Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed when you have not watched Thursday’s Station 19 or Grey’s Anatomy.

How do you progress on from a dying like DeLuca’s? The reply: painfully.

For the firefighters and medical doctors of Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy, DeLuca’s dying put into sharp focus the priorities of their lives and, if there ever was a silver lining to a tragedy, served as the impetus for motion and alter. And whereas Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) remained in a coma and on a ventilator, although she’s steadily bettering, we’re transported to her protected place the place she sees Derek (Patrick Dempsey) once more, this time he is on the shore fishing. 

But earlier than we get to MerDer’s newest reunion, on Station 19 it is DeLuca’s older sister, Carina (Stefania Spampinato), who understandably took DeLuca’s dying the toughest.

Unable to come back to phrases along with her brother’s dying, her uncooked grief was palpable proper from the beginning as she struggled to make sense of the whole lot. It took encouragement and help from Maya (Danielle Savre) earlier than she acquired the power to lastly name her father to tell him of DeLuca’s dying. Shockingly, he already knew — two days in the past, in reality — and did not trouble to name her.

That realization was sufficient to convey Carina to really feel the determined have to set free all of the suppressed stress she’s stored inside, actually and figuratively, since DeLuca’s dying. After spending all of Station 19 unable to scream her ache away, she lastly let all of it out when Maya turned on the sirens on one of many fireplace vans parked in Firehouse 19 and joined Carina in feeling her unhappiness, loss and grief by way of their primal screams.

When the motion transitioned to Grey’s Anatomy, the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital docs have been nonetheless in shock, making an attempt to recollect DeLuca as greatest they may. When Bailey (Chandra Wilson) revealed she went forward and ordered post-mortem outcomes to search out out if one thing went incorrect when DeLuca went underneath the knife, Webber (James Pickens Jr.) took problem along with her resolution to analyze additional. Haven’t all of them suffered sufficient? It involves a head when it is confirmed.

“This place can’t stand another loss,” Cormac (Richard Flood) pleaded with an unconscious Meredith, when it was time for he and Teddy (Kim Raver) to be slowly weened off the meds to see if Meredith might slowly come again to consciousness. That’s after we’re introduced again to the hazy dreamscape with Meredith and Derek. 

“You look just like Ellis right now, the way you’re looking at your feet. So serious. She gets that worrying little brow,” Derek quipped, unclear whether or not he is referencing her late mom or their daughter he by no means knew about. 

“This is torture. You’re right here and I can’t… it’s torture!” Meredith stated from a distance. 

“It’s a torture of your own devising. You’re always good at that,” Derek noticed. And when Meredith replied asking what he meant by that, he affirmed his stance, “Torturing yourself!”

“I don’t do that as much anymore!” she stated, earlier than taking a beat and telling him about Ellis. “You never get to meet Ellis. We didn’t even know. I wish you got to know her…”

But it is obvious from Derek’s following feedback that he is been watching over all of them alongside, even after his dying.

“She looks just like you. She breaks the rule just like you. And she’s quick to anger, and quick to laugh, and she’s smart, pensive and stubborn just like you,” he marveled. “Hates pink and purple, loves brown and green, and gets enraged at the thought of anybody wanting to cut down a tree.” Like mom, like daughter.

When Meredith pleads for Derek to “come closer,” he reveals it is as much as her to make that occur. It is her seashore in spite of everything.

“I can’t do it for you. It’s your beach,” he stated, earlier than praising their adopted daughter, Zola. “Zola’a amazing, isn’t she? She’s just so brilliant. She writers letter in her journal, did you know that?” After that heart-rending revelation, Meredith squeezed her eyes shut to make him come nearer. But Derek knew higher. That was by no means going to work.

“Relax,” and so she did. And all of the sudden, Derek appeared a number of toes nearer.

Though Teddy and Cormac’s preliminary attempt to get Meredith off the ventilator failed, Meredith was reaching a second of no return. Would she have the power to battle her means again to life? Or would she keep on the seashore and be reunited with Derek? 

“You look perfect,” Derek stated when Cormac’s conversations started to seep into her unconscious. The selection was hers: Would she battle? “That’s up to you. If you’re asking me…you should hear him out,” Derek nudged her.

“I don’t know that I can. It’s so warm here. The water is so cool. I feel so relaxed and there’s no pain,” Meredith stated to Cormac on the seashore as Derek waited on the opposite facet of the seashore. “It’s OK. I’ll be right here…” as Meredith walked away. But was she prepared to depart limbo and return to the dwelling? Not fairly…

The Grey Sloan medical doctors arrange an intimate memorial to pay respects to DeLuca in lieu of a funeral, with video messages from all his buddies and colleagues at Grey Sloan gathered outdoors the hospital — safely, in fact — to recollect him through video messages. Filmed tributes from Jackson to Jo and Amelia to Link all performed in the course of the night memorial, but it surely was one very particular message on the very finish that introduced the waterworks.

As if we would have liked extra purpose to cry, DeLuca’s software video to Grey Sloan introduced his five-year expertise on the hospital full circle, as he raved about getting the potential alternative to work with Grey Sloan legends like Webber, Bailey and naturally, Meredith Grey, and giving like to his sister, Carina, who was a wreck on the makeshift service.

“The reason I wanted to become a surgeon was I’ve always had this insatiable desire to help people. I get that from my mom, who I lost too soon. I know she had this really giving heart. She always pushed me to do as much good as possible so I guess I’m doing this for her. Now I’m warning you I can be relentless and stubborn, but I promise if I match with you… I will give the very best of me.” Mission achieved.

In December, ET spoke with govt producers Meg Marinis and Andy Reaser about seeing acquainted faces like Dempsey again within the Grey’s world.

“For me, it’s been very exciting, but it’s also been very, very emotional. I started on Grey’s literally right out of school as an assistant. I can tell you what I was doing in my life during certain moments of Grey’s Anatomy. So being able to bring back these characters, it’s been emotional for me, even outside of the show,” Marinis stated. “Watching the scenes with George with my husband, he was like, ‘Oh my god, he was your favorite.’ I’m like, ‘He is my favorite. It’s not was.’ It’s also been taking me back through the memories of being on the show, and the people who worked on the show, and crew members, and cast members, and writers, and producers who have come and gone. It’s been a huge, emotional journey for me, at least.”

“it was really nice to see [Patrick] come back. Having never gotten to work or write for T.R. [Knight], it was really, really special for me to see him come back on the show because it was just great. And I can tell you, anytime when writers got to see the footage, writers were crying as much as fans are,” Reaser stated.

Added Marinis: “Listening to George talk, it just takes me back because you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, remember when life was just simpler and you weren’t making sure we were completely in PPE before we went out?’ It gives me this huge sense of nostalgia and feeling of, I don’t know why I’m using this word, but it makes me homesick.”

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