BOWLED OVER: Nets Promote Anti-Gun Policies Over Gun Rights 14 to 1 in Boulder Coverage

In the consequences of the unfortunate capturing in Boulder, the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network night as well as early morning reveals sinisterly illustrated Republicans, traditionalists as well as weapon proprietors as a “wall of opposition” as well as “resistance” to “common sense” weapon control actions that would certainly conserve lives. 

In simply 4 days (March 23 via March 26) of insurance coverage, the networks loaded their early morning program as well as night programs with declarations preferring weapon control over weapon legal rights by a proportion of about 14 to 1.

It’s ended up being commonplace for the networks to promptly take on a mass capturing to promote the Left’s historical anti-gun schedule. After the December 2012 murders in a Newtown, Connecticut, primary school, NewsBusters located the networks inclined their coverage 8-to-1 for the weapon control schedule.

In the wake of the 2016 mass capturing in an Orlando club, the spin was an equally-lopsided 8-to-1. TELEVISION insurance coverage of the murders in Las Vegas in 2017 was inclined five-to-one versus weapon legal rights, while following the February 2018 capturings at Parkland High School the networks slanted 11-to-1 for anti-gun protestors.

And after the 2019 capturings in El Paso, Texas, the networks slanted a a lot more uneven 17-to-1 to the Left.



MRC experts examined all declarations that took a placement on general weapon plan by supports, press reporters, visitors as well as soundbites, starting with the early morning of March 23 (the early morning after the Boulder capturing) via the early morning of March 26, as well as located time invested suggesting for even more weapon control (36 mins, 11 secs) bewildered time committed to sustaining weapon legal rights (2 mins as well as 31 secs.)  



On March 23, NBC Nightly News contributor Tom Costello regreted “Familiar heartbreak and a gut-wrenching irony, that the victims in Boulder managed to survive a global pandemic, only to die in America’s decades-long epidemic of gun violence….While hate and mental problems occur in every country, America is unique with more guns than there are people…. Just as the country begins to emerge from the COVID darkness, the question many are asking tonight: is America’s new normal just the old normal once again.”



On the early morning (March 23) after the Boulder strike, CBS This Morning co-hosts Gayle King as well as Tony Dokoupil pushed Democratic congressman Joe Neguse to establish even more weapon control:

Co-host Gayle King to Democratic congressman Joe Neguse: “I want to make sure that we really get to talk to you about what happens next. Because you tweeted last night, ‘Enough is enough.’ What can – what should Congress do now? It seems like we have heard this song, played this record, many times before and nothing changes.”…
Co-host Tony Dokoupil to Neguse: “I remember the Newtown massacre and the feeling like, if not now, when? And yet, those efforts largely came to not, at least federally. What can you do now to make a difference this time around?”…
King to Neguse: “Aren’t you frustrated by this Congressman? I look at countries around the world that look at us and say, ‘What is wrong with you, United States of America?’….We keep pointing fingers at everybody else and nothing gets done here.”

The following day, King as well as co-host Anthony Mason in fact nagged Vice President Kamala Harris to obtain Biden to take “executive action,” if regulation delayed in Congress:

Co-host Gayle King to Vice President Kamala Harris: “It’s clear that the President’s intention and his frustration are very clear. But the reality is you guys just don’t have the votes [to pass gun control]. So what’s your move?”…
Vice President Kamala Harris: “This is not about getting rid of the Second Amendment. It’s simply about saying we need reasonable gun-safety laws. There is no reason why we have assault weapons on the streets of a civil society. They are weapons of war. They are designed to kill a lot of people quickly.”
King: “Yeah. We all agree….So, what will the Biden administration do? We keep hearing about executive action. What does that mean Madam Vice President?”…
Co-host Anthony Mason: “Madam Vice President, as it stands right now, you do not have the votes. Failing that, is the President prepared to take executive action?…How do you change minds in the Senate. You were in the Senate. You know….But Madam Vice President, we heard from the head of Moms Demand Action earlier in the broadcast, who said that the President has it in his power to do something right now.”
Harris: “And the President has said he is prepared to sign legislation.”
Mason: “But he can also take executive action.”



CBS News ran out control in their anti-gun legal rights lobbyist schedule. CBS led all connect with one of the most anti-gun debates (24 mins, 39 secs). NBC was available in 2nd, committing 7 mins as well as 39 secs to declarations preferring even more weapon guideline. ABC invested 3 mins, 53 secs on anti-gun debates. 

A little part of the conversation on the networks was committed to debates for weapon legal rights. One of those minutes was CBS This Morning contributor David Begnaud’s March 25 meeting with a survivor of the Boulder shooting strike. Begnaud passed on that grocery store employee Logan Smith “told us he’s a gun owner and he also said this….‘I would appreciate the right to actually bring my weapon, which I’m licensed to carry here at work and have it on me.’ Because he said ‘after what I lived through, I’d like the ability to protect myself and people around me.’” 

(For this research MRC experts examined ABC’s Good Morning America, ABC’s World News Tonight; CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News; NBC’s Today program, NBC’s third Hour Today, NBC Nightly News from March 23 – March 26.)