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What Is a Muffin Top & What Causes It?



Chances are, you’ve listened to a person grumbling regarding their “muffin top”

Alas, they’re not discussing perfectly-crusty top of a blueberry muffin or pumpkin muffin.

More likely, the “muffin top” concerned is an usual issue location around the waistline and also includes what lots of people describe as love takes care of.

Here’s what triggers this persistent tummy fat and also what you can do to avoid it.

What Is a Muffin Top?

“Muffin top” is a vernacular term made use of to explain a build-up of fat around the waistline, simply over the hips.

In tight-fitting trousers, this additional fat might splash out over the waist — “just like a muffin above the paper cup,” clarifies Robert Ziltzer, M.D., FACP, FAAP, weight problems medication medical professional and also coauthor of “Chasing Diets.”

Two kinds of stomach fat might add to a muffin top, Ziltzer includes: subcutaneous fat (the soft, pinchable fat simply listed below the skin) and also natural fat (a much deeper layer of fat that borders the stomach body organs).

What Causes a Muffin Top?

A couple of elements can make this waistline lump more probable to take place:


Much like real muffins, “muffin tops” are likewise made in the kitchen area.

Consuming extreme calories everyday can add to fat storage space around the waistline, so ensure you are shedding much more calories than you are consuming, claims Brittany Noel Robles, M.D., M.P.H., C.P.T., an OBGYN and also NASM-certified individual instructor.


Genetics establish exactly how and also where you keep fat, Ziltzer claims. While you can’t regulate your genetics, workout and also healthy and balanced consuming can aid with weight loss.


Anxiety, fear and also distress can likewise contribute in producing those waistline rolls.

“Stress leads to the release of cortisol in your body, which tells your body to hold on to that fat, specifically in the midsection,” claims Abby Nouis, ACSM-certified individual instructor and also center supervisor of QuickHIT Fitness in Madison, WI.

Stress can likewise result in psychological consuming, which can add to weight gain.

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Lack of workout

If you aren’t shedding even more calories than you’re consuming, those additional calories can absolutely land around your center.

Whether you favor HIIT, barre, dance, or boxing, ensure you’re relocating your body everyday.

Not sufficient rest

Research recommends a much shorter rest period might be connected with a greater body mass index, midsection area, and also subcutaneous fat storage space.

“Sleep deprivation has an effect on your appetite, cravings, and mood,” Nouis claims, and also it can likewise influence your inspiration to workout.

Meditation or extending prior to bed can aid you relax obtain an excellent evening’s remainder.

Can I Lose My Muffin Top?

Yes — yet it calls for effort and also persistence.

“It is definitely possible to lose the muffin top,” Robles claims. “However, it is not an overnight fix.”

It isn’t feasible to spot-reduce fat from certain issue locations. But as you shed total body fat, you’ll see your waistline reduce.

To that finish, your finest weight-loss strategy is a multi-channel one that attends to the manageable adding elements, consisting of diet plan, workout, rest, and also tension decrease, Robles includes.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet plan and also proper calorie consumption is essential.

Nouis suggests obtaining a lot of nutrient-dense foods — like broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach, and also cauliflower — in addition to healthy protein.

Last yet not the very least, don’t ignore self-care.

Finding healthy and balanced methods to take care of tension can help in reducing cortisol degrees in your body and also aid you rest much better during the night , both of which might aid you fend off that muffin top.