Ted Lieu Says GOP Poses A Security Threat As Long As It Refuses To Acknowledge Biden’s Victory

Rep. Ted Lieu (R-CA) blew up Republicans on Saturday for motivating extra political physical violence at the country’s funding by contradicting the really straightforward reality that Joe Biden legally won last November’s governmental political election.

The Democratic legislator claimed that the GOP might lower dangers of physical violence by just confessing that the political election was not set up versus Trump.

“All they have to say is one simple, truthful sentence: The election was not stolen,” Rep. Lieu claimed. “The refusal to say that is the reason we still have National Guard troops in body armor patrolling our Capitol today.”


Lieu claimed:

Ironically, one of the favored TELEVISION programs of my partner as well as I was “Designated Survivor” as well as this was specifically the circumstance. And currently we see fiction entering into truth, as well as it’s unfavorable that we have all this political physical violence. There is one method for Republican leaders to lower the danger of additional political physical violence. All they need to state is one straightforward, genuine sentence: The political election was not swiped. The rejection to state that is the factor we still have National Guard soldiers in body shield patrolling our Capitol today.

Trump-GOP political election exists price American lives

It’s not hype to state that Donald Trump’s political election exists, which lots of Republicans magnified, were fatal.

The American individuals reached witness the repercussions of those lies as the assault on the Capitol unravelled on Jan. 6, causing 5 fatalities. Now the country’s funding looks even more like a battle zone than an area where individuals’s service is executed.

If Republicans genuinely desire unity as well as bipartisanship, they can begin by just recognizing truth as well as confessing that Joe Biden is a properly chosen head of state.

They will certainly posture an ongoing protection danger as long as they decline to do that.

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