed an employee. So the possibility of having Jimmy shed his other half, one of the most hopeful staff member shed a person, involved the table and also they believed it would certainly be a terrific narration auto mechanic — albeit really, really unfortunate. So they went on with it. I was informed in advance and also gotten ready for it, I expect, mentally.

Were you shocked that Jimmy was the one to take care of a loss of a liked one from COVID?

Well, I believe that sadly in our nation — and also throughout the globe I must claim — that’s held true for a great deal of people that have actually managed COVID so carefully. Certainly as a clinical supervisor, he would certainly have managed the lines on his face from his N95 mask he had actually used 12, 14 hrs a day handling bodies. And a great deal of times these people that are functioning carefully with COVID, whether it’s a clinical supervisor or respiratory system medical professionals, pulmonologists, they have actually shed individuals in their lives as a result of their closeness to the condition. Prior to the injection, there was no other way to safeguard other individuals from it, in addition to the prophylactic treatments of masks and also handwear covers. I believe that was among the intriguing and also certainly heartbreaking aspects of this condition that we have actually all seen, is these individuals on the cutting edge were functioning as medical professionals that are functioning as Emergency medical technicians that have actually needed to go with broken heart by themselves. And yet they’re asked to simply proceed functioning due to the fact that if they quit working, after that we do not have our frontline there for us any longer. In lots of means, this episode ended up being an acknowledgment of individuals that have actually shed others throughout this pandemic. If you wished to obtain even more certain regarding it, it has to do with our frontline employees and also regarding individuals that have actually aided us take care of this pandemic undergoing their very own tests and also remaining to turn up for the remainder people.


Bill Inoshita/CBS

Can you speak a bit regarding exactly how Jimmy manages the loss of his other half and also what we can anticipate to see with him in this mourning procedure?

Unfortunately, throughout this moment duration, a great deal of people have actually really felt there hasn’t been time to regret due to the fact that they have even more to return to and also they need to maintain points relocating and also they need to advance. To a bigger level, not simply within the medical care market. When an individual sheds a partner and also they have a youngster, there is an amount of time where you’re looking simply to maintain this ship drifting. We can see within today’s episode that Jimmy is attempting to maintain whatever joy he can, attempting to claim, “Hey, my glass is half overflowing here. I’m doing really great,” while we as the target market can see that that might not hold true and also his group absolutely can see it due to the fact that they recognize and also have actually liked him for many years. He’s doing whatever he can simply maintain his head over water. But there’s just as long that that can take place prior to there’s mosting likely to be a particular snapping point. That’s truly the tale that’s been informed right here: How does Jimmy take care of that and also exactly how does his group assist him take care of that?

Is there mosting likely to be a snapping point for him at some time? What are the long-lasting results of this loss?

I absolutely believe that it’s even more of a handling than anything else. I informed the authors and also the manufacturers on our program that what I truly didn’t wish to see with Jimmy Palmer was for him to shed his timeless positive outlook as a result of something similar to this. And I believe that everyone were completely on the very same web page. They claimed, “Oh gosh, yeah, we need to have Jimmy be that light that’s on the team for sure.” And if there’s ever before an examination for that light, it’s a loss of this nature. So I believe that moving on, we’re mosting likely to certainly see Jimmy Palmer procedure this even more. And I’ve currently absolutely fired various other episodes where he’s needed to have minutes of representation upon what’s taken place. But a great deal of what he’s undergoing and also a great deal of the conclusion of exactly how he’s mosting likely to take care of it, we do reach see in this week’s episode, which was an enjoyment to be able to do.

How does the group rally around him?

It’s intriguing when you see one of the most hopeful individual in your life all of a sudden come to be a sufferer of something that is so blindsiding therefore disorienting to his worldview. I believe it’s really hard for the group to see him experience this due to the fact that this is the man that, allow’s be truthful, up till McGee obtained wed and also had his doubles, Jimmy was the just one that had a partner and also kids which appeared like a really healthy and balanced partnership. It’s hard to see that individual experience every one of this and also everybody regrets in a different way too. Torres absolutely regrets a hell of a whole lot in a different way therefore does Gibbs than would certainly McGee or Bishop. All of them, seeing their complication on exactly how to attempt and also assist Jimmy, that’s mosting likely to be the most effective individual to in fact talk with him regarding it, is additionally a large component of this program. To see exactly how this is settled with the group and also see exactly how the group in fact connects to assist him is a significant component of Jimmy’s procedure. Like lots of excellent episodes of NCIS, it absolutely is team-based and also it was really pleasing for us to be able to do.

Is there a scene from this episode that you have a warm memory doing?

Jimmy’s can be found in on top of the program and also he has this massive discovery. It practically occurred offhandedly due to the fact that it occurred months earlier, so this discovery [that his wife died] emerges. I keep in mind shooting the scene with Wil[mer Valderrama] and also Sean [Murray] and also Emily [Wickersham] and also there’s a clumsiness and also an unfamiliarity regarding this, of like, “Really? This happened?” As we’re doing, it appears weird that you’re simply claiming it aloud and also it is a bit of a whiplash result. But I believe that’s the purpose of it, is that we’re leaping in advance in time a fair bit from the very first 6 episodes of the period, which occurred pre-COVID. Now we’re leaping onward to today and also we’re claiming, “Okay, here’s where we’re at. There’s a lot to catch up on. Get ready, buckle up.” I keep in mind that was among the very first scenes we fired from this episode and also it really felt, “We’re already on a fast-moving train here.” It was fantastic however, due to the fact that as Jimmy really felt sustained by his group and also obtained what he required with his group there for him, I really felt similarly as a star. I obtained my individuals that I’ve recognized and also liked for greater than a years and also a fifty percent, and also they were all there for me to assist me inform this tale that I really felt was truly, truly vital.

With the program currently in COVID times, what does that modification the group’s strategy? 

It’s intriguing due to the fact that various programs have actually dealt with COVID in a different way. Some of them have actually claimed, “We’re not going to deal with this at all because we don’t want to have to deal with those storylines and whatnot.” But in the background of NCIS, when significant points have actually taken place in our nation or on the planet, there have actually been tales regarding it. I such as the truth that we can take a section of our period and also not need to have those masks around constantly at the start of the period, yet I felt it was a clever choice to consist of this significant life occasion. We can not make believe that it does not exist. It’s mosting likely to strike the group directly and also Jimmy simply occurred to be the one it struck one of the most. It was exceptionally unfortunate to movie and also I’ve liked dealing with Michelle Pierce, that plays Jimmy’s other half Breena Palmer. I’m unfortunate she will not be around any longer. We underused her. I believed she was a fantastic star and also a terrific personality. But I wish that this is a good love letter to her personality and also I wish individuals do appreciate it.

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