Game trailers are among one of the most effective advertising possessions you can have in your imaginative collection. Properly done it has the power to cause feeling, develop expectancy as well as provide visitors the opportunity to see what your video game is everything about. For circumstances:

  • Videos were the #1 means customers found a brand name they later on bought from (resource Lemonlight).
  • Video usage with smart phones increases by 100% each year (Source Social media Week)
  • An excellent coupon video clip in your application shop can enhance conversions by 40% (Source Storemaven)

If you intend to develop a crackling reel adhere to these 5 tried and tested techniques to develop a video game trailer that transforms your target market right into dedicated gamers

ACTION 1: Gather your possessions

This will certainly aid you strategy as well as enhance your process. Knowing what possessions go to your disposal will certainly aid you transfer to the following action, which is dealing with the framework of your video game trailer.

Assets you need to have: 

  • Gameplay
  • In-video game cutscenes, discussion scenes, cinematics
  • Key art as well as principle art
  • Logos
  • Fonts
  • In-video game SFX
  • In-video game songs
  • For 3D computer animations you’ll require 3D designs
  • For 2D computer animations you’ll require split documents (.psd) or PNG series as well as SPRITES.

Out of the listing, yet very vital:

A brand name overview will certainly aid you create a video game trailer that is straightened with the spirit of the video game, improve the general structure as well as aid you remain constant in the imaginative procedure.

ACTION 2: Plan your job 

It’s excellent to have concepts. But concepts function much better if you have a strategy, this is when the imaginative quick enters into play. This functions as a roadmap that assists you arrange the order for the aspects that show up. A conventional video game trailer framework is:

  1. Attention getting hold of introduction
  2. Reset. Show gameplay video as a narrative with some message displays. Build onward energy in a “show and tell” way. “Show me a text screen” “Tell me with the gameplay”
  3. End with a solid phone call to activity to inform the visitor where as well as when they can obtain the video game

If we damage down the remarkable framework, this is exactly how your manuscript ought to appear like: 

  1. Logo computer animation (we’ll go over exactly how vital this is later on)
  2. Epic introduction
  3. Text display
  4. Show gameplay video that sustains the message display
  5. Text display
  6. Show even more gameplay video that sustains the message display
  7. Text display
  8. Music accumulates surge as we reveal rapid paced gameplay.
  9. Epic benefit for completion scene
  10. Game logo design
  11. End card revealing the application symbol, launch day, system badges or sustained gadgets 

When dealing with the narrative framework ask on your own these inquiries:

What’s the tale? 

What establishes your video game apart? (Game toughness)

What’s the ambience as well as tone?

Who is your gamer character? (Age, sex, place)

Be certain to consist of:  

  • The globe 
  • The personality
  • The barriers (objectives)
  • What will certainly the personality do to challenge them

Find pertinent motion picture or video game trailers that you like or that have a comparable design as well as utilize them as referral. Notice exactly how they make up the tale. 

For instance a zoomed out frying pan will certainly provide you context for the atmosphere as well as close-ups intend to share feeling as well as link the target market with the personalities.

No require to clarify the video game auto mechanics or enter into excessive information. Find the core principle as well as narrate worth viewing.

Last yet not the very least is determining to have a voice over or storyteller on your video clip. If you do, see to it the narrative doesn’t choose as well lengthy, locate a person that can stand for the spirit of your video game. 

When making use of on-screen message as well as the voice over at the exact same time they need to be synced with each other. It ends up being a genuine difficulty for the target market when the voice over doesn’t match the title card.

Don’t do:

  • In-information summary that doesn’t make good sense to a person that doesn’t understand your video game
  • Stating the functions as well as technological aspects of your video game (variety of degrees, leaderboards, gameplay time, despite the fact that great deals of trailers do it)
  • Lengthy trailer
  • Shot from one angle or without any electronic camera motion
  • Shaky gameplay or tough cuts in between one activity as well as the following that are tough to adhere to
  • Not consisting of a contact us to activity. 

ACTION 3: Open with a BANG! 

Consumers just appreciate your web content if you make their focus, this makes the very first 3 secs of your video clip important. Hook the target market with an incredible introduction. 

An aesthetically impactful structure can be a cutscene with details discussion, a motion picture item you have actually developed especially for this video game trailer or a 2D structure with computer animation, relying on the sort of video game you have. 

Give the visitor a factor to remain as well as obtain spent as the introduction will certainly establish the tone for the remainder of the video clip. Think concerning the 3-seconds regulation as a fundamental minute that brings brand-new individuals to your follower base.

A trailer can be 1-3 mins long, yet much shorter video clips often tend to have greater visitor involvement prices. We advise your trailer not to review one minute, this will certainly likewise aid you put your video clip in various other systems that have time frame like Instagram. Additionally, consist of the video game’s title in the very first 3 secs (optimal logo design positioning is 1.7seconds) to ensure brand recall. 

Here’s why: According to Wistia the average 30-second video was viewed 85% of the way through, while the average 2-minute video was viewed on average 50% of the way through. What’s even more 20% of the audience drops after the first 10seconds and 44.1% of the audience skips the video after 60 secs.

