If you’ve ever Googled “why do I poop so much on my period” or “are period poops a thing,” you’ll need to maintain studying. Spoiler alert: You’re not alone.

I’ll always remember the time a buddy voiced a sneaking suspicion I’d had for years: Something funky occurs while you poop in your interval.

As if the excessive upkeep of menstruation wasn’t sufficient—to not point out different lingering butt care issues—we each seen undesired adjustments in bowel actions (BMs) on a month-to-month foundation. However, was this merely coincidental or distinctive to us, or are interval poops an actual factor?

To get a definitive reply, I spoke to Ashkan Farhadi, MD, MS, FACP, a board-certified gastroenterologist based mostly in Fountain Valley, California.

Are interval poops a factor?

As it seems, my buddy and I had been on the cash.

“Changes in bowel habits are fairly common during menstruation,” Dr. Farhadi confirms, “mainly due to fluctuations of hormone levels that change during menstruation.”

Plus, the expertise is definitely fairly frequent. In a 2014 research of 156 feminine individuals, 73 % of these premenopausal girls (with no main historical past of GI, gynecologic, or psychiatric misery) skilled a minimum of one GI symptom earlier than or throughout menses.

Woman on toilet experiencing painful period poops due to hormonal imbalance, stress, and digestive issues

What are interval poops?

Now that we all know that interval poops are actual, what are they precisely?

Dr. Farhadi states that interval poops contain a number of GI signs in tandem along with your cycle, resembling:

  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • cramping
  • increased frequency of bowel actions

What causes interval poops?

While hormonal imbalances are a significant reason for interval poops, just a few different issues may additionally consider. Here’s a more in-depth look.

Hormonal Imbalances

As we noticed above, the ebbs and *flowsof hormones throughout your cycle are a root reason for uncomfortable interval poops.

In specific, Dr. Farhadi says fluctuations of the feminine hormones estrogen and progesterone have an effect on intestine motility and performance, thus ensuing within the phenomenon.

High ranges of 1 or the opposite hormone could trigger constipation, whereas dips in progesterone can result in diarrhea and/or extra frequent BMs.

Existing Digestive Issues

For starters, Dr. Farhadi stresses how frequent irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is. While one in 5 folks has IBS, he notes that it impacts girls at a larger fee, and “those IBS symptoms could be aggravated or accentuated during the menstrual period.”

However, this additionally rings true for individuals who could not undergo from IBS however nonetheless expertise occasional GI discomfort—whether or not that entails bloating, constipation, emotions of heaviness, and the like.

Woman working at table stressed out, soon experiencing period poops and digestive issues


Then, stress is one other potential set off behind uncomfortable interval poops.

First, the hormones at play (cortisol included) don’t solely impression intestine operate, but in addition psychological well being. “Since the gut and brain are connected through the gut-brain axis, it’s not surprising that all of these hormonal changes affect mood and stress,” Dr. Farhadi shares.

For occasion, he says that in case you have hassle managing stress, it may well result in a domino impact. First comes stress, then GI discomfort, and shortly “an exaggeration of the phenomenon” of painful or unfastened stools, each on and off your interval.


Perhaps a much less intense however nonetheless believable trigger behind interval poops is the pressure induced by figuring out. Exercise can affect intestine operate, Dr. Farhadi continues, and menstruation could throw a wrench into the equation.

Simply put, extra bodily exertion whereas in your interval can doubtlessly contribute to GI points.

How to alleviate interval poops

While interval poops can really feel disagreeable, Dr. Farhidi reminds us that the expertise is transient. After all, uncomfortable BMs ought to subside as soon as menstruation ends.

However, in the event that they’re too harsh to deal with, he suggests following the identical gut-friendly weight loss plan and life-style ideas he recommends for others with ongoing GI misery.

Here are just a few parting ideas that ought to assist alleviate interval poops, in addition to keep away from digestive points at giant.

1. Be Good to Your Gut

First and foremost, it’s at all times vital to stay to a wholesome, well-rounded weight loss plan. To additional assist intestine well being, Dr. Farhadi advises getting sufficient fiber and probiotics every day.

Additionally, you possibly can “pinpoint certain foods—such as spicy foods, dairy, coffee, and other stimulants—that may aggravate symptoms, particularly during your period,” he suggests.

You may additionally need to think about making an attempt out a low FODMAP weight loss plan to nurture your intestine.

Woman meditating at home to reduce stress and alleviate period poops through mindful self-care

2. Find Natural Solutions to Reduce Stress + Pain

Since intestine points can flare up because of stress, it’s important to prioritize self-care to keep away from the pitfalls of interval poops.

First, acknowledge your triggers and work from there. For occasion, if you realize that you simply stress out earlier than an enormous check, venture, or assembly, incorporate your favourite calming actions into your schedule to proactively shield your thoughts and intestine alike.

Also, if ache tends to accompany your cycle, take energetic measures to securely relieve it.

“Pain itself is a major stressor,” Dr. Farhadi shares. “When the gut-brain axis is under this stress, gut function becomes disturbed. So if you’re capable of taking measures to ameliorate pain, you can reduce stressors,” and thus steadiness your intestine to alleviate interval poops.

Natural options to concurrently struggle ache and stress embody:

  • breathwork
  • heating pads
  • aromatherapy
  • dietary supplements for PMS

3. Take It Easy During Your Period

Finally, chances are you’ll discover welcome aid by merely planning your exercises round your cycle.

“It may not be practical to encourage the same amount of physical exertion while on your period,” Dr. Farhidi notes. Instead, he suggests mindfulness meditation as a feel-good substitute.

Otherwise, should you nonetheless need to maintain transferring, goal for low-intensity, low-impact types of train, resembling leisurely walks or restorative yoga.

All stated, should you observe the following tips and tips, this month-to-month ache within the butt ought to quickly grow to be a distant reminiscence of menses previous.