It appears more probable than ever before that the Galaxy Note line as we understand it gets on its escape, which’s sure to be alarming information for followers of the S Pen. Or will it? With the launch of this year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung is evidently attempting to offer its fan-favorite stylus pen a life of kinds past the Note — yet you’ll need to locate one on your own.

If you have an old Galaxy Note existing about, you’re gold — simply pop that S Pen out as well as illustration away. If you don’t, you can acquire an all new one for $40 from Samsung, or spend an additional $30 for a silicone case/S Pen package. That last choice appears like one of the most extensive choice since it offers Samsung’s stylus pen someplace to live, yet after dealing with it for a week… well, allow’s claim it’s been a variety.

Mind you, that’s not due to the S Pen itself. In truth, I in fact truly similar to this point — it’s one of one of the most comfy S Pens I’ve ever before made use of. That convenience is all many thanks to the S Pen’s dimension. At simply over 4 inches long, its heft as well as really feel have much more alike with a traditional ballpoint than the petite stylus pen constructed right into Samsung’s Galaxy Note mobile phones.

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This $40 S Pen loads every one of the requisite little bits required to play wonderful with the unnoticeable Wacom digitizer inside the S21 Ultra’s huge display screen. That undoubtedly implies you can compose with it, yet you can likewise hold the S Pen over the display as well as touch its switch to raise a scheme of convenient alternatives as well as faster ways. It significantly seems like the S Pen experience from the old days, which is great if you’re the kind that mainly takes down fast suggestions as well as grocery store listings. (For various other enjoyable functions like assistance for air motions as well as electronic camera control, you’ll need to wait on the much more costly S Pen Pro coming later on this year.) 

The S Pen is likewise quick, which honestly came as a little bit of a shock. When I was servicing our S21 Ultra testimonial, I kept in mind that stroke latency — that is, the lag in between beginning a stroke as well as seeing it on-screen — had not been fairly as reduced as on gadgets like the Note 20 Ultra. I created that after evaluating the S21 Ultra with a Lamy S Pen Samsung handed out after some launch occasion, yet the problem appears to be chosen this first-party stylus pen. Our testimonial device hasn’t obtained any type of software application updates after magazine, so I’m comfy liquid chalking up that disparity to the S Pen I was making use of. 

Chris Velazco/Engadget

If all you require to make use of the S Pen for is creating, you remain in good condition below. That stated, I’m a little reluctant to suggest it to musicians. For the last couple of years, Galaxy Notes have actually had the ability to spot the angle at which the S Pen was being held to generate properly tilted strokes. That still occurs on the S21 Ultra with this rather much less smart variation of the S Pen, as well as from what I can inform, the impact functions around too below as it does on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. There are possibly some side instances below I’m not completely making up, yet the experience still really feels rather close.

So, as I stated, the S Pen itself isn’t the trouble below. It’s the situation that leaves me desiring. For one, it experiences all the concerns various other silicone instances do — it fasts to get dust as well as dirt, as well as hold on to the within your pocket. That appears a lot more inevitable below due to just how damn huge the S21 Ultra ends up being when it’s inside this situation. It was currently a little larger as well as larger than in 2014’s S20 Ultra, yet this situation makes it a lot more unwieldy. I obtain that this was inevitable — nevertheless, the situation needs to house a literally bigger S Pen at all times. Still, individuals accustomed to the Galaxy Note’s easy-to-grip framework might locate this bundle unwieldy. 

Samsung Galaxy S21+ in use

Chris Velazco/Engadget

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that, due to all the switches on the S21 Ultra’s appropriate side, the S Pen gets on a port on the situation’s left side. That’s excellent information for lefties, yet not a lot for every person else; I have not had the ability to educate myself to take out the pen with my left hand yet, so utilizing this stylus/case combination constantly calls for an unpleasant little handle. Thankfully, the S Pen is fairly simple to take out as well as return when you’re done.

Despite the situation’s heft, it really feels remarkably shabby in some locations. Most significantly, the trim right around the billing port intermediary really feels really lightweight; I might absolutely see it getting on something as well as breaking when being taken out of a bag. Unfortunately, sometimes of creating there are nothing else S21 Ultra instances offered that likewise pleasantly house the S Pen, so individuals wanting to transform their brand-new front runners right into ersatz Galaxy Notes simply need to manage.

In justness, I’m not exactly sure what Samsung might have done to make this bundle better to make use of — in addition to choosing much better products, that is. The S Pen’s dimension requires an extra-large situation, as well as like I stated, this is the only video game around now for anybody that intends to make use of an S Pen with an S21 Ultra without shedding it. Let’s be clear, though: As pleasurable as the S Pen can be, this stylus/case combination is no place near as thoughtful or as stylish as a correct Galaxy Note, as well as possibly wouldn’t gain Samsung’s die-hards. For that factor alone, I wish Samsung does not exterminate its line of power-user phablets totally — with any type of good luck, that ship hasn’t cruised right now.