Rachel Maddow Blasts Marjorie Taylor Greene For Telling QAnon Lies On The House Floor

Before she was stripped of her committee assignments on Thursday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) based on the House flooring as well as asserted that the crackpot conspiracy theory concepts as well as fierce unsupported claims being held versus her are blunders of the past.

“I never once said any of the things that I am being accused of today during my campaign,” Greene asserted. “I never said any of these things since I have been elected for Congress. These were words of the past.”

But throughout her program on Thursday evening, Rachel Maddow disclosed a tweet that Greene uploaded simply 4 days back in which the congresswoman gushed the QAnon talking factor that anyone opposed to Donald Trump is a pedophile.

“That’s four days ago. That’s the QAnon stuff. That’s since she has been in Congress,” Maddow claimed. “That’s since it has been pending against her that she was going to lose all of her committee assignments.”


Maddow claimed:

“I never once, not during my campaign, not since I’ve been in Congress.” Here she is 4 days ago stating online that anyone that opposes Donald Trump is a pedophile. The listing of the anti-Trump pedos. That’s 4 days back. That’s the QAnon things. That’s given that she has actually remained in Congress. That’s given that it has actually been pending versus her that she was mosting likely to shed every one of her board jobs. But she is well-versed in this things. This is exactly how she ended up being a famous adequate Republican in Georgia Republican circles that she had the ability to win a seat in Congress.

Marjorie Taylor Green has no service remaining in Congress

A hollow, unethical speech that Marjorie Taylor Greene provided for the single objective of pleasing her GOP coworkers as well as maintaining her board articles transforms absolutely nothing.

She has actually continuously has actually recommended conspiracy theory concepts as well as political physical violence, consisting of assassination threats against Nancy Pelosi. As of 4 days back, Greene remains to pitch QAnon rubbish from her on the internet systems.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has no service offering in the United States Congress currently or ever before.

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