A Day in Her Life: Ego Nwodim Shares What Really Goes Down Backstage at Saturday Night Live

Some individuals have work so great we’d in fact delight in attending their marathon Zoom conferences. Even the ones that might entirely have actually been an e-mail.

Not to state we do not treasure our critical duty of bringing you every last item of need-to-know details regarding the casts of Bridgerton various other The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, yet we do not have our very own glam team or a Rolodex loaded with popular names, currently do we?

But the impossibly great individuals we’ll be profiling in E! News’ newest collection entirely do. Plus accessibility to points like personal vehicle drivers, developer attire as well as the sort of expert titles we would certainly go down with wild desert at events, supper days or while talking with the barista at Starbucks. Welcome to A Day in the Life …

We’d state our initial factor requires no intro, yet she actually obtains one weekly thanks to the commentators at Saturday Night Live. Part of the NBC essential’s cast since 2018, Ego Nwodim was advertised to routine last loss, her actual LOL personalities such as Edith Puthie as well as L’evanka Trump making the University of Southern California alum an essential component of the group.