"Life hacks" - Garden Edition: Growing Seedlings: How You Can Use Egg Shells Practically

“Life Hacks” – Garden Edition
Growing Seedlings: How To Use Egg Shells Practically

Nanu! Small crops within the eggshell? I agree! Our rising tip for small seedlings and eaten breakfast eggs …
We want a spoon, a knife and boiled eggs, seeds and naturally soil.
Let’s go together with the eggs. We behead them within the basic method like a breakfast egg. The decrease shell is used. So hole it out rapidly and put it again within the field.
With the knife we ​​prick a small gap within the backside of the bowl. This permits water to empty off later.
Now the earth is coming in. – Press down rigorously. – We poke a gap about 1 cm deep with a pen or finger. That’s the place the seed goes. – Earth over. Press it down once more rigorously … – And that is it.
So the plant has the very best circumstances for profitable cultivation.
Our eggshell crops are an actual eye-catcher.
When the seedling is large enough, it is time to transplant. And utterly. The good factor: over time, the shell disintegrates naturally. This is environmentally pleasant and in addition provides the soil wholesome vitamins.


The breakfast egg was tasty, however what to do with the shell? Don’t throw it away! We’ll present you the way to use eggshells to develop seedlings – 100% ecologically.