Cardi B Deactivates Twitter Amid Backlash Over Doll Release

Today is a bittersweet disclose for Cardi B.

On March 5, the “WAP” rap artist required to Instagram to reveal the launch of her brand-new endeavor: an initial doll imitated the musician herself.

“BARDI GANG !! I’m dropping my own doll TODAY!” she created together with a picture of the boxed porcelain figurine. “Inspired by me. Created by me. Designed by me. Thank you @officialrealwomenare This means sooo much. Visit the website now to reserve your doll. You only have 72 hours – so go!”

The 28-year-old celebrity, that is the mommy of 2-year-old Kulture Kiari, later on shared why she made a decision to get involved in the plaything producing organization.

“I’m a girl’s mom and y’all know how crazy I go with my nieces on Christmas and everything, right?” she began. “And I just be like, ‘Wow.’ Now and days, these dolls are not like Barbies. They are way more expensive, they come with way more fashion and they come way more diverse. They come so chic and I constantly gotta spend money on these dolls. My daughter constantly want me to buy these dolls, she actually has a preference. “