Viewing drop-off is intense.

Business Insider

The shorter a trailer is, the more chances you have that the person will commit to your story all the way to the end card. Mobile users live in the age of instant entertainment and their favourite snack is content so prepare to hit them hard and quickly.

Intro logo animation: Yay or nay? 

This is the brand name animation at the beginning of the video clip (AKA bumper animation), sometimes it can be added at the end as well. 

If this is well done it makes the video look polished and high-end. If this looks poor or it’s too long it could be the reason why your viewers drop off.

Consider making 2 versions of your trailer. One with the bumper animation, very helpful when your viewer casually comes across with the trailer, (like on YouTube) and one version without the bumper if your viewer is on your app store.

If you decide to include it, keep it short. Check the BeeFense video ad with a quick bumper animation at the beginning of the video and a classic (well performing) structure. 

BeeFense – 3D video ad

4-Work with the music

The track you choose will be the backbone of your video and it will set the pace, intensity and rhythm of the game trailer. Choreograph the cuts to the beat of your soundtrack. 

Imagine the music as the foundation where the storyline and emotional core rely on. Picking the right song could be daunting, but at some point you need to get over the decision fatigue, pick one and roll with it.

The visuals and soundtrack should artfully sync together as the action ramps up. Sprinkle some sound effects from the game when editing for a dramatic effect.

Our experienced in-house editor shines in this game trailer example showcasing exciting gameplay with sound design and this Kung Fu Panda game trailer boasting sound design and fast paced cuts.

Game Club – Game trailer
Kung Fu Panda – Game trailer

5- Focus on gameplay

Gamers want to see the gameplay. Emphasize the game main features, crisp gameplay, cool benefits and power-ups. 

Recording gameplay is a time consuming activity, consider taking at least a full day to capture the right moments. Record additional shots, (A LOT MORE than just enough), this will give you a lot of freedom when editing. Keep the creative brief in mind and go for it! 

Tech aspects of gameplay recording:

  1. Turn off the music in your game but keep SFXs from the game so they are kept synced with the gameplay footage. 
  1. Avoid watermarks, UI or HUDs as they are distracting. Put the spotlight on the gameplay.
  1. Avoid the boring bits of gameplay when editing. If you have 3D camera gameplay, set the camera in different angles and make it as cinematic as possible. If your game is 2D try to zoom in and out for extra dynamism. 
  1. Gameplay should follow a logical order. Ensure that it’s easy to understand for your novice audience, (the audience you need to win over). Avoid anything too specific, complex or difficult to understand at a glance.
  1. Capture different levels, different actions and include boosters. 
  1. The recording should have a smooth frame rate, high resolution and as little compression as possible. We suggest at least 1920×1080 at 30FPS.  If you can do it at 3840×2160 at 60FPS even better. Then you’ll have plenty of zoom in – zoom out possibilities.
  1. Don’t overwhelm the viewer by showing too much or too fast. Aim to create a pleasant experience as this is the audience’s first impression of your game. Retention of knowledge is key.

An extra tip, for good measure …. Text screens and ad copy

On-screen texts are essential for videos shared in social media as 85% of videos on social media are watched with the sound off (Source Digiday).

Here are some of the best practices for effective copywriting:

  • Create an eye-popping text animation. Keep in mind that the visual style and copy should be aligned with the game’s universe.
  • Use short sentences, each text screen should be well under 5-6 words.
  • Avoid having a prolonged text animation, this will only make your video unnecessarily long. 
  • CTA’s like “Play now” or “Join the community!”, play a big role in sending your audience to your landing page or app store to learn more about your game. Even the color of the CTA button affects the decision making process of potential players. You can learn more about it here. 
  • CTA’s can go with extensive A/B testing until you find the one that works for your game (by testing shapes, colors, size and copy). You can start with something popular like “Download today” to something more compelling and unique to your game. 
  • According to using CTAs on Facebook posts can boost your click-through rate by almost 300%

Here are 2 good examples of short and effective ad copy where banners are aligned with the style of the game and are aesthetically pleasing. Rogue Racers and Dragon City

Rogue Racers App Preview
Dragon City App Preview

Get started!

Envision your trailer as a short film: Start strong, tease the events, gain and hold the viewer attention, highlight what’s unique about your game, finish with a smashing scene packed with adrenaline, create a memorable and easy-to-read end card. It should encapsulate impressive visuals and emotional storytelling

Your game trailer should include all these elements.

Bear in mind that early promotion will help you drive user acquisition once your game is out and your game trailer will help calibrate your audience’s expectations.

If you are working with a small team, creating your own game trailer can be a fantastic opportunity to be innovative with lots of freedom for artistic expression. 

Creating your own game trailer is a demanding mission and requires technical knowledge to live up to the game’s expectations, even more so if you are an indie developer, as you need to maximise your reach by creating a powerful experience.

Have you tried creating a game trailer yourself? What other tip would you add to our list? 

Are you ready to hire a creative agency with the resources to pull off a jaw-dropping game trailer to truly stand out?

Let us know in the comments below!

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